1. You can always count on your videos being excellent quality with good information and what I love is the information is always concise – never a 20 minute video with ads, only what is necessary!

  2. Thank you to refresh my old belief and physiology lesson.
    Just a question on the part about the treatments you present at the end : are the all in a prevention aspect? Or in a curative aspect?
    Because at the end you talk again about stretching, which I considered as the most effective curative technique, but not preventive.

  3. There is man who had a car accident a year ago, he broke his C4 and went under surgery. After surgery he was advised for Physiotherapy which he did took, and he was able to walk and use his arms (Not fully). The man is now getting cramps and complains pain. His whole leg gets in full extension with force including his toes, and when he tries to relax or a simple touch or little movement to his leg triggers that forced extension of leg and he feels pain because of that.

    So this is a considered as cramps as well, if so then why is he having that … ??
    Also what are the ways to get his cramps fixed … ??

    Thanks for providing such a great content through your videos! 🙂

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