MUSCLE SENSOR “Real Iron Man Arm Exoskeleton”#2 Update

MUSCLE SENSOR “Real Iron Man Arm Exoskeleton”#2 Update

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  1. in place of the muscle sensors, would it be a plausible idea to have a sensor place in the hinge joint of the suit so the muscles are contracted/expanded more gradually to give a wider range of capability? I'm thinking of this on the grounds of traversal mostly. nice work though, definitely would like to see more in the future.

  2. grate doing
    i hope you will make the complete body in your ideas
    think…. and find a better way ….

  3. If I wanted to learn how to build circuits, like the one you used to detect the signals received from the electrodes, where would I go. Because, I will admit, this was fucking awesome!!

  4. Oh man that is so cool! 😀 Perhaps it is possible to use a sensor on the wrist. For example a pressure sensor like in a digital weighing scale. That would allow you to hold the angle
    at an intermediate position and it corrects itself.

  5. Love your design! I guess you could use the analog voltage from the mioelectric sensors to control the pressure inside the muscles, couldn't you?

  6. would you mind making video about that sensor? Im working on similar projekt by myself but Im strugling with electronic circuit for sensor, so would by happy for some tutorial

  7. Hi James, love the arm! I was wondering which compressor you were using and where I could possibly get it? Thank you.

  8. Hey James! Nice work by the way 🙂 Could you send me the arduino code because i buliding similiar exoskeleton and i stuck in programming phase. Many Thanks.

  9. please james ,,, how air come out from air muscle ?
    did you use A particular type of valves ?
    if you do ,, whats its name ?
    thanks in advance

  10. Thats pretty awesome!
    I think those fake muscles have much more potential for an exo suit than regular hydraulics ro electric motors.
    Simply because it mimics our human motion much better and could be easier to wear.
    Keep working on it man.

    But keep in mind that the biceps is not the only muscle. Make it for both extension and flexion. And then do push ups with it lol.

  11. dude im in mechanical engineering ,, can u tell me hoe to programe that aurdino to controll the movement of the pistons ..please…jus show me some links or stuff to read jus to have the knowlwdge on how to make it work…..pls

  12. Thank you very much for your link but ta took what circle of metal for which surrounds your arm example of the 2024-T3 ROUND TUBE … etc

  13. I'm mechatronics engineer student from Finland. I think this is awesome. I will definitely build those "air muscles" and use those on my project. Keep doing what you do.

  14. this is so awesome man !! could you make a video explaining how it works the hydraulic system that powers the muscles ?

  15. What exactly is the microcontroller controlling here though? What makes air pump into the air muscles?

  16. Do you use EMG sensor series AD8232?
    I have slightly improved your system, but there are some difficulties with the connection

  17. This is great! How did you make the frame. Did you cut the aluminum yourself? Drill the holes, etc.? How did you bend or curve the aluminum?

  18. my question is does it do partial activation. Funny thing is a was just looking at this exact type of muscle fiber. looks super promising.

  19. hello there, after watching your videos i'm inspired to make exosekleton like yours, can you give me some tips at designing? also i tried to make a lower limb exo too but so far it's not as expected

  20. Hi James, you could send the diagram, to control your exoskeleton, the red box where you have the arduino, where you use the electrodes, please and thanks !.

  21. And perhaps if you replaced air with water it´d be a lot stronger, perhaps then the limiting factor would be that rubber tubing. If it stands the pressure then it´d totally work

  22. Hello,
    Congratulations on the project, it's really amazing!
    I would like to know the air flow, to calculate the time and the volume

  23. Hey There, I am trying to make a similar project in my college. Can you help me with where to find the air muscles please. Thanku

  24. You'll have to double or triple down on the muscle sensors for at least two on the front and rear of the arm. I also noticed with many projects specifically in prosthetics, processing time yet another barrier. There's a slight delay in the arm movements but its barely noticeable. Great job and I look forward to seeing how this project develops.

  25. What are you using to attach the air muscles to the compressor and what are you using as a switch to activate them

  26. Please can I have the circuit and the the code (an explanation report) for this project ? I need it to make my graduation project,please

  27. Hey, can you please tell me what are those black coloured tubes called that you used instead of pneumatic cylinder.

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