Muscle Confusion Explained (DOES IT WORK?)

Muscle Confusion Explained (DOES IT WORK?)

Yo! What the fuck are you doing? Muscle confusion, bro! But if you talk too loud they’re going to
hear you. What’s up, guys?! Jeff Cavaliere, Muscle confusion in progress, or at least
in Jessie’s mind, or at the very least, wherever Jessie’s training – because it ain’t here
anymore, he got kicked out for that bullshit – he’s confusing every other person in the
gym with what he’s doing. You see, muscle confusion is one of those
buzzwords and terms that I have to dive into here today, to get to the truth behind what
we’re really trying to accomplish. I actually believe in muscle confusion. I do. I swear. But we have to understand what we’re doing
in the first place. Confusing muscles should be about one thing,
and one thing only. That is progressively overloading your muscles. Providing them with a new stimulus that they
aren’t used to. So we don’t have to do acrobatics. We don’t have to get on physio balls and
start slamming med balls into the wall because that’s downright dangerous. What we have to do is provide some form of
stimulus that your muscles haven’t encountered until that point if you want to see progression. So, you ready? I’m going to give you a great demonstration
right here of a possible way that could create muscle confusion. All right, here we go. I’m going to count down. Three, two, one, bam! There’s muscle confusion. Right there. Let’s say I squat 225 and that’s what I’m
used to doing all the time. By adding a single, 5lb plate to each side
of the bar I’ve just gone to 235. Guess what? My muscles are confused. They haven’t felt that before. That’s something new. I haven’t trained with that weight, at least
in that rep range. So it’s something new. Well, we can go beyond that. Let me show you another example here of muscle
confusion. Let’s stick with the same weight that we always
use on the same exercise. The squat. Let’s get confused. Here we go. One, two, three, boom! I squat, and now I’m confusing myself. But in a good way because now I’m doing a
pause squat. You see, this pause squat is a tempo alteration
that my muscles haven’t felt before and if you haven’t done pause squats before they’re
a great way to introduce a new stimulus – i.e. confusion – to your muscles that will demand
that they adapt to it and get bigger, and stronger, and more able to handle that stress
in the future. So by adding a pause squat I have to be in
command of the weight. I can’t simply rely on momentum down, and
back up again, or half-ass reps down, and up in order to handle that, or to achieve
that. So now I have to demand that my muscles get
used to being down there. That, in and of itself, is a form of muscle
confusion. But we can do other things, too. We can bring out the new exercises. I’m not saying “Don’t bring out new exercises.” I’m all for new exercises, but with a purpose. This is where it blends into the whole aspect
of ‘functional training’ that we’ve covered here before. What is ‘functional training’? It’s one, and only one thing. It’s purposeful training. So if your purpose is to build strength, doing
crazy acrobatics should not fit into your training because it ain’t going to serve a
purpose. But, if your purpose is to be more athletic
then maybe altering the way that you do certain exercises, instead of always lunging straight
ahead, introducing a three-dimensional lunge; that’s a good thing. We’re demanding more out of that. Or even this exercise here. This is called a fielder curl. We’ve actually put this into some of our programs
as a way to get our guys to focus on their hips and their hip training, but in a way
that we know we can get them to do it. Because, guess what? We’ve included the biceps. There’s the magic word. Now, all of a sudden, people will do it because
they’ve included biceps with it. Sometimes you have to break out those means
if you need to get someone to start working the muscles they don’t tend to want to work
on. But I can tell you this: from the ground up
it’s an athletic based movement and we’re going to start working our hips in the frontal
plane, which is a good thing. But the bottom line is this: a form of confusion
should always be sought after because, to me, that means that you’re looking for some
way to challenge your muscles in a way that they’re not used to. Confuse them, but don’t start looking to
gimmicky, stupid, acrobatic exercises – if that’s what you want to call them – to create
muscle confusion. All it’s going to do is, like I said, leave
everybody else in the gym confused as to wat you’re actually trying to accomplish in the
first place, and probably leave you disappointed in the results that you see. Guys, if you’re looking for a program that
puts the science back in strength, head to right now and I’ll show you how
to make the right progressions to always keep the gains coming. We know that we can easily plateau, especially
if you’re drug free in training. Plateaus are inevitable. But you need to have ways and strategies – whether
you’re manipulating your volume, your tempo, the exercises that you’re doing – you need
to have those methods to be able to keep those gains coming. I’m going to show you how to do that over
in our program. In the meantime, if you’ve found this video
helpful, or enlightening leave your comments and thumbs up below and I’ll make more of
what you want to see in the future. All right, guys. I’ll see you soon.

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  4. Jeff, I noticed you look up when squatting. I thought this was bad to do because it can lead to a neck injury when lifting intensely. Isn't it better to keep eye gaze neutral and out in front of you instead of looking up? That way you aren't tempted to put your neck in a dangerous position.

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  9. HAHAHAH this was hilarious. SO great to add a small smidgen of comedy to your posts every now and again. 'Got kicked out of the gym for that bullshit' HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA. Made my morning :D. Wish you ran my gym. I feel I'm the only guy telling/asking people to put their weights back after they finished or telling them to stop talking on the phone and focus on breathing properly. Ofc I do this in a quiet, polite and friendly way (as most people don't appreciate being told what to do in the gym) and so far nobody has complained…they just don't listen. Waiting for the day one of these people hurt themselves. Hate being the guy always bringing these issues up to the staff. I'm sure they see me as a moaner but fk it I focus on my shit before I say anything. Do you all think I should just STFU or carry on trying to help people when they're doing things wrong?

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  24. Muscle confusion= giving the muscles the stimuli they are not used to (progressive overload, squeeze on the rep)

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