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  1. You mentioned helping the weight up and releasing for the negative, but what you should do is explode on the positive and release slowly on the negative. That is the correct way.

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  3. Not completely true, strength is also controlled by the nervous system. Which is why some who have smaller muscles are still strong as hell, it's not just the size of the muscle.

  4. I completely agree with the importance of negatives, but the analogy not so much. You're still tearing muscle fibers on the concentric movement. The contracted muscle is not just a limp folded band, it a a fiber actively pulling to contract and if pushed past what it is conditioned for will be damaged and need repairing.

  5. I started lifting when i was 14 as well, Im coming up on 16 now with no problems regarding lifting. So feel free. My only advice would be to avoid exercises where the majority of the weight and tension is above you like shoulder press until you're older

  6. you only get microtrauma or tears in the muscle with the elongation of a muscle rather than a contraction, this is your negative phase and is shown to be very important in size, go to Charles Poliquins website and put in negative in the search bar, various articles

  7. If this is the case why dont we just start at the point where you start the negative, and pretty much skip the other half, because it dosent seem like it doing much

  8. don't spread bs man, you don't ONLY get microtrauma's on the eccentric portion, and to be honest super slow negatives aren't the best way to target the negatives, there's studies showing FAST negatives do more for building muscle

    If you wanna get the most out of your negatives, use a weight heavier than your max, get a spotter to help you with the concentric motion and fight it as much as you can on the way down

    It's the stretching of a muscle thats contracted that really helps

  9. microtrauma is most prevalent on the eccentric portion, sorry but fast negatives arent actively using the musculature its using gravity so that whole argument is completely invalid. The turn around phase between positive and negative is important for power development, but in no way whatsoever does hypertrophy factor in. Pure negative training as you suggest is very valid but done slowly not rushed like some crazy man, you can stretch/elongate a muscle in a lift that isnt contracted, your BSing

  10. "Farthing & Chilibeck study done in 2003, after 10 weeks the size of the muscle fibers of trained athletes increased by 13% when using rapid/fast negatives & 8% when using slow negatives"

    Fast negatives bring in your involuntary muscle which allows greater positive output & better targets your Type II muscle fibers (example, when you jump how you bend down really quickly(fast negative) and shoot up(explosive positive)

    So there's the science, im not BS'ing, thank you anyway though

  11. it would work, but the best results would most likely not come from doing them on the ground, what I mean is try hanging off of a pullup bar and do crunches or use a crunching machine because you'll get more mobility off of those to do the negative

  12. so u mean i need to snap my shit up every time i work out that could be repaired , re builded and stronger ..?

  13. Hi Jeff,
    I am not sure i understand why the muscle is tearing only on the positive. Because I think the way that you demonstrated the positive movement of the muscle was not very accurate because when you showed it with the band you didn't put it under tension, and when the muscle is preforming the positive movement it is contracting against the tension of the weights and not just folding- so why the is no tearing there?
    Thanks, love your videos, very professional!
    Uri ( Israel).

  14. haha I know what you mean, but I dont ever want to snap my muscle, just made me chuckle the way you explained it

  15. to increase my squat i just camped out at the bottom of the position for like 15 seconds and went down really slow on the eccentric… i can barely walk now, needed painkillers just to get out of bed lol. so this really does work, never noticed it much on isolations but on compounds its painful

  16. Have you ever Hurd of Vince Gironda, if yes, what do think of his training? If you have not Hurd of Vince Gironda look up info on him and do a video and let me know what you think.

  17. You have a video about bringing the dumbbell up to nose height on the last part of the positive to contract the bicep a little harder. But if the only part where you cause muscle damage is the eccentric, why would bringing up extra in the positive be helpful?

    Can anyone explain?

  18. What do slow positive and slow negative reps do for the muscle? Is it better than doing fast positive and slow negative reps?

  19. [Summary]
    Go slow on your eccentric/negative portion as you bring the weight down, controlling it and allowing your muscles to stretch out and create microtears while under tension.

    Saving you time. Thank me later 🙂

  20. This is a great video, I finally understand why eccentric contractions are so important. It does raise the question of speed though, does it matter how fast you take your muscles to failure or just that you keep going until you do?

  21. I already do this but now it seems as if it's more important than the positive rep now. Or maybe just as important in a different way like… with blood flow or ATP blahblah science. So this might prompt me to lift heavier since on higher weights I tend to have it harder push/pulling without cheating but good negative rep control.

  22. Jeff is not lying here. Three words. Heavy eccentric sets. Especially with biceps where there is little risk of injury, do eccentric sets with weight that's 40% heavier than you can concentrically lift. I was looking for ways to get over my slow bicep gains, tried every exercise, tried all kinds of intensity techniques, lifted heavy, lifted light…but it was all concentric. When I tried heavy eccentric sets, it was immediately clear to me that they were the missing piece of the puzzle. Bicep gains every week ever since.

    Im a great fan of you bro, I never get tired of watching your videos,
    they sure are very educational and helpful, ill definetly be using this tecnique.

    Regards from Reynosa Tamps Mexico.

  24. Hey Jeff.
    Wondering if this also applies to the powerlifting movements such as squats, bench, deadlift (and variations).
    Love your videos and keep them coming

  25. jeff is good at explaining the why, people like me will ignore something if we just here the what but when someone explains the why we take it more seriously and apply it.

  26. respect for the knowledge he has but when he said that sucker gonna snap, imagine the same to your muscle if you use too much weight.

  27. Hard to believe. I think the lifting part contributes to muscle growth too. For example, if you chew a lot of gum, your chewing muscles start to grow bigger eventually.

  28. Thanks I will try it out by increasing my usual weight. lift it up with both arms then control the ecentric motion down with one arm then.

  29. I'm just learning about all this. I heard in another video of yours (can't find this as a topic, please point me in the right direction if there is one) that you are okay with cheating a little bit to get the weight up. I always thought strict form was key. After I heard you say you're okay with slight cheating, then watching this video, this made me think about how eccentric motion is more important so YES, getting the weight up a little more explosively than with proper form (as long as it's not going to cause injury) with controlled eccentric movement will gain the most results. Is my thinking correct here?

    1. More explosive or assisted to get it up (get your mind out of the gutter)
    2. Controlled slower eccentric
    3. = bigger, faster?

  30. So do i just do my normal workout and when i finish i do some heavy eccentric reps
    Or just add some eccentric reps every set when i cant do concentric anymore?
    (Sorry for my bad english)

  31. Sorry Jeff, but micro trauma damage is not caused by stretching or elongating the muscle. This is proven in looking at people who perform exercise like yoga. They do not grow bigger muscles. You are correct when you talk about negatives being highly effective for hypertrophy, but not because of your rubber strap analogy. Forgiven this video 6 years old now and you have grown in your knowledge.

  32. The fact that this only has ~160k views is sad. So many people would save themselves SO much extra work by understanding this.

  33. you talked about 30 min. work outs. does that mean that 30 min. workouts per day are better then, let's say an hour , an 1,5 hour every other day, or every 3 days? ( :

  34. hey Jeff, i would love it if you could do more of these video`s, showing us how this works with other Muscles. i`m trying to put this info into context with working the triceps, or the back, or the shoulders, etc.!! being able to see it like you showed us in this video, makes it a lot easier to understand and comprehend!! i am your pupil, and i want to learn!! thank you so much for sharing my friend, with love from Wes!! hugs!!!

  35. 1:11 !!! Wtf. I can't believe he just dropped the weight like that. I mean I understand ripping the bicep (the actual ripping that's an injury and is only repairable by surgery) will more likely occur when not controlling the eccentric with heavy weight but what he did was still down right dangerous. I wouldn't be surprised if he felt it immediately or even for days after and regreted doing that… As always Jeff your great… It would be cool to have Jesse dive into these old school videos and rip apart how you shouldn't have done this or that. You two make the perfect team.

  36. I mean it though. You are great! I reread the last message and it felt like it came across sarcastic but it was just the context… P.S. Definitely do a "Retro Rip" video with Jesse picking fun of the goofy stuff you have done. I don't mean it to be offensive, just would like to see an old fashioned roast video of the man hold in such high esteem. We all do goofy sh** and it's would be "all in good fun". Lots of love you two

  37. Just doesnt make sense on a squat then. I thought the moat tear would be happening on entering the squating position and not the entering in to the standing position? What im asking is when do I take the rep more slowly on a squat.

  38. Hi i would like to know, when i do bicep curl my left hand get tension fast and will be in pain compare my right hand while doing the bicep curl. which mean one hand will be fail fast on this workout. and i notice my left hand is weak and the right hand i can still do more reps . is there any way to balance up the pain on both hand at the end of every rep.

  39. Jeff is proven to be honest and clever in he’s training advises but sometime the titles for his videos are not accurate eg: 10 times more muscle

  40. I just got introduced to your videos I have been following up with all athlean videos for woman I think there awsom and you simplify and explain everything very easy to understand your videos have helped me a lot to understand my mistakes and correct them thumbs up for all the research and hard work you have put into them I definitely will be keeping up with your videos and hope to see progress within myself in the future thanks a lot for sharing keep up the excellent work

  41. This does work but not for the reason Jeff says. Eccentric workouts have potential to be 150% stronger than concentric workouts. 150% weight at max. All it does is create more stress (overload principle) to create a demand signal for muscle cell organelles to split like mitochondria. If there is no demand signal. Muscles shrink. Micro tears is what everyone says because is a perpetual myth. It’s simply not true. Stress the organelles of the cell with the overload principle and stress harder and faster with eccentric or negative conditioning. Microtears will happen and may be the source of soreness but that is only a theory. Jeff is usually on with his “science” advice but tearing is broscience nonsense. Either way. Negatives are great advice.

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