Men Work Out And Diet Based On Their DNA

Men Work Out And Diet Based On Their DNA

– Today we’re getting DNA
tested with Fitness Genes. – We’re gonna send it to a lab and then get a diet plan and a workout
plan based on our genetics. This is my boyfriend Juan,
I’m Asian, he’s Latino. We’re curious how that might affect how our bodies react to our food. Something that might be good
for him might be bad for me. – I feel like weight’s always been somewhat of an issue in my family. We tend to be on the bigger side. We eat a lot of fried foods. Old habits are hard to break. – At work I sit down a lot and sometimes when you work from nine to six, you don’t have time to prepare your meals. We have a lot of things where
they bring in doughnuts. Can’t say no to doughnuts. – We would kind of one up
each other in gaining weight. Juan would gain ten pounds, and then I would gain ten pounds, and
then he would gain ten pounds. We’ll feel motivation to diet or work out at different times and that’s affected us getting on the same page. – So I’m spitting in here. – Just go, okay. – This will go off to a
lab to be tested to tell me all the terrible things
that I’m eating, yay. – Fitness Genes is a DNA testing
and interpretation company. Which gives us information
about how best you should exercise and eat, depending
on what your goals are. – I hope there’s nothing
too scary in my DNA. – This is my issue right here. A full, round issue. – Let’s dig into some genetics. Quite interested in the
differences between the two of you. So if we start with you, Juan, you actually have a variation of one of the genes called the FTO gene. Which actually gives you
a tendency to overeat. Means that ultimately you might have some issues controlling hunger. And also the amount of foods that you eat. – Yes, so it’s okay, it’s not my fault. – It’s not your fault. – Oh, thank God. – Not only do you tend to
crave high-calorie meals, but then you also want to
eat between meals as well. And that’s the reason why people with this particular gene variation,
as well as exhibiting certain behavioral tendencies,
always tend to be overweight. The strategies we’ll adopt
for that will include things like having lots of
protein for breakfast and having lots of small, frequent
meals through the day. Whereas with Kane, with
you, they’re not strategies that we need to necessarily adopt. – Good, ’cause I’m so
lazy, I can’t do that. – You’re what we would call a
fast metabolizer of caffeine. Now that means that you
break down caffeine quickly. The problem is when
you’re fast metabolizing, that can cause an energy crash, so we want to prevent the energy
crashes in the workout. You potentially could drink
coffee to a little bit later on in the day, but you need
to stop drinking the coffee about 4:00 in the afternoon. And ultimately, it wouldn’t
have a significant effect on, for example, your sleep. So one of the other
interesting things that you have in common is to do
with metabolic inefficiency. You don’t store energy particularly well. There’s these little energy factories in cells called the mitochondria. The mitochondria produce energy. And there’s little proteins
that sit on the mitochondria, (overlapping explanations) so we have to account
for that, so we have to make sure that you eat before you workout so you’ve got energy to
work out effectively. – That’s crazy. I’m having trouble putting on muscle. I want to figure out what foods I should be eating to build muscle. – [Juan] I want to have more
energy throughout my day. I want to feel more confident wearing whatever I want to wear
or not wearing a shirt. – [Gadiel] I am trying
to lose my gut, man. I have the body type that
everything goes to the gut. – It’s about kind of
sticking with that fat loss, and there’s no reason why you can’t. – Let me say goodbye. – [Ryann] The last time
I was under 200 pounds was about five years ago. – [Dan] Your goal should
be to get under 200. – By the end of this, on
a scale of Donald Glover to The Rock, where do you think I’ll be? – You gotta aim for the The Rock. – Okay, you’re right. (Dan laughing) I’m gonna be The Rock by
the end of this video. – It’s day one at 6:30 a.m., how was your first day of waking up? – Let’s do this. I feel like I’m Rocky. It turns out with my fitness genes, I’m a nocturnal person, and I notice it. And it’s funny because
when he was like, you’re a nocturnal person, I was
like, how do you know? I didn’t know you could know
that through your genes, right. – I think waking up for
me was super easy ’cause I am a morning person,
verified by my genetics. – Bright and early,
Runyon Canyon, the guys are already getting into it. (Ryann whoops) (Dan laughs) This looks too easy (laughing). – In the first workout, Dan was telling me that I surprised him with
my athleticism which, first time I’ve ever
heard that in my life. I’m dying. – We’ve got some sprinter’s genes with this team, that’s for sure. You have a gene which is the MCT1 gene, and this particular gene is all to do with how quickly your body
can clear lactic acid, and you clear it quickly. So this is going to be quite
empowering for you, because you’ve actually got some
pretty good athletic genes. – Nice. – Nice, but it also
means I can really kick your ass in the training sessions. (both laughing) – It’s just kind of cool to
have someone who trains people tell you that you do have
natural athletic ability. – [Dan] You can do it. – Day one. – We have about 10 minutes left, I’m taking a stair walking break. Which, I don’t know how
stairs count as a break. The workouts have been really really hard. Like, a lot harder than I was expecting. Five, ten minutes in, I’m just
already completely drained. – Our alarm didn’t go off
today and we overslept. Everyone else started
maybe 15 minutes before us, now we’re trying to catch up. – [Juan] It’s definitely been hard. While, at the same time,
once I am up, I’m glad I’m up taking advantage
of my day that early. – My body aches from it,
but the ache feels good, ’cause it’s growth and it’s progress. But actually during the
workout I’m like, I hate this. I’m trying to eat breakfast more often, I don’t eat breakfast a lot. Apparently I have to have a bunch of protein after every workout. Who has time for this? I work long hours and
then I don’t sleep much, so I’m always eating really quickly, so my hardest thing is
finding time to eat something. Oh, I’m– – [Woman] So you’re supposed
to go on a diet, what is this? – It’s orange juice. For me, I’m not supposed to take in as many carbs because I hold on to it. I’m only supposed to have
40 grams of carbs per meal, and there are like
drinks that will have 30. Carbs are everywhere. ♪ 6 a.m., working out with Dr. Dan. ♪ It’s a huge difference
having your personal trainer than actually working out in a class. You have somebody that’s focused on you. They give you the game plan. – You have a collection of genes which means you’re somebody
that would benefit more from working out with high volume. Lots of sets, lots of reps. – I heard sex, I don’t know why. (Dan laughing) A lot of sex, I’m like,
I did that yesterday. – Certain variations in your genes, because you clear lactate slowly, you need quite a lot of recovery
between sets and reps, at least 90 seconds, 120 seconds of rest, in order to get the
energy from lactic acid, you have to start taking in enough oxygen and that contributes
to getting broken down. – Science. – When we’re working out, Dan’ll say, “keep it going, keep it going, one more.” And in my mind I’m like,
I can’t do one more. But when I really just go for it, I can do one more, two more, three more. – Juan did a really good job today. – And by really good job
is, I was only last 80% of the time instead of every single time. – Look how sweaty he is. How do you feel? – Sweaty. – Juan just is so good at
this, he became a chef, and just had like jars and
jars of oats and steel oats, I don’t even know what that means. – One of the DNA tests came back and said that you’re definitely lactose intolerant. I took the step to cut out
dairy out of my diet completely. Incredible how much of
a difference it’s made. – All right, let me show you how serious I am with this diet. My sister’s chocolate cake, in the trash. I’m not playing around, I’m
trying to lose this weight. Kale’s disgusting, I still
cannot get that down. I eat that shit raw, I put seasoning, I put mad good sauce and
shit, that shit’s still nasty. I’m still trying to figure this shit out. – It’s been a journey. I’m sitting here watching
Gadiel just melt away. Gadiel’s stomach is going away. Juan and Kane are both losing weight. Kane’s arms are getting bigger. – I think I’m seeing a
bit of definition already. – Juan is like slimming
down, and then I just feel like the only person who
it’s not working for, so I’m gonna do a couple of extra workouts in the evening to try to make up for it. This whole fitness
thing, it’s hard for me. – Dan’s out of town next
week, I’m really hoping that we can still meet
up and stick with this. (alarm clock blaring) – Kane and I both failed, woke up– so late. I’m sorry guy Gadiel and
Ryann, we won’t make it up. We’ll bring cupcakes tomorrow,
just kidding, we won’t. – Dan left for a week
and we’re slacking off. I don’t want to go work out. My nocturnal gene is kicking in. A lot of times, it’s
hard for me to wake up or even get out of bed. (fake crying) I should have tried working out at night. – So, I’m late again to the workout. People were supposed to say that working out gives you more energy. Every day I wake up at 5:00 and I’m like, oh God, what am I doing? It’s been really hard for me. I don’t feel like I’m seeing results. I’m getting a little
frustrated with the fact that I don’t necessarily
see my body shrinking. I have had friends come
up to me and tell me that my skin looks better,
or that I do look slimmer. – I did notice Ryann’s
face getting slimmer. – I do see results in him,
but like he’s in his head. There’s something bothering him, but he’s like not communicating
that with everybody else. – We’re gonna eat healthy,
we’re gonna eat together. We’re missing Ryann. I want to put Juan on blast right now. Nothing but carbs right here,
what’s going on here, bro? There’s nothing but rice down there. (Juan laughs) Nothing but rice! – Dan is gonna see this video, he’s gonna have a heart attack. I’m snitching. – Dan came back from London and destroyed all our bodies and I
can’t move (whimpering). – I’ve never been big
into like group sports, so this was like a shift for
me to work out with a group. As much as I hated Gadiel’s
cheering in the beginning, it’s starting to wear on me. (chuckles) – That feels good. That feels good! That’s right. – So he just lifts the
people up around him. – Do inverted rows. – [Gadiel] Push, come on, push. – [Dan] Come on, keep it going. – We’re all very quiet,
like kind of introverted, like we’re not used to the pep talk. – Feels good, feel like a new man. – At first I thought it
was silly because I’d never worked out in an
environment like that. It just comes naturally to Gadiel. – [Gadiel] My man, you got this. You got this, boom. – Last one. – When he starts to pump up everybody I’m like, yeah you know, you’re right. – That’s right, give it all you got. – [Dan] Keep it going. – [Gadiel] There’s no stopping. (all cheering) – I just realized this is the first time I have ever finished a bottle of protein. – Just randomly, he’ll be like
“did you get your tickets?” And I’ll be like, “for what movie?” And he’ll be like “for the gun show.” I’m happy that he’s really proud of it. – Did you get them yet though? – I did, I did. – Juan’s constantly looking
at his body and saying what. He’s shy, bam. – Dan was like, don’t eat doughnuts. I’m like, Dan you crazy. I give up anything but doughnuts. I haven’t been craving
those doughnuts anymore. Every time I want
sweets, I’m rushing home, just so I can have a little smoothie. I stopped eating doughnuts. – We’re almost done. I think I’m gonna miss it because it’s been a good journey so far. – I don’t think we’ve ever committed this much time to working
on the same thing. It was actually really nice. – [Dan] We joked in the training sessions about how Ryann never gave
up, but one of the things that I saw was that
mentality started to spread through the other guys as well. The beginning, everyone was quite happy to just stop an exercise when
they were a bit tired. Towards the end, that wasn’t the case. The pack mentality really
kicked in and it really sort of showed how even
though they’re all different, as a group they can still
come together and drive each other to get the
best possible results. You two have both worked incredibly hard. Juan, you can from a position where you weren’t necessarily used to the exercise. Your improvements were so quick. In the beginning, you were 181 pounds, let’s see where you are today. And, 171, well done. Wow, so that’s a loss of 10 pounds. I think you’ve lost quite a
decent amount of body fat. – [Juan] It’s something that I’ve been meaning to do for awhile. Really great to see I could make so much improvement in two months. – I am super proud of your progress while the improvement you’ve been making. His form from the first week
to now has been so drastic. – From when we were working
out in the beginning, he might want to give up
a lot more, and now he’s at the end where he’s like yeah, he is definitely trying, he’s
definitely pushing. And he like, looks great. – So Kane, we’re in a
slightly different position with you because the
plan was we were going to spend a bit of time trying
to put some muscle on first. Your weight to start off with was 141. And we’re at 143, excellent. So I mean, ultimately, it just
means we put some muscle on. – Kane looks like buff. I’m looking Kane, Kane is already like his chest is coming out like this. His shirts are coming in a little tighter. I’m like, goddamn Kane, where
did that chest came from? – It’s cool to see his journey and how once I’m on the other
side of the weight loss I can then switch gears,
learn from his process. – You have done absolutely
incredibly well. Really sort of committed yourself to the workout, to the eating. – The most committed. – We started at 186, and today you are– – [Gadiel] Oh, shit. – 167.
– 167? – I think the biggest challenge
is noticing the changes because I do not see it
because I see myself every day. – Gadiel is just like,
he’s lost a small child. Melted this baby away. It’s so inspiring and it’s like every time I see him, I’m like man, I’m gonna lose as much weight as Gadiel’s lost ’cause he’s been like
the rockstar of this. – Ryann, as you know I
have been super impressed with your ability to
exercise and work out. When you started out, you were 218, midway check in you were 217. – I might have put on
weight so I just don’t know. – Well, let’s see. So today you are 209. – Holy crap, whoa dude, that’s amazing. It’s been very very hard
for me to switch my diet. The workouts were always like, oh yeah, this is simple, this
is easy to do, but it’s just like the diet has killed me. At this point, I think
about what I’m eating. When I look at food, I’m
like, this isn’t worth it, or I don’t need this much. So I’m definitely way more
conscious than I ever was. – Anybody that’s out there
that is really considering doing Fitness Genes, I’d say
you get to know your own body. – There’s so much diet
information out there. Having this as like an
additional piece that you can add to your library
of knowledge is great. – You feel healthier, you feel more energetic, your skin clears up. I’m pretty sure the other guys
could have attested to that. People are looking at me
like, Gadiel, you’re glowing. I’m like, Fitness Genes. (laughs) Next up is a six-pack. – It is. – We’re getting six-pack,
that’s the next video. – We are.

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