Muscle Soreness Explained (IS IT GOOD?)

Muscle Soreness Explained (IS IT GOOD?)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, Today we’re going to talk all about workout
soreness and tell you what you need to know about workout soreness. Whether you should be chasing it because you
feel like it’s a prerequisite for growth, or whether you maybe shouldn’t be focused
so much on it. Or whether there’s even things that are
more important than it. You see, when it comes to workout soreness
– and anything here on this channel – we’re trying to put the science back in strength,
and we try to do in that ‘no BS way’ so you understand what it is you’re going after. When we talk about training and soreness,
really what we’re discovering is – and there’s a lot of research that goes back
and forth on whether or not this is true. But what we see is workout soreness is generally
created by eccentric training. There’s a reason for that. Concentrically, what we’re doing is – meaning
we’re shortening the muscle with tension. If I were to flex my bicep as hard as I possibly
can here, flex, flex, flex, flex hard; it really actually hurts. There’s tension in this muscle. I’m squeezing as hard as I can, but it’s
shortened. There’s a shortening here. If I were to have tension in the opposite
direction, eccentrically, when I’m lowering and stretching – I’ll show you on an incline
curl in a second. What I’ve done here, if I look at this band
in place of my muscle, instead of having this where I’m actually pulling, and pushing
as hard as I can, there’s tension on the ends of the band. I’m pushing, pushing them toward each other. It looks like it’s fine; it’s intact. However, if I put tension with elongation
these little rips that were already in this band are getting worse, and worse, and worse. So what happens is, you’re getting these
microtears and damage in your muscle fibers when you do eccentric training. Meaning, loaded elongation of the muscle itself. That’s actually what sparks muscle growth. So, if we look at it here – as an example,
I can take a dumbbell and curl it here, and as I’m curling up I definitely have tension
in the bicep. That’s why it’s flexing. And it’s shortening. In concentric only training, ironically, can
be done without producing much soreness, if any at all. So, when I elongate I’m getting a stretch
on the muscle, and tension. So that’s doing that band effect. It’s pulling it apart. It’s creating the microtears from the damage. The people that don’t focus on eccentric
training, and they just drop the dumbbells without really allowing the tension – there’s
no tension there. So, if you do your eccentrics and you don’t
concentrate on slow eccentrics, you’re actually missing a lot of the tension. You’re getting elongation here, but not
a lot of tension because you let it go. So, if you’re going to look for soreness,
or chase after soreness you’ll get it only if you slow down the eccentrics, not just
by doing eccentrics alone. As I’ve said, other forms of eccentric training,
like sled pushing, or many of the Olympic lifts like cleans, or snatches; there’s
not a real eccentric portion of that lift. A lot of times you can do those without producing
soreness. We even have a phase in one of our programs
where we do back to back training, concentric focus on a muscle group on a certain day,
then we come back eccentrically the next day, realizing that we’re not going to be very
sore from the day before. So – what the hell is my sleeve doing up
here? So, the fact is, if you’re going to chase
soreness you’re going to get it that way. Now, is it even necessary? Here’s the interesting part. It is necessary, I believe, because you’re
looking to have that adaptive strength. So, if you’re not creating stress on the
muscle, you’re not going to create the stimulus for growth. Keep that in mind. If you’re training for strength, soreness
isn’t necessarily what you’re after. You don’t have to become sore to get stronger. If you’re looking for hypertrophy, knowing
what we know about eccentric training and overload, and what it can do to muscle to
create the stimulus for growth, you want to get that effect. However, here’s where people screw it up,
and here’s where people won’t tell you the truth. I think a lot of times this is where the studies
fall apart. If we’re training, you’re looking at about
30, or 40, or 60 minutes in a day, of your day. Your full, 24 hour day. You might get everything right there. You might do everything I just showed you
to create muscle soreness and the next day you wake up, or 48 hours later you wake up
and you’re sore. But did you grow? If you didn’t do everything else right – the
stuff you do in the other 23 hours – like eat right, supplement if you’re going to
supplement, sleep adequately, sleep right. In other words, sleep for recovery. If you don’t do any of that other stuff
you’re not going to grow. Just because you’re sore you didn’t support
your efforts in the gym. I always say here, it’s like I can do the
best I can to try to get you to do the right things in the gym, but I can’t walk you
through the other 23 hours of your day, and have you do everything right. This is where people don’t have the commitment. It’s really, really difficult to do everything
right – and you’ve got to do a lot of things right – to do everything right for
the other 23 hours in the day. It’s why dieting, and eating right is really
so hard because we can all make it to the gym, but we can’t do the other portion of
this for all those hours. You can certainly be sore and not grow. So that’s where I think a lot of people
come to the conclusion that soreness doesn’t necessarily equate to muscle growth. I think it does if you’re doing everything
that you need to do in order to support your hard efforts in the gym. Now as far as those people who say “I never
get sore when I train. Never, ever, ever.” If you want me to show you how to do that
I will give you a workout, and I promise I’ll make you sore as shit. But I’m not going to kill you or do crazy
things. I’m just going to show you exactly how to
do that. let me know and I’ll make a video on that,
a separate video, and I’ll show you exactly a routine you can do to get sore all over. But today we’re discussing whether or not
it’s even necessary for growth. That’s my two cents. I think it’s on the right track. Let me know what you want me to cover here
on this channel and I’ll do my best to bring the ideas, and things you want me to do. If you’re looking for a program that puts
the science back in strength, that won’t bullshit you along the way that is ATHLEANX. That’s what we try to do better than anybody. You can head to right now and
get our training program. All right, guys. I’ll see you back here again soon. See you.

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  1. It fucking sucks because you'll need to wait a while before you can train again since your body needs to recover.

  2. As long as you overload this eccentric training isn't something you have to worry about. NO way you're going to miss eccentric movements with heavy weights.

  3. I don`t agree with one thing in this video. 1 hour of working out at the gym does not equate to having 23 hours of your day left. If you are a pro like Jeff who works at a gym then you can pull it off.
    But the average person who tends to eat a small meal before the gym, because of the gym, and actually has to travel to the gym, should allot 2-3 hours or even more for the gym.

    I`m a beginner and the process of going to the gym takes me a solid two hours(on a good day) assuming I work out for 1 hour. The travel time and the extra meal and the little warmup add up real quick. When I lived in another town and didn`t have a car the traveling time to the gym and back home on itś own took me 1.5 hours. 1 hour on location and already it`s 2.5 hours. What about the shower after the gym and all those other things you don`t think about?

    "Just one hour of your day" seems like an extreme underestimation for the average person.

  4. He's so good at this game…I mean why watch or listen to anyone else! I workout 3x week and have growth and decent results but what I can't seem to figure out is muscle hardness. I want to feel hardness daily, how? I have friends that seem to be not in that great of shape but when you hug them or pat their shoulder they feel like a brick wall. How can I get this result too?

  5. I always go for overload and the max. But I only get sore after a short break, because of holidays or being sick. If I train regularly, I don't get sore. So… everything after the first week is for nothing?

  6. Why don't I ever get sore? Been hitting the weights off and on since 20yrs. old. 44 now, and I don't ever get sore after working out. It's it attributed to my keto and intermittent fasting lifestyle? Someone please help! Lately I've increased the weightload. NO soreness.

  7. 3:03 Athlean the type of X to have a dummy skeleton who also worksout when the lights are off and the gym is closed

  8. Do I have to get muscles soreness after working out? I only feel it after doing triceps I never feel it in biceps

  9. when i go to the gym after a long time, i get DOMS , but then afterwards in the next sessions, when i do workouts, i dont get any soreness. why is that? i am doing my workouts right btw.

  10. Give me the routine. I find myself having soreness but more often than not I’m not sore. Especially when I do workouts focused on bicepts, triceps and shoulders.

  11. I’ve just started working out for the first time in 10 years. I’m 30 . I’ve never been more sore in my life than the first few weeks of squatting. Oof. Now I’m chasing the soreness.

  12. Just from my own anecdotal experience, when I started increasing my protein intake with supplements the severity of muscle soreness reduced. So from this I can only say that soreness is only when the body hasn't got the nutrients/ rest to repair, opposed to not training hard enough. I'm building more size than I was previously without the soreness.

  13. “I promise you i’ll make you sore as shit.” lmao i couldn’t help but chuckle at that one. we love you jeff thanks for passing down all your fitness knowledge to us.

  14. Give this video a try guys. It gets a little more in depth about NOT being sore and why it’s important.

  15. I like muscle soreness cuz it’s reassurance that you gave your all but I think I pulled something in my right arm and I can’t tell if I did or not. I worked out like 3-4 days ago and it’s just getting worse and my left arm is basically fine

  16. How many sets a day for biceps workout?

    I've started lifting recently. I usually do 3 sets of 10 in one go with a minute of resting between sets. After I rest some time (maybe 20 minutes), I do 2 sets of 10. Then again, I rest and do 1 set of 10. That adds up to 6 sets (60 lifts) the day I lift.

    I was wondering, how many sets in a day do I have to do for optimal results? I have seen multiple posts where people recommend certain amount of sets and reps, but I haven't seen posts about how many sets you should do OVERALL.

    Cuz the thing is, I can do more than 6 sets a day but I'm just wondering whether it's worth it or not, and if 6 is either too many or too little

  17. After I work out I love the DOM'S the next day mentally that tells me I had a great workout and if I don't get sore then I feel that my workout sucked.

  18. It hurts when I wake up the next day cause I was nine and I was 100 pounds now am 10 and am 78 pounds is this healthy EDIT it hurts bad ima get a doctor

  19. You should do a guided YouTube video kind of like a choose your own adventure story. Where the viewer selects things they have trouble with and you tell them how to fix it. Like I know where my problem areas are: Anterior, Posterior Delts, Psoas, Erector Spinae, Hip Abductor/Tensor. It would be cool to have a video where I can click on a muscle group and get a detailed Stretch and workout. Just an idea keep up the good work.

  20. Question: what kind of protein do I need to eat? Every time I eat meat I feel like puking, every time I eat protein shakes I feel like puking. The only things I enjoy eating are vegetables, and once in a while a very juicy carne asada, but those are like once a year on special celebrations.

  21. I see my wrongdoing in exercises, will attempt for 40 to 60 minutes of exercises from now on so my muscles don't suffer a atrophy.

  22. Y’all y’all so fucking much I just wanna know if it’s good or bad then go into talking about why or why not it’s good or bad fuuuck

  23. Hey can anyone help me out? Im a 15 year old with little sports experience. I recently started to go to 2 hour practises for my school football team. After the 3rd day my body has been aching to the point that it hurts to move, what should i do?

  24. Jeff is the best. I watch every video and follow his advice religiously. I know there is no BS. Thanks man. 👍👍👍👍👍

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