Mountain Dog PPL Workout: Pull Workout with John Meadows

Mountain Dog PPL Workout: Pull Workout with John Meadows

all right hi everybody John Meadows
here with muscle and strength and this is part two of our three-part workout
series hopefully you watch part one which was a push workout today we’re
going to do part two which is a pull workout which is primarily gonna be our
back training our rear delt training probably throw in some biceps you always
got to train your biceps so get ready for part two let’s get to work first exercise so we’re going to do
a row I feel a little weird saying this but it is called a Meadows row everybody
named it that this really is a great overall muscle builder for your entire
back I do use straps on these because we’re
gripping the thick part of the bar so what we’re going to do is we’re going to
row with a pronated grip like this that allows you to use more rhomboid rear
delt trap as opposed to a neutral grip which we’re gonna use on our next
exercise and think of your arms as just hanging attached to the bar don’t pull
with your biceps what I want you to do is drive your elbows up so just think
about driving your elbow great contraction and your entire back you got
a good solid base and I’m driving my elbow also notice we’re using a 25 pound plate
that’s just gonna give you a little extra range of motion so on these we
like to do rep range maybe 8 to 12 kind of in that ballpark the rep range isn’t
really that important what is important is that you do hard sets so whether
you’re doing 8 or 12 I want your last rep or two to be brutally hard so you
know you’re getting enough good high quality reps in to make the set count okay so after you’ve done three really
tough sets of those Meadows Rows I want you to use the same piece of equipment
we’re going to do a one-armed barbell row now your group is going to be
different on this so no more pronated grip now we’re going with a neutral grip
the neutral grip will place a lot more emphasis on your lats
again you want to have a nice base don’t turn it into a balancing exercise so
other arm resting flat back and again you’re driving your elbow just
drive your elbow squeeze your lat stretch squeeze stretch squeeze make
sure you’re careful that you don’t start twisting like this when you row we’re
not trying to train our waist we’re trying to train our lats
so drive with your elbow those are really tough I think those
have put more probably muscle on my lats than anything I’ve done and those are as
basic as it gets bend over and row you’re going to do the
same thing here you’re going to do another three sets of like eight to
twelve if your last rep or two is really really difficult three hard sets of
those Meadows rows and three hard sets that these one arm barbell rows you’re gonna
be breathing hard but your lats are going to be crazy pumped now we’re going to do a banded pull-up
or chin up whatever you call them I really really like these so when I
originally started doing these I was doing them because I had a little bit of
tendinitis in my elbows and by using the band I noticed that it didn’t quite hurt
my elbows but then as I was doing these I noticed that I could get a little better
range of motion I could get really high up into the contraction and I could
really steady my body with the band and use perfect form and consequently my
lats got a lot sorer they were really sore great pump so I kind of fell in
love with this exercise you’re going to get a band hook it up here and what
you’re going to do is you’re going to step into the band
so step into it take about a medium grip about right here now look at your form
on this see how strict the form is when you do these the band is assisting
at the bottom and it’s allowing you to get a little higher up through the range
of motion now what a lot of you probably have trouble with is just doing a chin
period so for those of you who can’t quite do chin-ups this is a great way to
get the benefits of the exercise and be able to do it you could use a thicker
band to help you more or you could use a smaller band just to give you a little
bit of help it just depends on how strong you are but you can pick the band
to help you as much as you need help so now we’re going to do a rear delt
exercise we did we did get some rear delt work with the first row we did but
I like to do a little bit more isolation work on rear delts in addition to the
rows so I’m going to use a time-tested basic basic exercise for rear delts just
as the rear delt a lateral raise this exercise is kind of come under fire
people saying it doesn’t work your rear delts which I just I don’t even know
what to say to that so what I want you to do is I want you
to grab two dumbbells and I want you to use a pronated grip okay so we’re going
to do them like this you can still get your rear delts if you have a neutral
grip it’ll just add a little side delt to it we trained our side delts though
on our push day so we’re going to do a little bit more isolation to your rear
delt I get a lot of questions about the
form on these whether you want to have your shoulders retracted or
protracted I like to actually this is probably the opposite of what most
people say I like to have my shoulders hanging down so I can really flex with
them as opposed to having my scapula back that’s ok both ways are okay
I don’t think one’s right or wrong I just personally like to hang a little
bit more protract my shoulders and really pivot with my rear delt don’t be
afraid of hitting really high reps on these too the best success I’ve seen
with these is sets of 20 25 30 reps just brutal reps on your rear delts I think
your rear delts actually grow pretty easy
I just think most people don’t put a lot of work into them and as soon as they
start burning people quit I always kind of looked at these is you know when the
burnin starts is when the set starts so make sure as always when you’re using
lighter weight that you’re going to failure
you really have to fatigue everything to get maximal activation and loading when
you’re using lighter weight you’ve got to go to failure so 20 25 reps burn like
fire you should drop the weight and just feel like ah so that’s rear delts so now we’re going to move on to biceps
bicep training is a little bit more than bicep training to me I think there’s a
general kind of a lack of awareness of the brachialis muscle your brachialis
sits between your bicep and tricep it’s actually it’s actually a more powerful
elbow flexor than your biceps are so I like to really prioritize my brachialis
when it’s developed it pushes your biceps out gives them that nice pop to them
this exercise has probably become my favorite bicep exercise within the last
six months I really like doing these I’m seated on a lat pull down here and I’m
bracing my humerus my upper arm bone so I can really focus so you’re going to
get your brachialis you’re going to get your bicep and you’re going to get this
muscle here which is called your brachioradialis that’s kind of the manly
muscle I call it you get this big mainly looking muscle right here so this is how
these look I like to use a good full range of
motion on these all the way down to really engage that lower bicep to and
all the way up these burn I typically do three sets here anywhere
from 12 to 15 I do these sets of failure super super strict again get a nice
stretch and then come up and get a nice contraction on these good full range of
motion squeeze your biceps while you’re doing them all right guys that was our pull
workout I hope you enjoyed it we still have a leg workout to go through and
that’ll be tomorrow so we’re going to get some good food tonight
chow down get a lot of fuel in us because tomorrow we’re gonna go hard on
legs thanks and as always make sure you subscribe down below

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  1. Reps and sets in the description.
    Push workout:
    Leg workout: Coming soon

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  2. Perfect timing! My mancold is finaly over and my wisdom tooth was pulled 3 days ago. Was thinking of doing a Pull day today!

  3. I used to do my hammer curls standing, but john said do them standing. I've since lost 4 pounds of muscle, but that's ok because john told me to do it that way

  4. Pullups seem to be one of the best back building exercises. Gotta try out the Meadows row. Nice video. John seems like a really nice dude.

  5. Are band assisted pull ups really worth it if you can already do quite a few pull ups (or even weighted pull ups)? Seems like a bit of a regression. Not a dig at John, just saying assisted pull ups seem like they might be step back for some people

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