Mind, Muscle, and Money

Mind, Muscle, and Money

Alright, so what got me into fitness? You
know when I was a kid I wasn’t particularly athletic, I didn’t play any sports, I didn’t
do anything and I hated gym class. So around 8th grade me and some buddies, we decided
to get some instruments, I chose the drums and we were gonna start a band. So four hours
a day, everyday after school, metallica on the headphones, double bass, playing like
crazy and sweating my butt off. In two months I dropped 50 pounds. And that was really my
first taste of weight loss and results. From that point I was a skinny kid all through
highschool and then one day my senior year this kid asked me to go to the gym with him,
so I did and he totally kicked my butt in the gym and I loved it. And I remember, this
is a pivitol point in my life, 4 weeks after I had done some consistent training, again
I had no dreams of becoming a bodybuilder or doing anything crazy, but I remember I
looked in the mirror and flexed my bicep and actually saw a bicep that I did not see before.
Realizing that I could control my body that I previously thought I had no control over
was huge for me. So what that did was create this ripple effect and I just didn’t stop
going to the gym. And it’s been ten years of going to the gym. So what’s this channel
about guys? It’s about failure. It’s about trying to fail. It’s about chasing failure,
and chasing pain, and chasing struggle. Failure creates results, failure creates growth. Don’t
get me wrong, this is a fitness channel. We’re gonna have workouts, we’re gonna have recipes,
and I’m gonna show you my meal plans, I’m gonna show you my exercises, but it’s about
learning to grow and succeed in life. This is us creating a community where we can build
each other up and support each other to help create success. I’m going to answer your questions,
I’m going to reply to your comments, this is a journey that we are on together. You’re
going to be a part of my life and I’m going to be a part of your life. If this is something
you’re interested in, subscribe to my channel and check me out on facebook.

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  1. YES!!! Eli, YOU BETTER check me out! YOU JUST sold me! I'm always talking about how I'm chasing fear, chasing failure, and how pain=progress! WE HAVE SO MUCH in common! Let's GET IT!! (Mind, MONEY and MUSCLE!!) LOVE IT! LOVE YOU!!! Thank you for YOU, Eli!

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