Muscle Car Dreamland in rural Georgia | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 1

Muscle Car Dreamland in rural Georgia | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 1

(frogs croaking) – This is the best day you can have, finding a hoard like this. There’s muscle cars, there’s vintage cars, there’s race cars, just cool stuff. I’m Tom Cotter. The first car I found I was 12 years old. I’m 61 years old now,
I’m still finding cars. And in this series, you’ll see that there are still plenty of cars left. (rock music) This is a good deal. I don’t know what it is, but there’s a rumble
coming out of the back so we’ll see what happens. Sometimes the best thing
to do is just let it go until it either fixes itself or breaks. (rock music) That’s what’s broken? – [Voiceover] Just to bolt
back down, it’s for holding. – Heard about a place called
Bubba daiz or daz, D-A-I-S-S, from somebody earlier this morning. They said these are the
old car guys in town, and so now we’re going to
go to Bubba’s towing yard. Hopefully, they have
cool stuff we can look at and maybe can recommend
other places for us to go. Okey-dokey, let’s go
take a look at some rust. Is that a real SS? – [Voiceover] Yes. – [Tom] Oh, wow. – [Guy In Red Coat] The
’68 numbers matching car. – [Tom] ’68 numbers matching, is that a big block or small block? – [Guy In Red Coat] Small block. – And is that Bubba’s? – [Guy In Red Coat] Yes. – [Tom] That’s got big old
wheels in the back. (laughs) – [Guy In Red Coat] Yeah. (heavy rhythmic rock music) I mean, I’d say a thousand bucks or less, somewhere around there. – You take credit card? (both laugh) Is that a big block Chevelle? – [Guy In Red Coat] Yes. – [Tom] Big block Chevelle
convertible, cowl induction. – [Guy In Red Coat] Big
block Chevelle convertible. – [Tom] So, is it like, ’72? – [Guy In Red Coat] ’72. – So it would be a 502? – [Guy In Red Coat] It’s
a, that one’s actually a, that’s a 454 car. The Chevelle’s came with
a 396 big block option which is actually, from ’69
to ’72 is a technically, a 402, 402 cubic inches. – [Tom] Ah, okay. – [Guy In Red Jacket] 396,
they call it a 396 because the name had been like that for so long. – Ah, okay. (rock vocals) This is a 1958 Morris Minor. You know, most car enthusiasts
would walk right by this car. It’s no big deal, I’ve got a personal love affair with Morris
Minors, I race one. Finding a Morris Minor
in a yard like this, usually they’re rust buckets. It’s got longitudinally mounted
torsion bars in the front. That’s your front suspension,
instead of springs, and they mount to the cross member, right in the middle of the car. Usually that cross member’s so
rotted that it’s just broken, and at that point, the
car needs major surgery, or a new frame. So usually I walk by a car like this thinking it’s a rust bucket,
which I did the first time. But then I came back and
it had right hand drive. So, that’s interesting. But the problem is most right
hand drive Morris Minors come from England and they
come here as rust buckets. But this car, the A-U means Australia, and the V-I-C means Victoria.
This car’s an Australian car. And over here there’s a New Zealand logo, so this car actually sat in very, very dry climates its whole life. So I crawled underneath this
car, the torsion bars are good, the floors are solid, the body’s good, and all the glass is good,
it’s got four hubcaps on it. What’s unusual in this
car, it’s got semaphores, which are these little
blinkers that come out, so it doesn’t have blinkers
coming out of the lights, it’s got these little
fingers that stick out and light up at the end. Kinda comical but that’s
what they had in England and in Australia. If somebody wanted to
fool around a cheap car, these cars are bullet-proof,
they’re fun to drive, they’re easy to get parts
for because any part from an MG Midget will go on here, parts from Austin Healey
Sprites will work on here. Would I own this car, yeah, I would. Will I, probably not ’cause I’d need to find
a divorce attorney. And if Bubba would sell
this at a good price, somebody watching this should buy it. (plucking banjo) – [Voiceover] Last on the road, 1959. – It looks like it’s made of brass. So this is a little French car, you’d never see in the States. So what are we, this is
like what, a ’64 maybe? – [Voiceover] I have no idea. – [Tom] Yeah So little four cylinders,
single barrel carburetor. Look at all the room, I
mean look at that room. Oh, look at this. It’s the original Shell oil specifications for the car when it was new. Look at that, Shell Retinax, Shell Spray and Shell Spirax. (energetic banjo) (car engine revs) So this is a GMC that you’d
want to give on to your son, and it’s got a big block in here now? – Big block, 454 that was not running when I got it. It was just trading some
parts I had, got it home, couple hours, had it running,
it’s definitely built. I’ve always wanted a
GMC front end one it’s, for every 500.
– [Tom] It’s beautiful. – [Bald Guy] Chevy’s they built, they built maybe a hundred GMC’s. (plucking banjo) – This is the best day you could have, finding a hoard like this. There’s muscle cars, there’s vintage cars, there’s race cars, just cool stuff. So we’re going to walk
around through there. I’ll show you up close and personal. (strong rhythm guitar) Cadillac is one of the most iconic automotive designs in history. It’s probably the largest
American car ever built. It’s a ’59 Cadillac and the
body was actually designed by Pininfarina in Italy. It’s ironic that Pininfarina
designed small Italian cars and they designed this boat. Lots of Camaros here. El Camino ’70 Challenger,
plum crazy 318 car. No engine in there right
now, it’s got a transmission. ’69 Charger. Unusual car, I can’t remember
the last time I saw one. It’s an American Motors Rebel. It’s got a 327 American
Motors engine, not a GM motor. Automatic, 2-door coupe,
hard top, neat car. That would be a neat car if
you fixed up a car like that and brought it to Cars and
Coffee, you’d be the only guy with a car like that
at the Cars and Coffee. (rock guitar) ’66 Charger, there’s two of them there. This one had a 383 from the factory. It now is a 413, you think
about that Beach Boys song, 413’s really digging in,
that’s the motor this has which is a big Chrysler motor. It’s got automatic on a column and there’s another ’69
Charger in the corner that has automatic on the floor. These are all hot-rods
by the way, if you look the wheels are all drag wheels. They’re either chrome
or slotted alloy wheels. So almost everything
back here is a hot rod. This is a kinda of an emergency vehicle that was on an airbase. If someone got hurt, there’s
stretchers in the back, and it was down in Florida. By the way, he drove it back here, so probably without a lot of work, this car could be a
running, driving car again. So we looked behind this fence, and Dan let us come back here. You like Ford, he’s got Fords. You like Camaros, he’s got those, too. He’s really a Mopar
guy, he’s got Chargers, he’s got a Challenger,
he’s got a Cadillac, he’s got Mustangs, he’s
got a Fairlane convertible, he’s got a ’56 Chevy Sedan Delivery. This is like a hodgepodge
of car collecting, and this is wonderful. This yard offers something to everybody who’s into old cars. Finding old cars, you gotta be a salesman. You gotta talk to old mechanics, find out where the old restorers live, go to auto part stores,
go to repair shops. It’s not always easy to find old cars, but if you look over a
fence once in awhile, you ask the right questions, sometimes you come across
a bunch of neat cars like we found in Savannah. We found cars in the town of Savannah and now we’re west of Savannah. So if you think you can’t find
cars in a metropolitan area like Savannah, I’ve got
news for you, you can. Happy hunting. (rocking guitar)

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  1. Hi guys , i'm living in France and i found a 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme hardtop with a 455 rocket big block V8 7.5L with 365hp for sale : 7800€/9500$ I would like to know if it's worth the cost ? The car was bought in France in 1970 so that mean the car was brand new when she come in France . The car is dark blue with a blue interior so i think it's the original paint . The owner has a clean title , so should i buy it ?

  2. Most of these cars are junk 100000k to restore a 30000 k car i call them yard art .If theres no rust their worth it .If you see a dime size rust hole you have way more hiding

  3. I don’t understand people leaving these cars to rot. Sell them to someone who will restore them or use them to restore other cars.

  4. Tom seems to know a bit about foreign sports cars but needs to brush up on American Muscle. It seems that every time he see's a GM with a Big Block, if it has slotted mags sticking 6 inches out of the quarters that it must be a "502", the 502 wasn't even introduced until the late 70's as a workhorse truck engine and then again in the 1990's as a performance engine.

    Also, Ford did not make Powerglide's or install them in Falcons…Just sayin.

    Great show but some editing would go a long way.

  5. AU does not mean Australia lol its just the number plate number its imported from New Zealand and that sticker is road tax registration

  6. Just to clear a small matter up. The Morris Minor shown is in fact a New Zealand car. The label shown shows the year of first registration (Just below the VIC = Vehicle Inspection Certificate required) which in this case is the 4month of 1958. The big numbers with the smaller number in front are the date the registration of the vehicle expires (26 day of the 6 month of 2000). The AU6277 is infact the cars registration plate number and the "G" is the licence class of the vehicle which in this case I believe is "General". Finally the sticker in the top center of the windscreen is the W.O.F Licence (Warrent Of Fitness) which indicates the date that the next safety inspection is required.

  7. it's people's choice to let them sit but why not sell maybe just a couple to build a dry storage area or at least something to keep them from rotting away so sad..

  8. Man in Canada selling his property and classic cars hundreds of them for 1million look it up

  9. Idiots all think their rusted piece of junk worth "thousands" cuz of these auction houses and the fact they don't own anything else of value and are desperate…..usually costs more to restore than final value so that means they have zero value…

  10. you should see the Morris that my dad has it's way before the merger and is still all original 35 I think

  11. Re the Morris Minor. New Zealand is far from being dry, it rains… a lot. Victoria Australia is not much better.

  12. The cars behind the fence are in Bloomingdale GA in the same neighborhood that roebling road race track is in. Turn in at the gas station and they are 1/4 mile down to the right. Please save these cars. Probly can't buy anything from bubba diass at the beginning of the video, he don't need money.

  13. they called the chevelle 396 because chevy had a 400 ci limit they bored it out and just lied about it being a 396

  14. I watch this old fart for hours on these things and all you ever shows it nothing but rust buckets if you knew what he was doing me I agree I gave him a better job good luck

  15. Now if one of these cars in that fenced in area was allowed to be purchased, image the pain it would take trying to move all the other planted cars just to get yours out!

  16. The Morris is a NZ car, not Australian. AUxxxx is the registration number (number plate) and vic means Vehicle Identification Compliance.

  17. I wonder and ask myself how do get a car out of this yard? Especially when it way back behind ond the end ofcthe yard or in the middle?

  18. I work with a guy who's been buying cars off and on since the early 70's. He's got 65-70 cars and most are sitting outside, slowly decaying. Kind of sad really.

  19. Well, if it's a rusted out hulk with no motor, then sell it for scrap. That white Porsche fits that description

  20. WOW I'm 2 years late,I think if I had your job I'd be the poorest biggest hoarder around I'd be lost,bewildered, trying to hire everyone I knew and didn't know to fix these cars. Great video thanks. 😎🏁🏁🍺

  21. That Rebel can be named Rebel Yell,,ohh that Green Torino,,that last clip,sure did showed many beauties,,,but most salvage yards think like KBB,,,,The GMC pick up,,igly colors but in Black n Gold will look super,and 383 stroker

  22. if anyone knows where i can buy a 1970 dodge charger plz let me know by adding me and facebook and texting me on messenger

  23. Man, I just want a 69 Camaro SS to work on until it's a good, dependable car. I don't care for collecting, i just really want one to use as my daily driver. These cars were meant to drive, and baby, I would.

  24. I met Tom Cotter at Road Atlanta last weekend driving his 63 Corvette , my son Jerry is one of the mechanics who service that car at Sasco Sports , That is a hell fast Car and He is a hell fast driver

  25. I wonder how Tom gets that Ford Woody from one end of the country to the other. Can't be much fun driving at thousands of miles.

  26. the morris minor just to correct u had a new zealand warrent of fitness and a new zealand registration label the au… was actually the licence plate

  27. Nasci no país errado , adoro os carros americanos ,principalmente os dodges ,tenho um charger mas brasileiro , derivado dos Dart g t s americanos .mas trocaria o meu Dodge por um de 68 até 71 americano mesmo de sangue ,

  28. Tom is right! I find cars all the time hidden in back yards, beside of houses etc! Still find Camaros, Chevelles & GTO's as well. If you search the alleys & nooks & crannies of your town you will for sure find something good!

  29. I had two Morris minors…1958 van and a 1960 utility/ pickup…you could bolt off the back ends of each and swap them over if you wanted.

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  32. Y haven't been all the cars into junkyard.. y seems all beautiful cars collecting all over the world to rebuild it . Nice channel.

  33. Everything about this series is just so sweet. What a treat! Please don't change a thing. Greetings from Brussels.

  34. What do you do with the barns you find. There is one down the road sitting empty would you like it.

  35. The Morris Minor was not an Australian vehicle. It was a New Zealand registered vehicle, the AU is irrelevant, the cars license plate was AU6277. In NZ the plate has no significance, it is just a number. The VIC does not refer to Victoria, it refers to the car being registered in NZ as a VintageCar (VIC). Love the show!

  36. Just finalized my sponsorship. Welcome your new competition Tom.
    The Moog Motorcoach Matchmaker and Divorce Attorney LLC. 😂

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