Muscle Building Meals From McDonalds? High-Protein Fast Food Cheat Meal

Muscle Building Meals From McDonalds? High-Protein Fast Food Cheat Meal

What’s going on guys? Troy here with
and I just got back from the beach. I’m starving. I got a workout in a couple of hours,
and I want a protein packed muscle-building meal, so guess where I am right now? I’m
at McDonalds. Believe it or not I have figured out a way to order a delicious muscle-building
protein packed meal at McDonalds and I’m super excited, so follow with me. I’m going
through the drive thru right now. And we are at McDonalds in Marina Del Rey, California
and we’re going to get swelled today at McDonalds. Hi, welcome to McDonalds. Can I
help you with a bacon clubhouse sandwich? No thank you. I’m looking for a high-protein
option here. Let’s see here. Okay. I want the premium southwest salad with grilled chicken.
Okay. And, could I get the low-fat balsamic vinaigrette with that please. Okay. And, let’s
see, how much would it be just to get a quarter-pound beef fillet, like literally just the quarter
pound beef. Quarter pounder? Yeah I want a quarter pounder with no bun, no cheese, no
lettuce, no mustard and no ketchup. Only the meat, the patty, right? Yeah, just the patty.
Hold with me for one second. McDonalds cares about your gains guys. For a circle patty
is 1.20. Perfect. Throw me one of those quarter pound patties. Okay. And could I also get
the premium snack wrap the sweet chili one with grilled chicken. Okay. And that should
do it. 11.10 is your total, thank you. So as you can see guys, we got a 80 gram protein
meal at McDonalds. It has under 1,000 calories. So McDonalds cares about your gains guys.
All right guys, I am ready for my protein, so let’s see what they got. Man, what’s
taking so long? I need my gains. So yeah, I wrote down the macronutrients. We got 82
grams of protein, 34 grams of fat, and about 80 grams of carbohydrates in this meal, so
perfect muscle building meal. Thank you. So we got our gains right here. We got a protein
packed meal. And it cost me about $7.00. So honestly not too bad, pretty economical. And
let’s see what we got in the bag here. So we got the pretty decent salad here. We got
the southwest protein packed salad here with grilled chicken. And they forgot the rest
of my food, so I’m going to have to go back. Give me one sec guys. All right, we are back.
Got the rest of my protein in here, so let’s dive in and see what we got. Now here’s
the patty. This was only $1.20, so they should actually add this on the dollar menu. We got
the, little high in fat but it’s got like 18 grams of protein for only about a buck.
So order your quarter pounder like this. And we got the premium, look at this bad boy,
release the flavor premium McWrap. So as you can see we got like a big McWrap with tortilla,
grilled chicken, perfect for those summertime gains. So that’s how you do it guys. We
got 80 grams of protein. It’s like a $7.00 meal. But I mean who doesn’t enjoy a quality
sit down meal at your local McDonalds. It’s high in protein, so if you guys are looking
to get jacked this summer head on over to McDonalds.

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  1. [Cheat Meal Video]: This high protein Mcdonalds cheat meal will get you SWOLE with over 70 grams of protein. Watch the video here!

  2. If i say what he just said to the person at the drive thru in my country, they will be like "wtf are u saying dude?"

  3. very disspointed in you troy you are the last person on this earth i would expect to eat this trans filled pink slime turd infested food

  4. Dude , do you really believe that what you are eating is pure meat ? 
    cuz what you said about the 1/4 pounder thing that it had 18 gm of protein is just hard to believe .

  5. Yo weight gain. You know what helps build steroids. Vitamin S. Just because you are "swollen" doesn't mean you healthy. It just makes you dumb.

  6. Dude if I’m eating McDonalds, I’m ordering a quarter pounder meal with an apple pie, what is wrong with you breh?!?

  7. Just bought. The wrap alone was 8 dollars! 6 $ for salad. I didnt get just the patty cuz that's just wrong!!!!

  8. $11 x30 that's $330 a month for 1 meal a day lmao no dinner pretty dam healthy and expensive garbage when u can buy like 200 eggs & some protein bottles

  9. it sounds rude going to a place and saying "I want…….".. I always say "Can i please have…..". Is this just because I live in canada and this guy is american?

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