Mind Body Pilates Challenge // Day #6 Waist-Slimming Workout

Mind Body Pilates Challenge // Day #6 Waist-Slimming Workout

[Music] Hi guys! Welcome back to the Mind Body Pilates challenge. Today’s routine is titled Waist-Slimming Workout and what that means is we’re going to be strengthening your core, in particular your obliques and the muscles that wrap around the side of your waist. Now I want you to know before we dive in that your obliques muscles have a far more important purpose than just slimming your waist. That’s more just a nice byproduct of building a strong core and shaping your body with great muscle tone, right? So I just want you to know our obliques are super important for a good posture, rotation, and just proper muscle function so we can get through the day without pain – which is far more important than reaching a certain shape or size with our body. Can I get an “amen” with that? Okay, let’s go ahead and get started. Go ahead and lie on your back. Starting in the center of your mat, rest your arms long down by your side and take a moment. Take your moment to transition. So open across your chest, relax your bones into your mat, and start to breathe and listen to your breath and transition from whatever it was that you were doing before this into this little pocket of time for just you, for you to take care of your mind and body. As you breathe, begin to breathe deeper – feel your ribs expand all directions. Good, take one more big breath… And we’re going to take the right knee and float it to tabletop. Bring the left knee and float it to tabletop. And then glue the legs together, so they’re fused like one unit. From here take an inhale and as you exhale, nod your chin towards your chest and reach your fingertips long. And either stay here or extend your legs for our hundred. We’re going to inhale – pulse, three, four, five. And exhale, two, three, four, five. And inhale…and exhale, two, three, four, five. Stay here, if you need a modification – or here, if you need a modification. Pick what works for you, just keep pumping those arms, engaging those abs, and breathing… You’re halfway there. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Inhale… Exhale… Inhale… Exhale… Two more breath cycles… One more… Bend the knees. Lower your head, neck, and chest. Why don’t we give ourselves a quick hug, just to release the lower back. Good, come back to that table top position. Bring your palms to the sky, arms to a low V. Inhale, let your hips, your knees and your feet travel to one side. Exhale, use your oblique muscles or your waist muscles to bring it back to center. Inhale the other way, exhale center. So this is great for the obliques, great for the waistline. You’re really engaging the obliques to control the leg movement. Inhale and exhale. Good, inhale and exhale. We’re going to add on. So we’re going to inhale, extend the legs, bring them back up, and bend. Twist – don’t go too far – extend, back up, and bend. If that’s too much for you, just stay with the bent knees. But this gives it a little bit more challenge, a little bit more work. Good, inhale and exhale bring it back. One more to each side… Good, inhale and exhale. Bend and hug the knees in. Beautiful. Alright, the knees come back to tabletop, gently grab behind your thighs. Curl your head, neck, and chest up. From here, take both hands to your right knee and stretch your left leg nice and long. This is single leg stretch. Can you get a little bit higher into your chest lift? And then go ahead and switch sides. Switch it one, switch it two, switch it three, and four, and five, six, seven, eight, nine, hold on ten… Alright, here we go – interlace the heads behind the head. Rotate shoulder to knee. Oh! You’re going to feel the obliques here. Go one, and two – nice and slow and controlled. Lift a little higher. Four, five. We’re only here for 15 minutes today, right? So give it all you’ve got! Seven – we’re working smarter, not harder. Good, last one. And come back to center…and hug it in. Nod your chin towards your chest and curl up, rocking yourself into a seated position. We’re going to go into hip circles. And there’s two choices here for this exercise. You can either stay with your elbows behind you, legs are coming up. Or if that is not working for you, you’ll go all the way back down to your back and bring the legs up that way, okay? Pick your position of choice. I’m going here today. When you’re here, you’re not sinking into your shoulders, but you’re lifting up out of your shoulders and extending the legs. This is hard enough to hold, but we’re going to add leg circles. So we’re going to go to the right with the legs. Circle them down, around, over, and up. Other way. Inhale, exhale. Use those muscles to bring it around. It doesn’t have to be big to really be a lot of work. Inhale and exhale. You’ve got this. We’re going to do two more sets. One more. Good! Bend the knees, rest it down. Okay, grab behind your thighs, nod your chin toward your chest, curl up into this boat pose position, okay? You with me? Lift the chest, drop the shoulders. And if this is good for you, hang out right here and keep working this position, reaching that chest. It’s a lot of work. But if you’re looking for more, I’ve got you covered. I’m going to move a little bit off of the bumpy part of the sand. Extend your arms. You can be here or we can add the twists – where our hips and knees go to one corner and our shoulders and arms go to the other. And we twist two. And we twist three. And we feel the burn in our waistline. And five and six and seven – stay with me – eight, nine, ten. Come back to center, grab behind your thighs, lift that chest a little higher. Maybe try extending the legs… Rock it forward. Nicely done. Okay, come on to your knees with me. So you’re going to actually face me, kneeling all the way up. Knees are right in line with your hip bones, okay? Taking one leg out to the side and your arms up to the sky. We’re going to work the obliques here. We’re going to inhale, tilt over. Exhale, come back up. Inhale, tip over – not far. Exhale, you use those waist muscles to come back up. Three and four – good, stay with me. When it gets, hard find your breath… Good, we’re going to add on if you want it. Otherwise stay here, keep going. But if you want to add on, we’re going to tilt, twist, look back to center, and lift up. Just five of these. Lean, twist, center, and up. Good, so our hips stay squared off to the front and we just rotate with the ribcage. Ooh baby, one more. Good, and release it. Come down to this side, coming into an elbow plank. So we’re right here and our shoulder is not too impinged, right? So in other words, we’re not under here. We’ve got space and room to support ourselves. Take a nice big inhale and as you exhale, lift the hips. Take your hand to your hip and if you need to bend the bottom knee, bend the bottom knee. Otherwise we’re doing little hip dips, ready? Down, up, down, up, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, and ten. Beautifully done. Lower the hips, bend the knees. Oh and counter stretch. So good. Alright, let’s do the other side. So come up to kneeling, square your hips off towards me, align your knees right under your hips, and take one leg out to the side. Okay, arms come straight up. Here we go – we’re leaning and lifting, two, lengthen and then you’re shortening right here as you come up… You’re doing great, two more. And you’re either doing five more like this, or you’re adding on by leaning, rotating, squaring back off, and lifting up. Good, two and up, and three – try not to hold your breath – four – our breath facilitates movement, so we need it. Last one here…and really beautifully done. Okay, go ahead and come down to an elbow plank on this side. We’ve got to stay balanced. Nice big inhale, exhale lift the hips. Top arm comes to your top hip. You’re just holding here, your head is in line with your spine. Little hip dips, ready? Down, up, down, up, three, four – you’re going to feel those waist muscles working. You’re doing great! Eight, nine, ten, and lower down. Come on up into a counter stretch… Good, alright from here, lay yourself all the way down on your mat. Straight arm underneath you, and hips are stacked, shoulders are stacked and abdominals are drawing in. Go ahead and either place your hand right in front of you for a little bit of support or bring it right on top of your body for more of a challenge. The legs are going to come slightly forward – a little bit of a banana shape. Take a nice big inhale and as you exhale, reach and lift both legs and lower down. Lift and lower. Good – three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, and lower down. Let’s take the top leg over. This is not necessarily an oblique exercise; it’s more of an inner thigh exercise, but I’m sneaking it in. So your top leg steps over your bottom leg, reaches long, and we’re going to lift it up and down. Up and down. Three – sneaking in a little inner thigh – five, six, seven, eight, nine, and ten. You’re doing so good. Push yourself up. We’re going to finish on the other side and then you’re good to go for the day, okay? So lay yourself down on that bottom arm first. Find a really nice long straight line, shoulder stacked, hips stacked. Hand here or here. And your legs are going to come slightly forward just in front of you. Ready? Lifting with the side of the waist. Take an inhale, exhale reach. And lift and lower down. And lift and lower. And three, four – keep going… and eight, nine, ten. And then go ahead and step one leg over. Inner thighs, we lift up, and two, and three, and four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, and ten, release. Stack the legs. Slowly push yourself up to seated. And you’re done for the day! Great job – I’m so glad you completed this workout! You should be really proud of how far you’ve come and how you’re staying committed. So keep up the good work and I’ll see you back on your mat very soon! Your mindfulness assignment for today is to get more sleep. Now I know that’s something we all want and sometimes it doesn’t feel like it’s in our control. Some of us – okay, we just stay up too late and we really just need to get to bed earlier. Others – you may have a baby at home who’s not sleeping or older kids who aren’t sleeping or insomnia that’s keeping you up at night. So I don’t want this to make you feel guilty, but I do want you to take one small step today to try to get more sleep tonight. So whether that means heading to bed an hour earlier, unplugging an hour earlier, taking a bath to relax you so you can set yourself up for good sleep. Do something today to try to get better sleep tonight and you’ll feel so much better tomorrow. I’ll see you back on your mat soon! [Music] [Music]

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  1. Had a busy day yesterday, so completed 5 and 6 this morning, loving the waist exercises they’re just what a need,what a great way to start my weekend, thanks! 😀✨

  2. I have enjoyed every workout in this challenge so far!  Thank you, Robin, ​for encouraging me to stay consistent and take 15 minutes every day just for me and my self-care.

  3. So engaged with this challenge! Love all of them. However, I’m sad because a friend of mine told me all these videos will be removed on Sunday?
    Robin!, I would love to join to more of your challenges !

  4. Loved day 6! I’m not in as bad shape as I thought! Really want to carry on with you after the challenge ends 😘

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