Model Mom Embraces Stretch Marks To Inspire Others | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

Model Mom Embraces Stretch Marks To Inspire Others | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

TALMESHA JONES: I think what people hate the most about stretch marks is that it’s not seen. That’s why it’s stigmatised as it’s
just something that’s undesirable. TALMESHA JONES: The nastiest thing anyone
has ever said to me would be, ‘Why does your stomach look like that?’ I think that
one really hurts the most because it’s like, ‘I had a son’, you know. So, like, ‘How
dare you?’ TALMESHA JONES: My name is Talmesha Jones.
I am 27 years old. I am a freelance model. I have one son, his name is Chase and he is
5 years old. TALMESHA JONES: This one is from a photo shoot
that I did before I had my son. So, obviously I was small and no stretch marks. TALMESHA JONES: Modelling before I had my
son, I have always wanted to do swimsuit modelling or, like, Victoria Secret’s style modelling.
So, that was what I was striving towards. Being pregnant, it changed my body a lot.
It resulted in me getting stretch marks and wrinkles and extra skin; that sort of thing.
It made me very self-conscious. I didn’t like to look at myself in this, in the mirror.
When I did I would just cry and sob about it. I would continuously try to suck my stomach
in or, like, stretch my skin out. I was like, ‘Wow! My body has changed so much,’ and
it was really hard to see that in, like, photos and stuff. JOHNATHAN BENTON: I
first photographed her back in 2009. After the baby, she was really, really body conscious.
She got into a little bit of a depressive state. What made her change her outlook was
realising that it can be something that makes her unique and makes her special. TALMESHA JONES: This was taken after I had
my son. At this point I was, you know, starting to come around to the idea that this is my
new body and I didn’t have any problems modelling and showing my Tiger Stripes. TALMESHA JONES: Called my hashtag ‘Tiger
Stripes On A Tuesday.’ It actually started out as a just a photo of me embracing my tiger
stripes. It was Tuesday. So, I was like, ‘Tiger Stripes On A Tuesday.’ And basically what
I do is every Tuesday I share a story from a different woman anywhere in the world telling
how she got her tiger stripes. I am trying to teach people that it’s more than just
a mark. I am trying to teach people that it’s absolutely beautiful. JOHNATHAN BENTON: You know stretch marks,
everybody has them. I think they are stigmatised so much. It’s the fact that perception in
media, perception in a certain cookie cutter model, you know. It doesn’t make sense to
me because like I said everybody has stretch marks somewhere on them. So, why not just
bring them out? JOHNATHAN BENTON: Well, we got it. TALMESHA JONES: Oh, did you do it again? JOHNATHAN BENTON: No. TALMESHA JONES: Oh, Okay. JOHNATHAN BENTON: I got it. You look good. TALMESHA JONES: I never imagined that I’d hear
so many stories from women about them telling me how I have made them be comfortable with
their stretch marks and be comfortable with their body image in general. I absolutely
believe that one day everyone will think that stretch marks are sexy, think that they are
beautiful and it will no longer be a stigma behind it. TALMESHA JONES: If I had a chance to get rid
of my stretch marks fully, would I? No. I wouldn’t. It would feel wrong to erase such
a huge part of myself and I just think, like when I.. it’s so emotional for me, like;
it just really helped me find who I was. So, I could never get rid of them.

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  1. We all can't afford Kim k or black Chyna etc….surgeries to fake bodies after child birth, nor would some of us subject our bodies to the knife for other people's idea of beauty, real women sometimes get stretch marks. Awesome woman for excepting herself natural self.

  2. She is absolutely beautiful!!!! I love her so much!! New Role model!! Very inspirational!! Heartwarming!!

  3. I'm 20 years and 25weeks pregnant… my biggest fear was this 😩😩
    My stomach is small though 🙌🏽🙌🏽 and Ive only got one stretch mark, literally one line but it's not obvious so I'm happy 😊

  4. "Stretchmarks are beautiful" no they are not, otherwise you wouldn't be feeling insecure enough to hide them and getting all down and depressed. Stretch marks are natural almost everyone developes them someway.

  5. There is nothing wrong with stretch marks I think it's a beautiful thing it's a mark that shows that you've given someone life, what wrong with that🤔🤔 you are beautiful 😁😁😁😁😁

  6. This is what people don't show ❤️flaws n imperfections
    I really hate people who feel to have scars n stretchmarks is abnormal or ugly
    im so insecure about my scars But I'm really trying to love and embrace them

  7. I wouldn’t say that stretch marks are particularly ‘attractive’ but if I was a guy, I wouldn’t be turned off if a woman had them. It’s a normal thing and isn’t really avoidable. You can get them in puberty simply from genetics. I have a guy friend who has big ones on his stomach and no one makes him feel bad about it and he goes out shirtless all the time. Why is it always women that are made to feel insecure about these things? Not I’m not a feminist, I’m just very curious. I mean come on, people are not airbrushed.

  8. I don't go to the pool because my strength marks from today I will buy nice bikin and show my strength marks because after two kids am hero it's a mark to remind me a strong mother

  9. Beautiful home but most beautiful is the model of the courage to deliver life of a 🧒🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️😘

  10. I don't think there is a stigma, but I don't think they're "beautiful" you have them or you don't. Also I've always been curious how you make money modeling in your backyard, like who pays for the photographer

  11. Wow thanks very much for making this video,it really an inspiration to me.i love modeling but ever since I have my son I don't see myself that beautiful again because of the stretch marks on my Tommy and my hips just like yours.but it's time I embrace it and move on with my dreams.thanks so much sweet sis 😘😘😘😘😘😍

  12. All the girls on shake my beauty are beautiful they just have to dig deeper into themselves to realize it💕

  13. I've had people ask me why my stomach looks the way it looks too, all the while knowing I had twins. Baffling!

  14. I’m sorry but “why does your stomach look like that” isn’t an insult. I have stretch marks all over my body but I’ve never in my life seen a belly like hers. There’s nothing wrong with it, I’m not saying it’s bad but I didn’t know it was from having a baby because it’s completely unfamiliar. I think it’s great for anyone to show themselves in an honest way & she should be proud of herself but she also needs to take a step back & realise the difference between ignorance & hate.

  15. Kendrick Lamar say he wanna see them stretch marks, so flaunt them girl! Love that real body ❤️

  16. I love this!!!😩♥️ made me more comfortable in loving myself, after bring someone in to this world!💕

  17. I truly admire this side of you.I know that this is going to encourage other people out there and let them know that they're not alone in this and that they should embrace and be proud of their strength marks😍😍😍

  18. my stomach looks exactly like hers,,, she is one year old now no regret if you dont like me with my scars boy bye 👋

  19. What did they make this video. So many people have stretch marks, they could do a video on like everyone. I get she’s a model too and doesn’t try to hide her stretch marks but still.

  20. She is beautiful now and was always beautiful. Also, Idk if her backyard is beautiful just sk she can pose in a pretty environment but regardless i am very jealous, lol.

  21. She looks beautiful the way she is and God had a plan to give her those stretch marks and he loves her just the way she is!!!!

  22. Derma rollering gets rid of them too tho if you don’t want them. 😊 she looks gorgeous still tiny after a baby!

  23. I admire her positive attitude about stretch marks but I hate my own stretch marks and one day I will be erasing my stretch marks~gone! I hate looking at them. Some of us(or just me) don't ever fall in love with our PPB ..I unfortunately am one of them! Too bad for me I suppose. Plastic surgery is on my list. Tummy tuck ! Lol

  24. Girl you are okey I have 50times worst stretch marks than yours very big ugly and and almost every where on my body… I was even bullied with my own sisters…and am only 22. Soo to me I don't call this strechmaks

  25. in India-the land of the naked belly dresses-you see all mothers and granmothers bellies wearing everythings all the time…all shapes aloud!

  26. ṇạṭụṛạḷḷḷ ṭṛḙạṭṃḙṇṭṣṣṣ ḟợṛ ṣṭṛḙṭḉḥ ṃạṛḳṣṣṣṣ

  27. Am 16 years old and I got stretch marks all over my body and I can't put on things I like, my friends do make fun of me😢😢😔😔

  28. Love this❤ I have 2 beautiful children and I'm still learning how to love my stretch marks and loose skin.

  29. So far I felt so unconfident with my "tiger strips" after I had my pregnancy and it really so so annoying like might the guys won't see it n feel ugh gross..thats why I always hidden it all the time..but this video made me feel so proud n more confidence being I am n what I have..thanks n be proud with your flaws

  30. My bff has stretch marks she feels insecure about it i remind her how beautiful she is and dont worry about what the boys say and think

  31. You are beautiful also pretty great you will in encourag a lot of women's to feel more comfortable in their skin thank you for engaging in some thing so positive

  32. I cannot believe how much this has helped me. I am a mother of two and my marks are much worse than hers, but it was very inspiring and I cried. Hard. I've absolutely hated myself for my tiger stripes, but this was… A good awakening for me. Society is becoming more accepting about body image and this gives me hope. I don't have to hate my love marks anymore. I wore a bikini to the pool and everyone stared, but for some reason it was a nice reminder that I am who I am. I shouldn't apologize for having kids and I won't ever again. I need to love ME more than love attention/acceptance from others. This is a hard lesson, but I'm slowly learning it. Thank you, lady, for making this video and telling your story. Your boldness has helped me greatly.

  33. she is so beautiful and her body looks super sexy healthy and fit. its sad the media and society even has standards. everyone is beautiful and the more different we are the more beautiful our world is.

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