Muscle Department Ep01 Test de Force Max (1RM) avant programme

Muscle Department Ep01 Test de Force Max (1RM) avant programme

The use of heavy weights may not be suitable for beginner. In this case we advise you to get closer to a (sexy) coach! (In all honor of course) Hi everyone and welcome to the Hero Academy! Im Heavy! Im Pablo, we hope you’re all going well!? And now we’re going to the first tape of the “muscle department” for this firt episode, you’ll see our “max strength”, As know as “1RM”. It’s the maximum resistance that can be lifted once we will test them on three bodybuilding movements that will serve as a base for our programming These three movements are those of the athletic force.It mean “Bench / Squat/ and Deadlift”. Know your “1RM” will allow you to regulate your workload, and to see a progression Thereafter, we will offer 3 training programs If like me you do not have time you can choose the “Spartan Program” 2 trainings by week, so, no excuses For my part I decided to follow the Minotaur program in which there are 4 sessions per week for a FASTER progression And of course for heroines who want to work a little more specific lower body There is “Amazone Program” 2 Trainings by week as “Spartan Program” You will understand the next episodes devoted to his three workouts To make you STRONGER? FASTER? AND MORE EXPLOSIVE! WHOU! But before that we need your max strength And we will show you the different steps to carry out his tests AH! One last thing! Don’t forget about the purpose… BECOMING A HERO! H: That’s not basd! P: Thtat’s cool hein!? P: My ear makes a “Tuuuuut!” But that’s cool I like this ! Shh shh shh! Before starting, you will have to estimate, based on your bodybuilding experience… The maximum load at which you can perform your movement with, with a good technique As a security measure, you better have to be accompanied by someone with experience come motivated as ever We switch ON the HERO MINDSET Once the mindset switched ON, we start with the warm-up to prepare the body for the effort We recommend – 5 minutes of cycling and 5 minutes of rowing at moderate intensity We continue the test with two sets of 8 free bar ( vacuum) repetitions The goal is to increase the load and decrease gradually your repetitions Up to about 80% of your estimated maximum load Ah! Yes!… And don’t forget about taking 1.30min rest between each series And to optimize it even more EVEN MORE!!… Put a thumb up!… 😉 We put you a link with the protocol synthesis in description Just below the red button Where there is marked subscribe You know… the one next to the bell Press it, you’ll see… Press it From the sixth series we arrive at weights greater than 80% of the “1RM” After each repetition you will increase your charges and leave 4 minutes of recovery Yup Yup… 4 minutes I just validated the bar at 130 kg Now i’ll try the at 140Kg In case of failure the last valid bar will become my “1RM” COME ON! STRAIGHT BACK! GO GO GO GO GO GO!!! After validating a 140 kg bar, Im going to try the one at 160Kg I would like to draw your attention to my concentration I take the time to create a strong connection between body and mind And this connection is a key that can lift departure to infinity and beyond! Ok… Now that you have seen how to do a “1RM” test you will see the performance at Bench and squat AH!… But before that…3 Rest days And here we are ready to burst throught our ceiling BURST THOURGHT OUR CEILING!! RHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAARH!! We reach the end of the video, and it’s time to summarize our results So, It should be known that for my part I leave a period of 5 months without training. And before that, my performances were as follows About me I have been training for some time But never regularly My objectives are to go over 100 kg to the bench press, and to validate the complete squat movement Here is the result Here we are a month after the first tests And we’re ready to BURST OUR CEILING to be better than the last time… But THAT… Will be in the next episode So subscribe to see… OUR evolution And the details of the differents training P: That’s ok ? H: Yeh great that’s hudge. Perfect H: Let’s have an Ice Cream? P: Hudge! H: Do you think that… H: Ben and Jerry were as friends as Haage’and’Dazs?? P: You’re really saying bullshit… P: OF COURSE! P: How would they make such good ice cream P: Sometime you know…you really are saying a lot of bullshit…

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  1. On attendait la video avec impatiente et l’attente en valait plus que le coup! Pressé de voir le prochain épisode ! Allez les Héros!!🔥🔥🔥🔥👊

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