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  1. Tim, the voice over seems to have more accurate timing from pose to pose. However, from growing with you here in the channel we can see the joy in your face when you're actually in the videos. With the voice overs being better for guest speakers it's not as fun and carefree as you normally present yourself.

  2. Great mix of slow steady pace and strong postures. Gotta keep in mind the advice about not going for the 'shape' but the feeling.

  3. Loved this. There's no way I would have been able to keep up with the pace six months ago. Boat poses killed me, but I managed them all. Great work, thanks

  4. I found this to be one of the more challenging 30 minutes flows of yours – so many chaturangas! Thank you for all that you do. No preference as to voice-over vs. live here

  5. Voice over or real time are both right but I understand you better speaking as you act . Do heal your shoulder soon please. Thank you very much for your videos.

  6. My practice has really improved! I can now do the transition from crow to plank. I like the sequence, but miss the live teaching/demonstration….feels a little canned. But content is great! Take care of the shoulder 🙂

  7. Thank you for helping me start my morning off right! This is my first session with your videos and I really liked it. I am a track and field athlete/ coach and massage therapist. I am also healing from a car accident and easing back into training. this was great I hope your shoulder heals well! -Chelsea Taylor, CMT

  8. Due to my own insecurities I really like working out with a man lead video… the women are so advanced and beautiful… I find myself comparing… and it isn't good. I truly hope you come back on the screen and leading soon… sending you healing light. Namaste

  9. Hi Tim, I liked it very much specially because I felt that she's human like the rest of us and not doing everything perfect like in most videos. It really encourages me to go on with my practice and make it better. Thanks for your great videos and hope you will get better soon

  10. Sick of your clickbait thumbnails of women's asses. Disrespectful to say the least. I'll be unsubscribing if you don't stop; there are many other great yoga teachers who don't make me feel uncomfortable by sexualizing female yogis.

  11. Good session, but definitely prefer the live commentary, sorry! The synchronisation is better, and it feels more immediate and personal when you speak as it happens.

  12. I am a big fan of the old voiceover videos done on the dock. It seems like you can get more instruction in, when you are also doing the postures yourself.

  13. Hello Tim I just ended your 30 days and i found so many flaws in my posture. I am so grateful for what you did! Thank you so much, I've been recommending you constantly ☺️☺️☺️
    But I agree that even though your voice is calmer here, the poses come somewhat faster and more surprising to. Even though I can understand better how some standing poses are supposed to look like with another female, I do miss you in the videos. But she is great! Get well soon and thank you for keeping it up during your injury! 😊

  14. Great flow! Thanks for sharing, Tim. Definitely built heat in the body. I'm feeling energized and warmed up for today. The voice overs are okay, your friend does a wonderful job flowing between the poses (and similar to other followers on your channel, I mainly listen anyway), but there is something more..visceral about a teacher practicing along with you that I enjoy. Well-wishes for a speedy recovery for your shoulder! Namaste.

  15. I love the voice over – I find I can match the instructions to breath making my practice more rhythmic. One suggestion – since you have more control when the voice is added later, I think precautions for certain poses should be addressed before going into the pose for the first time rather than on the second or third pass. This was a nicely balanced way to start my morning. Namaste!

  16. Pacing on this is not consistent, and bad in my opinion. I feel like she raced through the entire first half and some poses lasted a bit longer than they needed to, rather than being a consistent fluid amount of time.

  17. Tim-bo, my bad shoulder/scapula takes a beating from your ruthless chaturanga's, hope that's not how you injured yours buddy

  18. Great class Tim! This was challenging but, as ever, really clear and considerate instruction. I like the voice-over, as you say, it creates a slightly calmer atmosphere. Thanks so much for all your great work!

  19. This is a fairly fast paced power yoga class with loads of chatturangas. Perfect if you are an intermediate yogi. Not recommended for beginners or if you have shoulder or wrist issues.

  20. I must say that I felt inadequate watching this beautiful woman and her perfect style and transitions. But as I'm 30 or 40 years older than her I'll give myself a break. Really nice pace to this one and I loved it – with modifications !!

  21. I really like the voice over format for a challenging practice. But yin and short series I think the personality is what I come and stay for. Thanks for all the free content!!!

  22. Used to like Yoga with Tim, but not real fond of watching the half naked women now. Probably going to quit your channel now. 🙁

  23. I really love the voice over style of videos. This is one of my favorite morning routines. Thanks, Tim, for your excellent instruction!

  24. Did this video while recovering from a sinus infection that had lasted weeks. This flow made me feel great and reconnected with my body. Thank you Tim and the beautiful yogi doing the postures

  25. Hey Tim! I love your videos, I only follow a few people. I agree that it was a little too fast. I am normally good about following my own breath in a class whether it is online or in studio, however this was difficult to follow my own breath. I felt myself shortening my breath because I didn't want to get too far behind., however I do breath deeper than most.
    Other wise it was great ! Just what I needed this morning.

    I do suggest maybe mentioning a wrist warm up before, by either adding it in or referencing people to a video. Seasoned Yogis will know this but beginners most likely wont and we were on our hands and putting weight into our wrists a lot for a morning flow.

    Thank you again !

  26. really enjoyed this one! i felt challenged all the way through but never like it was impossible to do, more like it took all my focus in a brilliant way!

  27. I liked it but it was very fast, sometimes you can be Tim, but this seemed very much so. Few times I was barely in the pose before you moved on. For people who are still relatively new we can't move and get the post instantly.

  28. I am sure you will find great workouts instructions on Unflexal workouts. That insane how it is good for sane 😀

  29. hey Tim. all your practises include quite a lot on Vinyasas. for me, that's one of the most challenging poses, probably because I have no back-arm muscles.
    do you have tips to improve my Vinyasa ?

  30. i liked that very much, thank you. Some personal feedback (others may feel totally differently) – I really like matching the movements to the natural rhythm of my breath. In this video I felt like i had to disrupt that rhythm to keep up with the movements in the first half,.

  31. Love the flow, and the voice over, very sweet and smooth. Overall a great morning tonifier….
    adding to my favorites…

  32. Nice video. Woke me up today. One q. She doesn't seem to be doing true chaturanga (4 angas touching the ground) but seems to hover. Is that right?

  33. Great strong practice. You fit a lot of work into 32 minutes. Love it! Also the voice over is always nice. Thank you,

  34. I've watched this video three times and tried it once. I love it! Love the flow of your pose order. It moves a little fast from one pose to the next for me but I'm a beginner. I've been watching different yoga videos online and I like the voice over on your video. Somehow it feels calmer when one person is speaking and you're watching another person do the poses. Thank you!

  35. TBH it bothers all of us to hear a Male Voiceover in a sensual clip of this nature – great demo, but thumbs down, sorry.

  36. This was awesome! Tim you're great-thank you for your instructions on postures to avoid injury specially looking for those of us with back pain at all times.

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