Microwave English Muffin Recipe – Protein Treats by Nutracelle

Microwave English Muffin Recipe – Protein Treats by Nutracelle

hey guys welcome to Protein Treats today
we are making healthy Egg McMuffins and I know you’re probably thinking healthy
eight McMuffins I don’t think that’s possible but I’m going to show you not
only is it possible it is insanely easy it’s so easy it shouldn’t even be
possible so stick around and we’re going to have some fun and make some super
delicious Egg McMuffins together from the fast food restaurant when you
get your Egg McMuffins they are 470 calories and 30 grams of carbohydrates to start your morning I’m going to show you how to do it so you have almost no
carbohydrates you have tons of fiber you have tons of protein and most
importantly it’s super delicious so you can do these one at a time I’m
using it’s actually a little microwave egg cooker but you can use a ramekin a
little round ramekin whatever you use it just has to be microwave safe and it has
to be about the circumference that you want for your egg muffin so you can put
your ingredients in in any order it doesn’t matter I’m going to start with
my egg whites I have a quarter cup of egg whites which is the equivalent of
two egg whites now the reason why I’m using egg whites and not a whole egg is
you get a less eggy taste with your egg muffin so just trust me here that it’s
going to turn a little bit better with egg whites so then I also have a
tablespoon of Greek yogurt and that is going to make our muffin really nice and
moist now when you do this at home if you don’t happen to have Greek yogurt
don’t worry you can actually do your recipe without Greek yogurt but it will
be a little more dry and now I have an optional ingredient
this is psyllium fiber psyllium fiber that I’ve actually turned into a powder
just in my Vitamix you could also use the grinder that you use for coffee
beans and turn it into a bit of a powder now I’ve got half a teaspoon here
and I’m going to dump that in and psyllium fiber in addition to being an
insoluble fiber it actually gives a little bit of a chewy texture to your
Egg McMuffins so if you don’t have it at home you can leave it out but it will
give more of a real English muffin texture and I’ve got one tablespoon of
extra-virgin olive oil but I’m just putting in here you could also use like
an avocado oil for example but try to stay away from your seed oil so no
canola oil no soybean oil try and stick with your
really healthy fats and then I also have one tablespoon of coconut flour now if
you don’t have coconut flour and you have almond flour for example you can
substitute with an almond flour and I have a little pitch here of baking
powder and a little bit of salt so just put in a little pinch of each and then
last but not least we are going to add in one tablespoon of our natural Nutralean I’m just going to go ahead and measure that out and we have one tablespoon just
of water so I’m going to put that in and then all you do is go ahead and mix this
up this with a fork it only takes a few seconds and it will go completely smooth
and creamy that’s one of the nice things about using Natural is it mixes so
perfectly with water that you really don’t have to be that concerned about
getting clumps or lumps or any of that look at this look how smooth so quickly
that perfectly mixes together now it kind of looks a little bit weird
but don’t worry what we’re going to do now is put it into whatever container
you have that is your English muffin size and we’re going to microwave it for
about two minutes so if your microwave is not as powerful maybe it’ll be 2
minutes 20 seconds or 2 minutes 30 seconds mine will be exactly two minutes
on the nose all right we’re going to pop this in the microwave and I’ll show you
exactly what it looks like when it comes out okay so when you pull your English
muffin out of the microwave it’s going to look a little bit weird just going to
watch just like this I’m going to show you and mine’s just a little bit hot but
I just wanted to give you a sense of what it’s going to look like and it’s
going to look kind of white kind of pasty a little bit eggy and don’t worry
we’re going to get that perfect English muffin perfect toasted finish so the
trick here is to cut your English muffin the way an English muffin is really cut
and that’s using a fork so I’m going to show you here we’re just going to take
our fork right in the side we’re just going to poke it in turning all the way
around work all the way into the tines go through and that’s how you get that
nice beautiful kind of a ragged edge around your English muffin and once you
get it to where it breaks apart you’re going to see it breaks apart absolutely
perfectly and look at that you have that perfect texture that you get with an in
real English muffin except that this one has no carbs and is full of fiber and will
make you feel so full alright now I’m going to show you guys once we toast it
up how amazing these look okay look I told you guys these are going to turn
out absolutely perfect I’m just going to put a little touch of butter on here and
look at this I’ll show you both sides absolutely perfect English muffins and
I’ve made my little egg and I have a little bit of ham here so I’m just going
to go ahead and put that together and show you just how amazing this look
look at this this literally takes two minutes in the microwave it takes about
30 seconds to put everything together and you have got a low carb high protein
high fiber super filling and most importantly absolutely scrumptious and
delicious McMuffin to start your morning so I’m going to take a little bite here hmm show them um this is so filling
you’re not even going to be able to eat the whole thing these are so good this is why I love Nutralean so much if you want to learn a little bit more you can check it out
Nutracelle.com and of course check back every Friday for new recipes mmm this is
so good and make sure you subscribe I can’t wait to hear how yours turned out
thanks guys

14 Replies to “Microwave English Muffin Recipe – Protein Treats by Nutracelle”

  1. What can I substitute nutrilean with? I live in Australia. Also you're the hottest youtube chef, jus' sayin' ;D

  2. I love it. I cooked a couple of times and always came perfectly good. The only change I did was to change yogurt to kefir. Delicious!

  3. Ack! This looks amazing! Quick q for you. Can you make a few ahead of time and keep them in the fridge to toast later on? If so, how long would they keep in the fridge. Thanks a bunch! 🙂

  4. Why can I not find an ingredient list on the nutracelle site of the ingredients in Nutalean. You have an extensive list of the ingredients not in it. but I cannot find what is in it.

  5. This looks really good but how do you get it down to two carbs. My yogurt is one carb per tbl and the coconut flour is two carbs per tbl. Your breakdown chart shows the net carbs at around three point four carbs which sounds about right. Please correct me if I"m wrong as I normally keep my carbs under ten per day so two is acceptable but three and a half a little high unless I half the muffin.

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