Mountain Hardwear Men’s Stretch Ozonic Jacket

Mountain Hardwear Men’s Stretch Ozonic Jacket

Super light, waterproof, breathable and stretchy,
the Mountain Hardwear Men’s Stretch Ozonic Jacket is a great offering for those who need
waterproof, breathable protection that won’t restrict their movement. Let’s take a look
at all of its features. This jacket is constructed with Mountain Hardwear’s
Dry Q active membrane. It is a fully waterproof breathable membrane that is designed for aerobic
activities where waterproof, breathable protection is necessary, but lightweight is essential
and freedom of movement is also a key. So it is really light, really stretchy, really
mobile and offers kind of unparal-leled amount of breathability for the weight that you get.
So it is a really nice system, a really nice technology in the Dry Q active membrane. It is constructed with a 40D rip stop nylon,
so it is a pretty lightweight nylon, but it gives supreme durability as well. It has got
a really nice construction, really durable fit and feel to the Stretch Ozonic jacket. Some features we have got in this jacket include
a full length water resistant zipper on the front with a storm flap, so you have got really
nice protection there from the elements. It comes all the way up to a nice zipper garage
at the top. So it gets protection against the skin so you are not going to snag or,
you know, have any uncomfortable chafing up there. We have got two bonded water resistant zippers.
So it is going to give you really good streamlined protection on the sides of the jacket as well.
And they are set slightly higher so that you can access a harness or a pack hip belt if
you need to. So this is a technical jacket designed for, you know, active pursuits, so
two nice features in the pockets there. Awe do have a small Napoleon chest pocket
as well. So you have got a small pocket for little items that you may want to get to pretty
quickly. Under the arms there are some pretty streamlined
pit zips. You know, they are not full length pit zips, but they are enough to get some
good ventilation from under the arm, real-ly help to dump that excess heat, while still
giving you full waterproof protection, so a nice feature in the pit zips of these jacket.
Again, nice streamlined, keeps the weight down, because they don’t add the excess
zipper. Down around the cuffs we do have a Velcro
cuff closure so you can really cinch down that jacket in the even that you want to really
keep the weather out. It allows you to really tighten down that Velcro cuff and adjust it
to your preferred tightness. And around the bottom we do have a draw cord
closure as well. So you can really cinch that down, just one side. And it will help to pull
the jacket in around the waist, around the hips and keep it from riding up if you are
wearing a backpack or if you are wearing harness of some sort. So nice fit feature down there. This is a hooded jacket as well, so we do
have a two way adjustable hood. So with a bonded kind of shaped brim there. So it gives
you some extra protection in the brim. But, again, it is an adjustable hood, so you have
got actually two draw cords kind of hidden under the sides here. And you can pull on
those and it will kind of cinch down the hood and give you a kind of a customized fit to
your liking, so nice features in the shaping of the hood, really lightweight, really low
profile hood. So it is a nice feature. It feels really nice when it is on. This jacket is a standard fit, so it is a
fairly loose cut. I have got plenty of room in the arms here and in the body to layer
up. I normally wear mediums. This jacket is a medium and I have got plenty of room to
add, you know, a lightweight down jacket or a fleece underneath. And, again, it is stretchy,
so it is going to work with those layers. It is not going to pull against you in the
event that you did want to layer under it. So it has got some really nice fit here. It
is just all around a very comfortable jacket. You know, it is stretchy like your favorite
running shirt, but it is going to give you protection of a water-proof jacket. So I really
like the feel of the Stretch Ozonic. It is a nice piece. And that is it. It is the Stretch Ozonic jacket
weighing in at just 9.7 ounces. It is a really nice waterproof, breathable piece for those
high aerobic activities in the backcountry.

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  1. this is a niiiiice jacket. lightweight and stretchy gives you a lot of options for layering effects. i have a form fitting Medium and was surprised at how comfortably my ghost down jacket fit under it. both are very light and very compact but if used together combine for maximum dryness and warmth.

  2. I just purchased this, I love the material and is very waterproof and breathable. However, it is unuseable because the hood is useless. There is no way to ajust the volume of the hood from the rear so it just falls forward and covers your eyes. Your channel is really cool with great reviews but I think it would be better if you highlighted some of the pit falls of certain gear.

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