Miami’s Hottest Trainer Has Super Thicc Thighs | MIAMI MUSCLE Ep.1

Miami’s Hottest Trainer Has Super Thicc Thighs | MIAMI MUSCLE Ep.1

Rahki: I’m Rahki G. I’ve trained my body to perfection and every day is a gym day. I love my body, it’s strong and everyday it reminds me of all the hard work that I have put into it. But the journey here wasn’t easy.
We all have got to start somewhere. Even I struggled in the beginning. I was huge, I was overweight. I’d already
been through that transformation. Now I can help other people
achieve their body goals. Squeeze it, keep the core tight. Punch,
punch. You want that big butt, right? I don’t know what I signed up for. Rahki: Today, I’m going to train a friend. She’s put on some weight.
She just had a baby. Five minutes ago we were friends,
but now this is business. Katherine: I’m hoping I can make it through. Rahki: You can’t be a quitter when it
comes to me. I don’t tolerate that. You’re going to touch that. Katherine: I can’t do this.
I can’t, I can’t. Rahki: Katherine. Since Miami is full of colour, you have all kinds of people skating, you’ll see them rollerblading. You see them riding bikes. There
is so many ways to get out there and get sweaty and just focus. There are so many beautiful
people in Miami, sometimes that comes with a lot of
pressure to look a certain way. For me, fit means having
everything together. So this is kind of like one of
my morning rituals. Sometimes coffee and green tea is not
enough so I got to make a smoothie, something to have on the go,
something light to keep me going. Look how beautiful that is
we’re going to run that up. We’re going to need a cooking show.
Every day is a smoothie day. Cheers! Now I’m ready for my day. This is so good. Today I’m going to train a friend.
I know she just had a baby. So today should be interesting. She’s put on some weight and we’re going
to try and shed some of the pounds. My sort of training is hardcore
and straight to the point. When it comes to training friends,
it’s a little bit difficult. There’s that personal relationship that I have. Katherine: I know she goes
in and I know she goes hard. I’m hoping I can make it through. Rahki: Five minutes ago we were
friends now, it’s just business. Hello, I’ve been waiting for you. So what’s going on girl? How’s the babies? Katherine: They’re good. Yeah, baby
just turned one so pretty exciting. Rahki: How do you feel?
Katherine: Good. Just so ready to train and try
to get this baby weight.. Rahki: For real. How much weight do you think you gained after you had her? Katherine: 50lbs so. Rahki: You ready to just get it off of you. Katherine: Yeah to get this next
chapter in my life, try to be the healthiest that I can be;
the healthiest version. Rahki: Get that body, right? Yeah.
Katherine: Yeah. Rahki: Because you know that’s hard, I
mean the way you see yourself from outside has a lot to do with how you feel on the inside.
Katherine: I know. Rahki: I’m glad you came with the hoodie and everything because girl you’re going to sweat today. Katherine: Ready to sweat.
Rahki: You’re going to sweat today. We’re going to hit the shoulders. We’re going to hit the biceps, triceps. We’re going to hit your abs. You know, we got to focus on the waistline. We’re going to hit the
quads, hamstring and glutes. Rahki: Katherine was my only
friend in the sixth grade. She was my only friend
because she was so nice. Squeeze, just make sure
you’re really squeezing your triceps okay. I needed to see her after school because if I didn’t, I would kind of have a
panic attack. Good job just like that. Now Katherine, I have to be her refuge. Now I have to be the
person that she goes to. Go back and extend. Good job! Katherine: I’m dying.
Rahki: Three more, three more. I could shake it up. Katherine: Oh my God,
that one was killing me. Rahki: I love training. I love
influencing people as a friend. This is what I do. I’m going to help you. Nice going, next station. See you have to walk back one, forward two. Feeling your triceps, yeah you’re
feeling your shoulders too? Katherine: Yes. Rahki: You concentrate. I love inspiring other
people through training. My job is to be the motivator. You can’t be a quitter when it comes to me.
I don’t tolerate that. You give me in and out. So okay, let’s go. Let’s go extend them up all the way up. Katherine: I can’t do this s***. Let’s go. Come on Katherine. Katherine: Oh my God. I can’t.
Rahki: You haven’t even tried. Katherine: I can’t.
Rahki: Katherine you haven’t even tried. Katherine: I need a break.
Rahki: Katherine. She decided to go home, but she’ll be back. She’ll be back. Katherine was like my safe zone. She
was my safe zone when I was young. Miami is a tough place to be when you
don’t feel comfortable in your own body. I know I can help Katherine
get back on track. She can find a solution. I had a good amount of my
life being overweight. Living in South Florida. When you
have all this weight on top of you, it’s not easy, it’s not comfortable and
you are embarrassed half of the time. Katherine: I’ve always struggled with my weight. It’s been really hard trying
to feel like myself again. Rahki: No matter what your shape is, you
still have to be confident in your body. You okay?
Katherine: Yeah. Rahki: I can’t even sit down, my legs hurt.
Katherine: Too much, no. Rahki: So tell me what happened
because you just left. Katherine: I know, I’m so sorry.
Rahki: It’s all good. Katherine: I just felt like I needed
to take a breath of fresh air. Rahki: I see you do here. Katherine: Yes I know. It was just more,
way more pain than I expected, way more. Rahki: It looked like you were just fed up
or just tired of something you just left. It’s not easy. I know
it’s not easy especially being home with the kids
and stuff like that. Katherine: I was really
mad at myself internally. Rahki: My job is to get them feeling
how they’re supposed to feel. Katherine: I guess I got to believe in
myself more that I could achieve it. Rahki: This is not going to be easy
the first day, two days, maybe not even the first two/three weeks
or the first two/three months. But don’t give up. Changing the way they think, the
way they think of themselves and the way they see the themselves. Katherine: I’m going to start trying to
use the gym as a stress reliever and not something that
produces more stress. You know, this is something that’s better
for my future, not only for my health but so I can have time to run around
with my kids and stuff like that. Rahki: Katherine reminded me why I do this. I do this to help people and to
make a difference in their lives. You know when we were in the sixth
grade and I was a butter ball. Katherine: I remember when I used to
go to your house and your dad used to take us on our little ice cream trips.
Rahki: Yes. Rahki: You have to love your body because if you don’t love your body, you’re not loving yourself. It is your temple. The
only thing you have. The only thing you will have. Katherine: So amazing with our
hair just flying. Oh yeah! Rahki: Since chatting with Kathy, I’ve inspired her to continue her fitness journey. But I’m never going to go easy on her. Love your body. Love yourself. Next time on Miami Muscle: it’s
all about the booty, baby!

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  1. Don’t like the fact she’s obviously gotten a bit too carried away with the roids 🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️. Sounds masculine & losing softness/femininity. Really liked her in the very 1st video uploaded about her tho.

  2. More fake news lol. I live in the Miami / broward area and work all around there for years.
    This is the opposite of hot females in miami or broward

  3. I ADORE QUEEN RAHKI 👑💖 Your energy is beautiful &can be felt….plus the wild natural hair is life🤗🥰🤗🥰

  4. You have to start out slow because everyone doesnt train at the same pace. Running or jogging is a great way to start out and eating better.

  5. Damn baby dat azz and dem legs. I would be asking you to use those vise thighs to crack walnuts and crab legs plus unscrew some tight jars and bust some watermelons.

  6. I think she looks good. Small waist and muscular legs and butt. Muscle looks healthy on anyone. Just not to the point where a person has veins popping out. Natural is best.

  7. No hate but this is why i am scared to hit the gym…
    But appreciate her dedication… Everybody have there own body goals and this is hers… good job with your dedication.

  8. Mommy lady is lucky to have her as a friend . This lady is amazing what an amazing Trainor. I have 5 boys and not that I look bad or much is hanging but some work will never hurt I need a personal trainer that will hide chocolate brownies for me lol

  9. She definitely trained that woman too hard. That’s not being a good trainer. I feel she should have made a workout suitable for where the woman was physically and worked up to it. That was terrible. Smdh regardless of how fit this woman thinks she is, she’s not a good trainer.

  10. So
    Cool she has her own show. I love her. She is so inspirational.
    I wish I had her self discipline. Amazing woman. I need to go to Miami

  11. I would do anything to have this kind of motivated people in my life. Unfortunately for me, all of my friends are fatass & so do i.

  12. I wonder do you have any workout videos. I have put on a lot of weight from my past pregnancy and my old work out methods are not working. I don't want to be skinny I just want to be fit and Thick ,like you. I admire you so much.

  13. Weight trg is fine, but I don't think it's good for you to gain too much muscle mass. It's a lot of extra work for the heart. RIP Franco Colombo.

  14. The first workout is the hardest I remember a year ago being over 200lbs and I couldn't even finish an 8 minute workout. It's all mental though.

  15. Katherine needs some Optimum Nutrition amino energy in her life for real🤷🏻‍♀️ few scoops of that and some good music💪🏼

  16. I moved out of Miami 1 year ago and I miss driving 30 mins to the beach…now the nearest beach is 1hr and 10 mins. But my rent is much lower in lakeland.

  17. @ 1:40 haha it’s funny they make it look like she lives in this massive house by the beach with a huge pool. Truth is she lives in a condo/apartment and that pool was the community/complex pool, not her own personal pool. Nobody is real anymore. Everyone is so fake.

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