Muscle Growth Camp

Muscle Growth Camp

This is great! Hey, guys! I- Guys? *Steps* Being that you are a camp counselor… you’re a coward, man.. It’s not like I have the prettiest sight infronto of me either! Wyatt, right? WYATT. AGE: 31 yup what was your name again? Call me Gus! GUS. AGE: 27 Let’s go back to our group.. We are almost at the camp grounds 6 Hours Later HEY! DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHERE WE ARE?!?! I… Think we.. Should.. Set up our tents.. 1 Hour Later The tents look great! Well done Wyatt! uh.. by the way.. did you manage to contact our group? Of course! … NOT! SILLY! I don’t own a phone! But! I squeezed fresh apple juice! ARE YOU KIDDING ME… JUICE?!?!?! Try it! HEY! I’M SICK.. AND TIRED CHILL.. OF ALL YOUR.. *CLEARS THROAT* Everything alright gentlemen? I’m done man. take care- I’m taking a dip Thank you Sir.. No problem son.. I’m a forest ranger! My name’s Burton.. Ranger Burton BURTON. AGE: 39 you two camping? Well… We are.. KIND OF LOST. Meanwhile the water is.. .. not bad at all.. I just need to.. relax.. I needed this.. can I join? YOU’RE ALREADY HERE.. Bud. Ranger Burton offered to take us tomorrow to our camp Just.. be quiet. Wyatt looks

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  1. No this is lumberjacks series, if you check husskoni's playlist called lumberjack this video added to that playlist, and this video is connected with lumberjack 4

  2. Wonderful work man !!!! … I can't wait to see the next part Please download it soon …. I want to watch some kind of madness masculine challenge of power and domination between the two friends and then the leader join them in the end.

  3. May I just say thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me faith back in the internet… I have been struggling almost tearing over how lately my communities for "muscle growth" and "masculization" fetish/ sexuality has seem to be diminishing. Penises are so tabboo and with tumblr banning porn I was so lost.

    Also I used to come across more "quality" type gay centric work LIKE YOURS…. way more frequently in the past…. and for months I have not been satiated… I gave up actually and almost settled that "things are not like the past"… then I came across your wonderful art adaptation which is amazing on this platform… you use it very well and I appreciate all the expressions… and thank you for repping muscle growth…

    I'm tearing actually because just THANK YOU. I don't know much about you or your art. I'm looking forward to seeing more. I wrote this only watching the first 5 minutes and just smiling and happy the whole way through. Gonna watch the rest. Sending love to everyone and the artist especially husskoni <3

  4. Am I crazy or wasn't there a video here called "Swolfie", where a dude grows everytime he takes a photo? I can't find it.

  5. its amazing but in the next one make them talk more about the fact they are hairy and they don't shave

  6. What's in this water? Let's say … deca-durabolin, hardteston, deposteron, primobolan, stanozolol among others.

  7. ((The strongest and highest will in life is not the futile struggle for life, but the will to fight, the will to control.))
    Friedrich Nietzsche

  8. Hi Husskoni! I have a story for you to possibly animate! Thanks!

    Lila was a bodybuilder. She’s won every competition, every trophy, and more! She posted videos of her working out so she could help people to get as buff as her. One day, while scrolling online, she saw an ad for a bodybuilding competition that was in a week! She was excited! She got on her car, and drive to the gym to train.

    Once at the gym, she saw a woman, about her age, flexing her biceps to people around her. She looked like she was training for bodybuilding too. Lila frowned. This girl was so much more built then her. Lila scanner over her. Bulging legs, 6-pack, perfect bathing suit, straining biceps. “I can do this” Lila said. She walked over to the bench press, and grabbed the weights, tightening her grip. Clenching her teeth, she started.
    The flexing girl walked over to Lila. She took notice of her, built arms, straining thighs, 6-pack. She looked great! Not as good as her, though. “Hi..” Lila grunted. “Hello, what’s your name..?” The flexing girl asked Lila. “Lila, you?” “Wendy.” Wendy flexed her muscles. “Your good, but not as good as I am.” She flexed her legs. “Lila, if you want bigger muscles, then train more. Lift more.” Lila clenched her jaw. This girl may be well built, but she’s annoying. She let go of the weights, and stood face to face with Wendy. “I’m just as good as you, Wendy!” Lila said. She was tired, and didn’t want to deal with this right now, but Wendy here was being annoying as heck! She forced herself to flex, her body shaking. She grunted, stayed like that for a few seconds, and relaxed. Wendy took that as a completion. She bounced her chest, and flexed her biceps more and harder then Lila had. She strained, holding her pose for a few minutes, and let go. Lila went all in! She grunted, clenched her fists, and did the “pose”. Wendy looked at her in shock. The “Pose” was one of the most hardest poses to do. She flexed all her muscles, put her head under her legs, and held her left hand. She strained, her face turning bright red. If nothing was impressing Wendy before, now she was! Lila started glowing, she was doing it!!

    PART 2 of “The Pose” coming SOON!!
    (Hope you liked it, Husskoni! And I hope you see this, because I worked hard on it, and I hope it gets animated on your channel!)!!

  9. I love the front screen page when you see the video screen. I love it how Wyatt is buff and then gets even buffer! Ranger Burton looking pretty sexy ngl. The little cutscene where Wyatt grows and Gus doesn't is just sooooo sexy and I find it kinda weird that he doesn't feel that he's growing but, regardless its still sexy AF because of that near 8-pack finish. The time the Gus raises his arms behind his shoulders is perfect, and the way he grows with it is simply desirable. The pain that he feels adds to this effect. The way that they grows together is simply perfect and that near the end that they go at their own pace is beautiful. Gus' chest grows larger and larger creating a weird and desirable effect, while Wyatt is growing his rock hard abs. I also like the in-sync movement e.g. where Wyatt's huge muscles grow even larger and where Gus' armpit hairs stick out even thicker and blacker than before. I love how Gus is finished and Wyatt's abs could have been a bit more defined, like Gus' but overall still really good. I also liked the cutscene where when Wyatt looks ate Gus' sexy AF and ripped AF body the video 'cam' follows along with it, so you get to explore Gus' rock hard abs and his huge and thick muscles and his huge spectacular pecs (with them nipples). I also like where Wyatt thinks to himself that Gus is a muscular beast and that he is a force to be reckoned with because of how much he works out his amazing body. The cutscene to where Gus is wiping the water off his robust and built-up body is also simply admirable, I like that squished pec when he lift up his arm to put behind his back. His thighs are veing and absolutely ripped AF, along with his muscular and veiny arms and his sexy watermelon-like pecs. He then proceeds on to spotting Wyatt, BTW they have some thiccccc asses. I also like where you can see Wyatt's pec poking out and Gus' thiccc ass peeping around the corner. The awkward moment where Wyatt pauses and asks Gus whether or not he notices he's ripped or not (You. Look. Heavier.) is quite well done and animated (loke the bit where a bit of his thicccc ass pokes out a little). And the Gus looks at his marvelous and breath-taking body and plays it cool saying that he's always been ripped is a little bit cheesy ngl. And then where Gus says to Wyatt, 'You need a shave, bro' and then the 'cam' scans Wyatt's awesome and spectacularly built and ripped body is amazing. The way he gets angry that Wyatt says that and that his veins begin to poke out as large as Pringles can is amazing and well animated. The 'cam' then scans Wyatt's body in bed while he has a 'wet dream' about a skinny Wyatt vs a mega ripped and robustly muscular Gus fight. Because Wyatt doesnt now that he is ripped and sexy AF too. And then the middle-of-the-night scream of pain and torture is astounding. The way Gus prepares in the fight is amazing, first he looks at Wyatt, then he T-Poses and gets even veinier, then he flexs a little and gets even veinier and finally he squeezes his huge boulder-like muscles and gets huge adrenaline-pumped and grow to the size of a giant tube and then near the bottom, it looks like his veins are dripping. The way Wyatt grows in his 'wet dream' is simply deisrable and amazing. I hope to see a part 2 where Wyatt grows even larger and to be honest the one thing that I'd improve would be the definition of Wyatt's abs, because in my opinion Gus is more sexy and ripped that Wyatt, even though Wyatt is meant to be the 'hard' one and overall Gus and Wyatt are two of the world's tallest, ripped, sexiest, robust, amazing, astounding, stunning, staggering, shocking, startling, breathtaking, monstrous, awe-taking, sensational, athletic, brawny, burly, powerful, strapping, muscular, strongest, well-built, toughest, bulkiest, mightiest, hottest, seducive, provoking, sensasuous, shredded, collosal, massive, trremendous, capacious, humoungous, prodigious, spacious, over-sized and 8-packed men (with long, thick, extravagant penises and the thicccccccest, most over-sized, spacious and monstrously sized asses). I hope you make more of these kinds of animations and keep the good work up.

    (tbh, this made me gayer and much more hornier)

  10. Gus is sexy AF and Wyatt is hot AF, both are ripped, shredded and muscular AF!!!!

    I love their muscly thighs and sexy six packs, crisp and plump chest/moobs, giant muscular arms, overall I LOVE THE VID!!!!

  11. I wonder which is coming next?
    The Cove Part 2
    Muscle Growth Camp Part 2

    I love the bit where Gus is wiping the water off his body!!!!
    (Love the GIANT veins poking out)
    And love the bit where you see how thiccccc Wyatt really is!!!!!
    (Also, Wyatt is really hairy)
    One Improvement : Because Wyatt is meant to be the 'hard' one, you should have made his eight pack more defined and also Gus' abs shouldn't have been as defined because he is the 'softy'.
    Otherwise amazing vid!!!!
    Can't wait for the next vid!!!!

  12. Yes, I do realize – once a person figures out, 'This animation 2-D panning' skill – it's fascinating what you can do… (( This inspired me to look at Andymation – Andy Bailey's FLIP ANIMATION PAGES.)) — I can tell, that it takes so much time and energy into doing a few scenes, and have it all come together.

  13. Question – were you able to find someone that can PAN IMAGES ( to get your Characters to move 'somewhat' ? ) or does The Software Itself – allows for that ?

  14. They're going to challenge each other by comparing their huge new muscles and they may wrestle ,then the forest ranger comes and they throw him into the lake to transform to a muscle monster like them.


    A horrifying loud cry broke the quiet night accompanied by rising of a massive muscular hairy monster from beneath the small tent near the poisoned lake into the far forest. It is now Wyatt with his huge, horrifying body that has become enormous, taller and more hairy than it was that evening when he came down to the poisoned lake with his partner Gus, standing two meters height , gasping and breathing aggressively as a predator monster, his vagrant gaze turned to focus on his new body which he became, proudly looking at the huge muscles of his chest covered with shaggy hair, shrinking it strongly to rise up to the level of his wide chin, and then he spread his enormous arms On both sides posing a staggering double biceps and then he looked with overconfidently and ecstasy at those vieny huge biceps which rose to reach a higher level of his head,then he lowered his arms to his sides and bend down his head to watch the huge mass of his hairy thighs, shaked his right thigh violently and watched with wide hungry eyes the dazzling muscles of his huge thigh shaking left and right and then hit them by his hand with an absolutely clumsy hysterical laugh, then he stepped toward tent of his colleague and his eyes shined with brutal lust, he would like to show him the beast that has become , and now, Gus should know who is the strongest , the largest and the master of this forest, he catched the tent firmly and then he uprooted it violently and threw it away, but the tent was empty , Gus was not present. His ears listened to the sound of cracking twigs and smashing wood coming from a far. Among the cypress trees on top of the hill in front of him, he moved directly to the source of the sound. He had no doubt that he was his partner and he wanted nothing more than meeting him and settling the expense of last night with him.

    His eyes were brutally shimmering and then he headed straight up the hill.
    The dawn had begun to break on the cursed forest.

  16. Great video! Absolutely love the dream sequence and the super veiny flexation around 13:18! Can't wait to see what happens next‼️💪🏾🔥👍🏾💯

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