Mixing Corn and Protein To Start A Feeding Program

Mixing Corn and Protein To Start A Feeding Program

I get many questions on how do I get my deer
started eating protein pellets. What I tell people , the best thing to do
is to mix it in the beginning a fifty-fifty mixture of corn to the pellet. Put that in the feeder, let the deer get acclimated
to it. Next time you go, lower the corn ratio. Make it 75-25, and by the third time you can
probably put straight pellets in there and they’re going to be ready to eat it all by

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  1. We at the feed saver company , have seen record rack protein get moldy in The Feed Saver when mixed with corn in a white bag, usually from a feed store with a silo on the property it has more moisture than other bagged corn. We use mummy's corn from late August to late December it has been the finest and the cleanest, but you should feed record Rack between the months of January to august then back to corn in the same for 55gal. Drum with THE FEED SAVER inside, Remember you can gravity feed but why we have figured out that a little protein in there diet is just great enough. Suggestion have 2 55 gal. Drums. in your pen one goes off in the morning and the other in the evening , they will each hold 175 lbs of protein that's 3 and a quarter bags of fifty lbs.and 250 lbs. of corn 5 fifty lbs bags. In THE FEED SAVER. watch YouTube the feed saver and the post's or call for info 832-982-buck-2825 A Texas made product and patented.

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