100 Replies to “Most Effective CHEST + SHOULDER + TRICEP Workout (NO EQUIPMENT)”

  1. 3 wall walks x 5pushups
    10 Typewriter pushups x archer pushups
    15 bench dip x opposite plank
    15 pseudo pushups x pike hold
    15 skull crushers x diamond pushup

  2. This music is dope 7:04…..Awesome Music with Chris Working out, it gives me immense motivation. If I ever get inked then Chris's face will be on my bicep. That's for sure. You changed my life dude.

  3. I'm not a supporter of making your body a paint,but i'm a supporter of a muscular athletic physique.Youtube has become a bubble society,like ''oh,look how balloonish i am,my tits and shoulders are like they have been filled with air,isn't this perfect?'' So,carry on like this.

  4. Damn, definetly gonna try these exercises out, was getting sick to my actual workout, good luck with the album, and, the channel. Jya

  5. Chris workouts have helped me at home. I use three apps THENX Fitbod and Shred. I try my best to track my calories. And go to the gym at least 4 days/week and oh do a day or two of home workouts using Chris app. I have lost about 40 in just a couple of months and I have seen progress with these 3 apps. I was skinny fat and now I’m “fit” and I’m feeling better than ever. As soon as I hit my weight goal and fat percentage goal that’s when I will start clean bulking. I know food is The Hardest part but trust me guys you will get used to healthy foods, yes there are times when I cheat and consume maybe a slice of pizza or two but I know when to stop consuming dirty foods. Everyone can lose weight but you just need to Believe in yourself. If you try hard and try eating right you will see results in a month may not be much but YOU will see a difference. Remember to do as much research as possible before going healthy 💪

  6. Yo how do you cancel the paid membership for the Heria Pro Subscription. Been trying to contact support to stop this app from automatically charging me! Did some research and found out that this app has hundreds of not thousands of people trying to cancel membership with no luck and having to cancel bank cards in order to stop the Heria app from charging! This is unethical business practice. Still trying to cancel my membership…

  7. What is the name of the song you use in the intro of your videos? ( Cómo se llama la canción que usa en la intro de sus videos?)

  8. The home workouts with dumbells only get me pumped but since I'm fat trying to lose weight my siblings just laugh cause they aint seen a fat guy work out before which makes me not want to work out… 🙁

  9. Got the fresh beats!! Thanks for a new routine, doing your workouts (among others) has brought loads of positive vibration into my life. Loving it!

  10. Hey Chris I know you might never see this but for the smallest chance that you will I wanted to let you know you have really helped me get in shape. Last year I was 15 and joined weight lifting in school and I gained very little muscle mass and strength and my endurance was very low this year I am 16 and I have since dropped my weight lifting class. I have now been doing your workouts on YouTube for about 2 months and it has made a huge difference for me. My physique is much more muscular than before(i was really scrawny when I started) I have high endurance and my strength is much better. I also recently downloaded your THENX app and Heria pro app I'm not an official member so I personally like the THENX app more but I'm seriously considering becoming a pro member bc those apps have helped my workout schedule considerably and given me good exercise ideas and I love how the app shows you how to do them. Sorry to ramble I just wanted to let you know how much your channel and apps have helped me achieve my goals. Thank you

  11. I recommend you to add a level recommend nicht in the Titel or description.
    This workout is definitiv not a Beginner or a intermediate.
    In Order Not to injur your followers, Take responsability for them.
    Much love.

  12. 🇺🇸☮️🌎🏋️🌎☮️🏋️❤️🌎☮️🌎🗽🏋️😍🏋️😍🏋️☮️🏋️❤️🗽🌎☮️🌎🗽🏋️❤️😍🏋️😍🏋️😍🏋️😍🎞️😎

  13. Could you check out the ring fit game for the Nintendo switch? Just want to know if It’s good for working out from the pro’s 😉

  14. His physique is the ideal body type im going for. Its ripped, and lean but u can tell thats thats normal. Like not oversized, proprtionate, looks agile n athletic

  15. Chris. I died a couple times just watching this dude…. can you like do a BEGINNER chest workout for people like me? You’re beyond advanced maybe even a robot, I don’t know 😆 BUT SERIOUSLY… BEGINNERS CHEST ROUTINE?

  16. Man while trying to do wall walk and push up….i nearly broke my back bones….man chris heria ur exercise r legit man….due to u…i got a good physic body man…god bless u…hope to c ur channel prosper more and more

  17. Is it incredibly weird that I'm super tiny and skinny but love doing these all my friends are like lord Jesus when they see me doing your workouts….lol the boys in my class cud never 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂 and I'm way smaller than them.

  18. Ive been feeling that Calisthenics are more important than weight training of late.. helps more with body control which many pple have not mastered

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