The exercises after the basic exercises be sure to do them focused don’t do the “windscreen wiper”, this one here, you will never hit the muscle properly, therefore slowly contract, slowly release, always similar speed if you do this: you will never get the muscle first of all you won’t hit it if you should hit it you will quickly lose it again because you’re not in full control when releasing Bullshit. you really have to hit the muscle that is Bodybuilding and every modern powerlifter trains just like this because if you continuously only train heavy it will backfire yes, doing the basic exercises heavy but hypertrophy remains important a feeling for your muscle and a chain is only as strong as its weakest link keep that in mind second lat exercise after deadlifts first I start with pulling exercises that’s for development of depth and a meaty back and the V-form if I’d pull from the top it would hit the upper lat but I wanna hit the lower lat because that is perfect for the strength transfer to deadlifts the strength transmission is to the bottom and then it’s not this kind of hinge where the weight is just suspended from here not at all I practically decrease the way the bar has to travel, if I hit the lower lat down here so I have better leverage through pulling exercises. and how exactly I do these, there is one specific variation which is really important, and I’ll show you now Many people do just this or this here this does not do shit you pull everything with the brachial, the musculus brachioradialis or a little bit with this right here and if you really want depth development for your lat, I will show you of course way more exhausting most people are not willing to endure, of the people I train no matter how large they are, and then you really see what the actual strength of the lat itself can do And it’s less than you would expect, especially for people with large and dominant biceps, are typically the weakest during this pull yeah, now I sit here (come here) Now I tilt towards the front extend the chest and I pull inwards just like this and the chest tilts just like with the prior exercise not too far to the front, and I also won’t lock out because then you have the same problem as with the bench, the lock out you don’t really want, the scapula remains back here, and remain there automatically if you press your chest out the chest is out, and up, and then you pull inwards right to your belly button, and now you should see (if you film the lat back here) how this creates a V-form down here chest out, also the core is engaged by air pressure the pressure remains just like this Always remain in control and focused do not jerk the movement slowly with strength just like this, chest out air pressure in the core and pull and that’s exactly it, you will suffer and that’s the strength of the lat, try it out write into the comments if you feel the difference and you will feel it Keep your ego at home You will immediately pull 2/3 less But it won’t take long and you will do the entire block of weights and you will develop an enormous back back here it will explode, and you’ll gain at bench, at deadlifts since with bench you also need the lower lat which is the perfect antagonist for the bench press and if you do this here you will not develop your back properly nor your lat let’s move on going back a third Okay, now I will train my bicep how do I begin? It is important to hit the bicep and not your scapula M. brachioradialis most people train way too many bicep exercises, I just do a single one and I only do it once a week And that exercise is scott curls on the bench But on a steep angle I will explain why shortly The thing is, if you rip off your bicep and you are older you are already pensioned, or you don’t work a demanding physical job where you actually need your bicep then doctors will say, fuck it, we don’t need to do surgery, why? (stay here) this muscle, the m. brachioradialis accounts for about 70% of the power of bending your arm just about 70%, and now, what does this mean? The remaining 15% come from the long and from the short bicep So if your biceps rips off, the doctors say, so what? You work a desk job, so you don’t really need your bicep Let’s disregard the imbalances… let’s continue My message is, if this muscle accounts for 70% of flexing your arm and you think logically how difficult it is to develop these 15% for a beginner, that is just starting off for these beginners the biceps is barely even a muscle and then they train 5 different bicep exercises because they want the bicep to grow, and it won’t since you will possibly hit the bicep while training an exercise, maybe, in the first two sets a bit and then the bicep is done for which results in you not hitting the muscle you actually are training and which you want to build, the bicep then you start hitting the m. brachioradialis the supporting muscle which you don’t want to specifically train you want a larger bicep So how do you properly target it? Not like this, doing hammer curls Since you will most likely predominantly hit the m. brachioradialis… you will hit the bicep doing this here Now it is very important that you lock in your lat here right into this corner *wupp* and now I imagine participating in arm wrestling since in arm wrestling the dominant factor is your wrist One more thing (come right here) now most people would simply do the exercise like this once again we simply hit the m. brachioradialis so in order to rectify this we have to lock in the lat here, turn like this I really turn in this direction my whole upper body is faced towards this direction because then I have the correct lever The arm is extended into the frontal direction (go to the front) look here the arm is in one straight line and now this muscle here is almost eliminated and I have real tension up here on the bicep and the wrist should never look like this since it would enable to bicep to rip off (stay here) another note If I open up completely here, similar to the lat and I start doing this right here I don’t even want to show it, since the bicep might rip off and I’ll explain why If I build up tension up here and I open up slowly, slowly, slowly okay now I have the highest contraction If I extend another centimeter the muscle is disengaged and what does disengagement mean? There is no more tension on the muscle all the weight is extended from the tendon The tendon is located next to the radial bone And it has happened countless times,for bodybuilders and I’ve even seen it live That with 8kg dumbbells their bicep ripped since they opened up completely and you might hit the front bicep here just a bit but when you want to develop a total ball you have to train like this since the bicep is never disengaged It’s similar to the lat, where I already explained that it’s not dependent on training while shortening your muscle, you simply don’t lock out and avoid disengaging the muscle since once it’s disengaged, it’s gone And then another part of the muscle, or rather the tendon is being strained and that’s just… just open up slowly and focused and not doing the good ‘ol windscreen wiper If I start doing this, the bicep is like pudding, it’s soft you have to engage the muscle and build up your muscle feeling there has to be a connection I engage then I open up slowly producing terrible pain, but I know exactly to what point I have to open up, similar to the squat during the squat I don’t simply drop like a stone, but I rather go down in full control, and the straight line is always guaranteed this way also you don’t risk the quad to rip off, since when bouncing down just as with the bicep, if you go down too far you might put all the weight on the tendon, which will rip off that’s it yeah what else? maybe I will remember later, let me start now I will do the warm up with 12kg (26lbs) and you’ll shortly see the working set, first the warmup I do a maximum of one or two sets here One reduction set, where I start with 20kg (44lbs) and you will soon determine for yourself what your dominant side is and which side is weaker, you have to adress I adress this by trainining the stronger side with simply 20kg without doing the reduction set afterwards while with the weaker side I start with 20kg and reduce to 12kg afterwards to build up mind muscle connection and feeling after a few weeks you will have redeemed the weaker side straight to the next arm other side, let’s change and if you do this slowly and remain in full control then one rep is as effective as 4 or 5 shit ones windscreen wiper reps this is my healthy bicep the other bicep you’ve seen before is the one that has ripped off and interestingly the ripped off bicep even though it shouldn’t be possible is the stronger one. you cannot really explain it since the connection to the bone is way worse than on the healthy side what does this mean? I simply do less here while here I do the reduction set yeah and that’s about it concerning the workout yeah… don’t forget to subscribe, check out instagram during my stories I always share workouts with other athletes you also see private stuff if you want to support me, check out the links under this video Gym Nutrition is where I order my supplements if you’re in the process of ordering stuff anyways order with Gym Nutrition Okay, I hope you’ve enjoyed the video , it’s a bit different I hope you’ve learned some valuable tips don’t forget to comment today we had a babysitter, so we could film a video this is the second time that I have let Paul stay alone at home, with my inlaws who were here from munich so thank you a lot I’ll see you guys soon. Have a nice weekend


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