Muscle Tension Dysphonia | Release Tension from your Throat | #DrDan 🎤

Muscle Tension Dysphonia | Release Tension from your Throat | #DrDan 🎤

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  1. I have had a horrible strain in my voice through a relapse on my medication voice just got as tight as hell.
    I took botox for 2 years and I am alot better the botox weakens my muscle but still tight but not as tight as day one before my first botox injection.
    after 6 injections I am praying for some improvement even if it's not much or expect alot.
    I tried singing to release strain but it makes it worse and does not help.
    my muscle was tight when the botox worn off completely after 5th injection but minor improvement to major minor improvement.
    my voice was disagnosed with MTD muscle tension dysphonia .
    My voice is improving with a botox formula dose of 1.4 I took higher dose a much higher dose on my first day of my injection. does that mean I am improving? is botox the way to go?
    because my botox doses are going lower and when the botox wears off the tightness improves every 3-4 months.will I be better in another 2 years of botox injections since muscle tension slowly but surely vanishes from the muscle slowly after proccesses and time with botox injection. will I have this muscle tension for life?

  2. Hi ya Dr Dan. How's it going? I have been wondering and a lot has been going on. I watched your Dysphonia video again to refresh my mind about the exercise. I have one question, and I'm only getting to start doing the exercises around this time. So, my question is. After doing the exercises for a while should my vocal chords get back to normal? Hope everything is well. Cheers, TS. Look forward to your reply.

  3. Hello Dr. Dan. How you doing? Sorry I haven't replied hello sooner. I'm sure you go out of your way at times. Well HELLO!
    Lol. I go to an ENT again next week since October 2014 when I first had my vocal chord problem confirmed. 2 questions. 1. Will my singing of what I can do compared to before hurt anything? Playing guitar and singing? And 2. If I remember correctly in the Dysphonia video you say that we should be standing when doing the exercises. But at one point before I believe you talk about not slouching. That would have me think you, maybe inadvertently where talking as if you were doing the exercises sitting down. I look forward to your correspondence. As they say in your country, Australia if correct?
    G'day! TS.😊

  4. I just watched the Dysphonia video again. Speaking memory wise. You are clear in saying to stand up while doing the exercises. The part about slouching because I haven't watched it lately I thought to myself, "Who slouches when they stand up? Lol. And yes. Definitely NO TOYS SOLDIERS! Lol. Wasn't that a song in the 80's. I remember one sung by a female if correct. The chorus had Toy Soldiers as the character of the song. Thanks again. Ttyl, TS.😊.

  5. I don't remember if I commented back on your telling me guitarists tend to slouch. Good point, Lol. My Les Paul is an 8 pounder. I wanted a 9. As Peter Gabriel sang "Well I know what I like. And I like what I know! 9 pounds have usually been the weight most of my Les Pauls were since I was 16. Lol, SERIOUSLY! But hey. They say the denser the body, the better the sustain. I do want a few hollowbody Gibsons as well. Definitely a Rickenbacker 330 and a Gretsch to name a few. They're lighter than a Les Paul. Ttyl.

  6. Hey ya Dr. D. How you doing? Me? The ENT I went to about my post nasal drip was AN ASSHOLE AND A HALF! I saw him 2 years ago before I had my vocal chord problem. He said "I'll never find a speech therapist to help solve my problem. He said "In his 20 years of practice he's never seen a speech therapist do anyone any good. I'm glad I don't get discouraged when it comes to my passions! And music is my biggest passion! I got together with a drummer yesterday that I'm supposed to start a band with. I could pretty much carry what we played vocally but not like this. There was times when I did to get him through a song. I threw out A Hard Day's Night which I used to do in a band years ago. I did John's part and the lead singer did Paul's. I was raspi as hell. I mean my notes were deteriorating like a plane that could not take off. It would get up, touchdown, Get up touchdown! I have to change insurance policies. Maybe I can find a speech therapist with that plan who'll take the insurance. I have a student I teach guitar to. If I have to I'll take that money to try to work with a therapist if I have to? I also showed him and went through some original material. No vocals on some of the stuff. But it's a step in the right direction. Look forward to hearing back from you. G'day.

  7. Yes I saw a ENT Specialist last Wednesday at a top London hospital.. Him.and a speech therapist decided I need to have Speech Therapy . then Botox. but as I'm bring seen as NHS and not private patient -I'm in for a long wait .. I have been doing some Diaphragm exercises today . and after 5 hours I can actually say " Eeee" I have been unable to say this -or any words for 5 months .. I'm living a nightmare !

  8. Hello Dr. Dan. I was just watching a couple of your videos, and I happen to stumble on this one.
    I think i do suffer from this and for a while, it was happening only when I sing. My singing felt like it was weak and constricted (it still does)
    and unfortunately, it's kind of progressed to the point where it happens even when I talk now ._.
    and the exercises that I was doing before don't seem to be helping anymore (also from youtube).

    So I'm gonna try these for a while and see if it makes the condition any better, thank you for the videos and if you happen to make more videos on MTD, i would love to watch them as well 🙂

  9. Finally a video on this sucky condition. I was diagnosed wit mtd last year by my ent n still doing speech therapy wit pretty much no improvement so far except for the botox injections. They helped a lil but I never heard of this exercise, is it really effective n if so how long would it take to notice results n what other tips would u recommend to help ease this??? It's so hard to find any REAL help for this condition cuz it's so rare n not to much has been investigated but any feedback will still def be fully appreciated n thank u for the video, I'll be giving this exercise a shot soon. 

  10. hello, Dr.Dan. I have a very particular case where I had a non vocal related throat injury and instead of letting my voice heal like I should've I continued to talk and sing even though it hurt and over compensated to where now my false vocal chords are touching everytime when I use my voice because thats what I trainer them to do while trying to compensate during my injury (my ent says). I just started going to vocal therapy and cant say I have much hope in some of the exercises. I just want to be able to use my voice normally again, any tips on how to retrain the right muscles I am supposed to using to vocalize?

  11. Dr D. I have been doing the exercises, not everyday. But I am trying to remember do it everyday. Anyway. I'm starting to get my voice back! YEA! I almost 50 percent. I was just singing along with the Paul Young tune "Every Time You Go Away! Yea! AGAIN! That's some of the stuff I used to do without really much effort. I'm starting to hit the 3 octave again. And I'm not talkin' Falsetto either. I'm a guitarist first and a singer 2nd but I hope to post something in the future with me singing and playing. Plus I have original material that I sing while I play the electric. Ttyl. As they say down under where you come from "G'day! Sincerely, TS. 🎵🎶🎼🎸🎤🎹

  12. Hi, I seem to have MTD, been struggling with it for the last four months. Been to a laryngologist, got a laryngoscopy done, no structural damage, it is MTD. Doc said it was caused by stress. Will silence, absolute silence for some days help this? What is the fastest way to recover my voice because the worse this gets, the worse my stress levels and so on….😩

  13. Finally something that sounds like what I have! This has been very helpful. I'm battling with this condition for almost a year and it is so frustrating. I went to get checked and the upper part of my vocal cords doesn't close properly, as far as I know I've had this problem for many many years, but it was never really a problem as I could sign without problems. This time however the case was different, I almost lost my voice completely. Then I went to speech therapy for several months and nothing got better so I just stopped going… What else can I do other than ST? It's bordering on depression at this point… Thank you!

  14. Hi there, Dr Dan! thank you so much for your the videos they are so helpful! i absolutely Love to sing… I'd say it's my passion….. and I also talk all day at my job… I'm really out going and love to talk with people….about a year ago I went to the ENT with swallowing and singing issues in that my voice was cutting out..and tired ..I just had surgery 5 weeks ago for thyroid cancer… there was no damage to my vocal nerves and my voice is working okay when I speak… in fact, I tried singing 2 weeks after surgery….and …my voice was fabulous! but my neck and jaw are still very tight very tight and last week I started having issues again… it feels like there is a lump when I swallow….and when I sing my voice seems to cut out like a skipping record. the ENT is excellent… he did a scope and said the only thing that he can see is that the vocal cords are swollen and a bit thicker than what he normally sees FOR MY CORDS and he told me to go ahead and sing as always and not to do anything differently… he did say that he would send me to the voice clinic…. but the waiting lists are 9 months long… can you suggest anything in the meantime? any help would be so appreciated as not singing makes me feel lost. thank you so much!

  15. Hello! I was diagnosed with MTD in December…I am a singer and my voice started giving me issues a few years ago. I began having this crazy rasp to my voice that people loved to hear but I knew wasn't normal. Still I would sing on top of it, eventually I got to the point where it was just rasp all the time and I would feel so fatigued not even half way into a song. I have teams of people relying on me, but I had to stop singing and rest. I thought it could be nodes so I was getting treated with a cold laser and went back go singing, but it didn't last long at all. finally I went to the ENT where he said he saw some muscle tension and a little reflux but nothing crazy. He referred me to a speech therapist and some of the excersices she has taught me have been good. One is taking a deep breath and exhaling while stretching my neck around my head going from right to back to left. Another is doing that with the shoulders. take a deep breath, then do a shoulder roll and exhale while doing it. She also taught me to massage my larynx and move it around. and then to properly place my tongue making an NG sound while placing the middle of the tongue on the roof of your mouth, then sinking the tongue back into the throat. Then biting the tip of the tongue and doing those excersices again. I'm still not singing, and I miss is terribly. I don't know how long this typically lasts for. But sometimes I try avoiding places I know there will be singing. I will defintely do this excercise as well along with using a vibrator on my throat which I just saw in another video. Thanks for posting this and hearing my story. Hopefully some of the excersices I shared will help others!

  16. I was diagnosed with tension in the laryngeal musculature (vocal fatigue) last year… I use my voice to work and this is becoming more and more difficult, what should I do? Is there a cure? Because it's been a year that I'm in pains, I've done several exams and I have nothing else besides that…please help me! Thank you very much!

  17. This was happening with me and because of this i did not sing for 1 month . i wish i have found this before . But i am really happy that i finally found this . No one talked about this on you tube but you did. Thankyou so muchh. This helped.🤗

  18. Hi Dr. Dan. Thanks for this video. I've had a recent trauma it would seem, and it appears this may be my challenge. I am seeing an ENT next week, so that should clear some things up, but I have one question for you that I haven't been able to find an answer on. On top of the symptoms you've outlined in the video and that I've read online, my experience right now, in the aftermath of the stupid rehearsal during which I must have hurt myself, is that I am suddenly unable to go up in my range without my larynx going up and disappearing behind my chin. I've trained hard in the past on low larynx singing, but it has become impossible to do so in the last few weeks. That, and my falsetto is entirely inaccessable right now, for the same reason. Over the last few weeks I've gotten a choking sensation whenever I've gone up in my range, with no access to upper registers. I just wonder if this is a symptom of MTD that you've heard of. It's a very startling and scary symptom to have just "discovered". Thanks again for your videos!

  19. I got diagnosed with this today by an ENT surgeon and saw the video of my throat. You described my symptoms perfectly….now begins the long road to recovery…

  20. Hi Dr,
    i had nodules for almost 2 years,now the nodules have gone but my vocal cords dont come together meaning they don't meet while i talk and there is a gap.i have been diagnosed repeatedly over the years.i am in a terrible condition,even a minute talk causes me extreme entire neck muscles become stiff,burning sensation, feels like as if two muscles are rubbed against each other and it causes severe exhaustion.can you please help and recommend me an exercise.

  21. Is there a way u can make more videos about this?? I need as many tips as possible cuz the speech therapists here in new mexico are either not to familiar with the condition or they discriminate so I just gave up on em. Would be very much appreciated.

  22. i m a singer.but my voice tired Very fast when i talk.i m a teacher too n i teach small kids.what should i do

  23. Please help!!!!! My MTD is so severe since 2004 that it makes even talking extremely difficult. Ive been self massaging for a year and a half. Ive done lots of exercises. Stretches. Etc. I have seen 3 speech therapists, and vocal coaches too. A speech therapist said botox may help me but it's very experimental. What do you think? Should I get rid of the tension with massages and exercises or go for the botox? Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!

  24. I hate MTD, I've had it for 15 years. It makes life so difficult, I'm going to try and see a speech therapist and get this sorted. Will they be able to stop my vocal chords from tightening up for good?

  25. recently I was diagnosed with MTD…really depressed…being a regular singer…just bcoz I can't sing now iam suffering from loss of identity…wanna ask whether it would go on its own?

  26. Hi Dr. Dan, I commented on a video of yours just a few mins ago before seeing this one, and asked for diagnosis >.< sorry, please disregard that. As well, after hearing this description it definitely sounds like this is something very familiar, perhaps not quite as extreme as not being able to sing at all or talk, but everything else you described is accurate word for word. I Subscribed and I'm going to keep watching all your vids on this. 🙂

  27. i have these symptoms:
    High larynx problem when singing & speaking
    Effortful or painful speaking
    Vocal fatigue at the end of the day
    Loss of the high range of the voice
    Hoarseness of the speaking voice
    Voice breaks in the singing mid-range
    Chronic throat-clearing and too much throat mucus
    i went to the doctors, but they both spoke differently. one said "its puperphonia" while other said "its not, its dysphonia." i don't know what to do.

  28. I've had vocal tremors for nearly ten years and just lately seems to be getting worse. This exercise instantly released a vocal freedom I have not felt in ages! I'm especially seeking advice like this to improve my singing voice to it's normal level. Subscribed!

  29. My ENT didn't diagnose me with this, but I do suffer with the whole tension struggle. The source for me is Scheuermann's disease which has a negative effect on my posture. This in turn causes a naturally high amount of muscle tension on my neck as the muscles struggle to keep my head up (fighting the shape of my back)

    The result is the same though. High muscle tension on neck and throat. Add the fact that I'm singing AND have a speaking profession I am blessed with a rather high vocal load. Current diagnoses… Laryngitis. Probably a high stress time (at work) about a year ago caused the vocal load to go over what my voice could reasonably handle.

    So, now i'm getting Speech therapy to help lighten the impact of the tension. Also awareness training helps a lot, but mostly the kind of exercises that you're showing in the video. Might not be MTD, but getting rid of tension is always good thing!

    Thanks for the Vid!

  30. Hello, Doc. First, thank you for the nice video.
    I was diagnosed with laryngotracheitis in flu season. My biggest mistake was that I tried to sing, before I knew that this was the case. I battled it for 3 weeks and now the doctors say that my vocal chords and my throat are clear for singing and everything is back to normal. BUT, there is this lump sensation and tightness below my Adam's apple, and a bit on the sides (where the neck muscles are, I think) that prevents me from singing the way I used to. It hasn't been more than a week since I was cleared but I'm worried about what this is..
    The first minutes after doing this excercise feel like the tension is somehow released, but I can't get it removed for good. My question to you is – how often should it be performed, how many minutes/times a day? And do you think, even though I have been cleared it could be MTD? The doctors say it could be because of my reflux, but I don't feel it that much anymore since I take Nexium twice a day..

  31. I have asthma and I've been wondering if I have MTD. I've been singing for all my life, performing, but I've had trouble singing as of late. I'm not sure if it's due to my asthma, not breathing correctly or ? I was a substitute teacher for many years and sometimes I had to yell just to hear myself speak! I just discovered your video when I did a search on asthma and singing. I'm glad I found you.

  32. I was told by a pathologist that when you begin singing you shouldn't take a breath as it's known to tense the throat. furthermore you should use the breath you have already have in you and breath in once you've expelled the breathe your using. how true is this?

  33. Hello! amazing chanell, really helpfull. I have a question, I would really like some help! I'm from Argentina.
    Last summer I made a show of pop hits, using my head voice a lot. I had no problems during the tour, but when I returned to Argentina, weeks later, I lost my head voice.
    I used to access my head voice very easily, and suddenly when I try to access the sound, it goes out. Vocalizing with a lot of care and attention, I manage to enter my head voice, and with the lip-roll exercise the voice sounds with power. But trying to phone with my low head voice, with opening in letters "A" or "E" sounds weaker than before. In turn, a short time later I return to the same problem.
    My chest voice on the contrary is very good, and strengthened. But my head voice is complicated.
    I already asked for an appointment with an otolaryngologist, but it would really help me to get some advice and learn from others who have experienced the same problem.

  34. MCTD with bamboo nodes and MTD . Are there any non surgical options. I am constantly yelled at by people saying speak up. They refuse to understand that I will loose my voice if I do.

  35. Can I ask you PLEASE do not use that "WHOOSH!" sound effect in your videos? When listening to your video with studio monitor headphones on it scares the living crap out of me every time it plays. It's loud, jarring and totally unnecessary. I realize it's a done deal for this video, but PLEASE don't include it in future videos! Many thanks! 🙂

  36. Hmmm I seem to have MTD. I first had a severe vocal strain when I was in 9th grade (2009) from overusing my voice. I would practice a whole album trying to sound like my favorite singers (which I know you said not to…) and I couldn't speak for more than 2 minutes without my throat hurting for up to 6 months. All my ENT said was my throat was red and to gargle salt water. Then I was fine until last spring when it happened again. I'm a worship leader, so I was very certain I just strained my voice again. The ENT said the same thing. This time it only took about 3 months to feel normal again. It then happened a month later after feeling better. That time I completely went without singing for about 4 months to stay safe. 6 months later I'm at it again… These last 2 times I know it's not due to overusing my voice. I always thought it was just from having poor singing techniques. This last time going to the ENT he mentioned I probably have acid reflux and recommended me to a voice therapist. None of them ever told me I had MTD, but everything I've read about it makes sense. Thanks for your suggestions!

  37. I have left vocal cord paralyzed and have had tightness in my throat for about 4 years. ENT put collagen in it to see if it would help. It did not. He suggested doing it again and I told him no since it did not help to start with. Recently I understand by searching the web for a reason for the tightness I think I have Exercised Induced Vocal Cord Dysfunction. ENT did not offer any other help. Would it be helpful to go to one of the teaching hospitals i.e. Cleveland Clinic or Voice Center in Nashville? I preach, sing, and teach weekly. Pushing through the tightness when I try to run about 3 times a week. Thanks.

  38. I'm surprised there is no information on circumlaryngeal massage here. Cleveland Clinic has seen immediate, drug free results with lasting impact for MTD sufferers. I have had 3 otolaryngologists with different diagnoses, the top three in the state, one of them in the top ten in the country. When the local ENT who misdiagnosed me with strep retired, I went to see the guy who replaced him. More up to speed on current techniques, he applied this technique at my request, as I'd done some at home with decent results. 15 minutes in, I had a fix. Follow up with therapy and what I know from my classical training… good to go. I was out eight…. EIGHT… years. When this happened I had lost my national radio voice over contract, all of my students, and my singing career. Overnight. Literally a day after a biochemical exposure doing landscaping. I was sick, yes. But the very next day… no voice. And I knew how to respond to it, so I know I was not handling it inappropriately. However…. it happened anyway. At one point, I was told I had Mysathenia Gravis and that I'd be in a wheelchair in a year. Seriously!

    I am still in recovery but already planning the next radio show… anxious as HELL to get back.
    Can you imagine?

    Consider this place and the info that you can find on it. In my research it has the most reliable results if that is, in fact, your issue.

    Wish you the best of luck. It stinks when you see so many docs and get so many differing answers. I hope you get yours. DO NOT GIVE UP. KEEP SEARCHING. Keep working!

  39. Hi, I was recently diagnosed with MTD after 7 years of being told my vocal issues were a side effect of brain tumour and brain surgery. I had to quit performing 1 year after diagnosis of my brain tumour and had hoped to be able to return to it someday. I have periods of no voice at all and periods where my voice will cut out without warning. Next stop gastroscopy to investigate silent reflex. Thanks so much for these videos they give me hope!

    Do you have any suggestions for dysarthria?

  40. Thank you for sharing I was diagnosed with this today 1-year post cervical fusion surgery! Waiting to hear back on next steps, but pretty bummed I have lost the ability to talk without it exasperating my neck pain. I will be watching this video a few times this week, if you have any further videos I should watch, I would be grateful for any suggestions. Thank you.

  41. i have created a FB group, called Muscle Tension Dysphonia (JsG) If you would like to join, you are more than welcome.
    As a fellow sufferer of MTD, so far I have not been overwhelmed or inspired by any of the professionals that i have encountered. as i can now see that this is gonna be more of a journey than first expected, i am now looking to connect with fellow sufferers, just in case we can swap stories to help point each other in the right direction, or try to find an answer together.

    Would you be interested in joining us.?

  42. 2 weeks ago I had an acute throat infection. Towards the end of that week, I thought I was getting better and tried my voice out; I was planning to sing at this jazz club the next day. When I woke up that morning, my whole chest voice was gone and felt like I was hitting a ceiling. Thought my cords were just swollen from the infection but it’s been two weeks. I think infection cleared but still that part of my voice hasn’t returned. Oddly enough my head voice is fine. I’ll be seeing an ENT soon.

  43. Dr Dan can you help me. When I talk and sing using my head voice (I don't feel it when i sing with my chest voice) I feel the swallowing part constricting and tightening below my jaw. Can you give me some advice to treat it because it's happening often. It usually takes 3 to 5 days to go away.

  44. I have been struggling with this for over a year. I had terrible acid reflux while pregnant and lost my voice the last 2 months of pregnancy because of it. The problem was that after the baby came and my acid reflux left, my middle voice range didn’t come back. I went to an ent and nothing was physically wrong, worked with a speech therapist and a singing therapist and saw vast improvement, but I still have a quiet middle range or it flutters sometimes. I’m hoping to become pregnant again in the next few months and I’m terrified about my voice because it’s not fully back yet. I miss singing every single day and keep hoping that it’s not gone forever.

  45. This guy s based around singing….anyone suggest a regular vocal /speech person here on you tube….spasmodic dysphonia is what I was diagnosed with…..but I don’t think that’s what I have… I feel like weak breathy voice. NO projection. No one can hear me.

  46. What your describing is exactly what I have felt for two years. I have received steroid neck injections to the area of the neck affected, undergone speech therapy which helped for a short period and I have an amazing voice instructor. Question, can this diagnosis cause one to feel a globus sensation as well? I feel like the sensation in my throat area worsens the longer I sing then I get hoarse. This sucks hard because I’ve worked so hard to make a come back in my music career but have hit a large obstacle. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  47. Mr Dan thank you for all this information… Now let me ask you something. When you say that "perhaps MTD is masking another deeper problem such as reflux or a vocal cyst", you mean that MTD might be caused by this other problems OR that maybe the person feeling those symptoms is not actually suffering from MTD, but in fact, suffering from something else? Please clarify this to me. Thanks!

  48. Dr Dan , please help me .. I suffer from dysphonia 2 years ago .. What should i do to recover my voice .. Is there any hope ?

  49. I always thought it was my asthma making my voice sore and tired after long sessions—but probably more than that. I did the camera down the nose thing a year ago and they found nothing wrong with anything from top to bottom. Also did a CT but that was for the torso for a different issue.

    Getting to a ENT that specializes in vocal assessment might be hard where I am at (Japan, kind of small town but not rural), but I will look into this more deeply. I will try that exercise, too. Do you think doing the vocal warm up you talk about might help before I do my classes? I generally get a break between teaching English, but sometimes I do a 2-4 hour running. I do keep my water with me 🙂

  50. For me, it was stress when I was waiting for my turn to sing in a club where i was invited to sing after I amazed the band ,performing at my aunt's birthday party, for my range.
    Yep this was the perfect scenario as, talking out loud coz the band was really loud while waiting.

    And another was, consciousness of hearing other singers that gave a doubt wether my singing technique and lessons chosen was right. Coz i have ditched a lot of YouTube lessons where i think wasn't right for me. In that moment i just thought that maybe that single lesson i ditch was what i needed. And it all started to tense that i think I lost my timbre quality.

    But truly, there was no monitor facing the performers to determine your voice quality and loudness and the video that my sister took during my aunt's party where i was performing was gibberish considering the bass effect on a Cellphone recorder.

    This will help, thanks dr. Dan

  51. 18 months I have had voice strain. I've been to an ENT and there is nothing physically wrong. When I try to hum it is a very interrupted hum like it's going over a corrugated road. It started with a voice tremor but now it's complete strain

  52. Uuughhh! You have described exactly what I have been experiencing!! Help!! I just scheduled a dr. appointment, but knowing how my healthcare network works, it will probably be months before I see an ENT. I'm concerned because I have gigs in the meantime. I also have pain and tenderness when I touch the area where my larynx is. I also have thyroid disease. Can this be related? Suggestions? Help?

  53. I have constant acid reflux (from gulping water while standing up) which led to constantly having a strained and swollen throat. I have changed my habit and have been doing things to aid in recovery. It is slowly getting better. I just hope I can recover from this.

  54. I've been struggling with talking (I work in retail) and singing on top of that, for a few months now I've had a lot of vocal fatigue. I thought it might be nodes, but keep reading that it's uncommon in men. This sounds more likely. Thanks for the upload. You've convinced me if this doesn't get better and soon! That I need to see an ENT. Thanks again!!

  55. I think I'm a severe case 🙁 my voice is incredibly choppy just speaking. Stopped. Stocatto. It's feels like I'm yelling just speaking normally. comfortable volume range is painful. I know I need to see an ENT, but haven't the funds for that at the moment. Worst part… professional emcee and singer.

  56. Sir, help me. I'm singer. I sang very well , but last year, since September, I have a big problem. My voice is open. I can sing deeper and higher notes, but it's monotonous. I have lost the flexibility in my voice. Try to avoid it.But my throat is not active, it's hard for me to shake my voice.I've lost a dynamic side of my voice. What's the reason? Sometimes I feel a sore throat after singing. Feeling swollen from the inside. Doctors have said nothing has happened after the throat check. Sir, I'm very upset about this.I had a voice rest, but after that my throat was very hurt when I spoke with a sore throat.
    is this muscle tension dysphonia? Or another thing? i hope your kindly answer can you help me sir? I am a Sri Lankan citizen. There for I can not find you Sir. explain to me what needs to be done.

  57. I've been hoarse since March 15. I was fine and then my voice began to quiver while I talked and eventually I was hoarse. I went to the ER April 3rd (bc it was recommended to see a physician if it lasted longer than 3 weeks) and the PA said it's laryngitis. She saw no abnormalities, felt nothing out of the ordinary, & chalked it up to laryngitis that stuck around too long. She gave me a steroid shot, told me to take 48 hours off work and maintain complete silence (which I did.. still hoarse), and recommended I follow up with their on-call ENT (which I plan to do tomorrow). I also want to try this exercise bc I realized tonight that stretching my neck, turning my head to the left, or pushing gently on certain parts of my throat give me sound. It seems like it could be muscle tension since I sing, I yell, I have a habit of clearing my throat due to allergies, & I talk in the phone 8 hours a day in my career. Hopefully it gives me some relief. Thank you for the video.

  58. I believe this is what I've been currently struggling with since mid March after a brief but intense period of vocal demand. I've been to ENT and confirmed some vocal swelling and signs of reflux around my vocal folds (I have constant LPR). Strangely my vocal range hasn't been affected at all, in fact my break transitions have become smoother and higher notes more accessible…what has suffered is my power & tone. I feel like my voice is much thinner and lacking the richness and force it had before. My speaking voice also cracks sometimes mid sentence. Does this sound consistent with MSD…not looking for diagnosis just general info.

  59. Dr Dan I watch a lot of videos on MTD or vocal cord issues. Do you have any suggestions for those who seem to suffer from soft pallet or uvula issues I also seem to produce excessive saliva ? possibly due to nasal pharyngeal swelling. It just seems I can sing at soft volume …but as soon as I try to push the volume and go into falsetto in have difficulty. Very frustrating in choral arrangements that go from chest to head voice.

  60. Thank you for this educational video and the time you put into making it. I am 62 and a professional performer since I was 14 singing now only each weekend. I do not sing the heavy, hard or high stuff. Mostly just singer/songwriter baritone low tenor. I hurt my voice by coughing excessively when I got an upper respiratory infection. The ENT says chords are beautiful, and the speech pathologist said DMT. My question is: I have tuned my guitar down 1/2 step and am only singing like Kris Kristopherson /John Prine / Cash type of tunes right now because I have lost my high end. My logic is that I'm trying to keep the muscles working but not over exert them. Am I thinking correctly on this? I would HATE to loose out on the money I make performing and I'm being very quiet all week x 3 weeks of this now. It feels like an anchor is tied to my vocal chords when I go into tenor stuff so I'm just singing depressing low end material. Is this OK? Can I expedite this healing with proteins or a B12 shot or something?

  61. Hey, i have been struggling with MTD for the past 18 months. I am a professional singer. I have been to and ENT, there was no physical damage just a high held larynx. I have had laryngeal physiotherapy, months of speech therapy, vocal rehabilitation and counselling but still i don't have the voice i once had, it has mainly effected my chest voice, i can't belt things i once could. My voice feels tight when i try to sing, i get pain and feel as though i am being strangled the more i sing. I hope to get my full voice back one day. Does anyone recommend anything out of the ordinary that has helped them? Thank you in advance.

  62. I was told I didn't have any nodules or cryst or anything like that. I was told I have some wholes on my tonsils and my nose cavities are narrowed. I don't know what's going on but it seems MTD maybe a cause. If I don't have any damage but get tired from singing on simple phrases , would you believe that this could be a cause?

  63. I don't get it ! I did the exercise at the end (the laugh) and my falsetto got back systematically ! What did I do wrong to provoke this loss of head voice ? Thank you !

  64. Dear DR, I need to send my one of singing clips to you. Currently working in Africa now. I am an encouraging Sri Lankan boy strongly working on vocals. This is my What'sapp number 00233505479224

  65. Hello doctor Dan, this is the first time I've come across your videos. I'm 59 years old and have been singing semi professionally for probably at least 52 of them. I also have cerebral palsy. All of the antispasmodic drugs have stopped working for me. Spastic cerebral palsy always involves hypertonicity to one degree or another. Now I am tighter than ever especially without the benefit of working medications. You described my symptoms perfectly. If the rest of my body is super tight, why shouldn't my vocal apparatus be tight? Truthfully, maybe I shouldn't say this publicly but it breaks my heart because I'm not even singing in church anymore. I want more than anything to sing again. When I was in high school all those many years ago, I studied at a conservatory and had I not been disabled , I would have at least tried to be part of an opera chorus or something similar but with a physical disability you can't exactly do stage acting to play operatic roles. I knew even then I have a good would be professional voice, not a great one. I've no illusions. instead, I use my voice to bring joy, laughter and God's love to whomever I may encounter. This year on good Friday, my voice was so dry and broken at the lower range the people asked if I were sick and I was asked not to sing for Easter. Enough, or maybe too much, of the backstory. I went to an ENT in March after I tried to sing for my father's funeral and couldn't. He found nothing organic and said that it was quote all mechanics and saw some inflammation. He didn't diagnose muscle tension dysphonia but he sent me to a speech pathologist with a medically necessary diagnosis. I don't know how much either of them know about cerebral palsy and its effects on the whole body and muscles let alone specifically the muscles of the vocal apparatus as applied to singing. Anyway, I worked with a speech pathologist and have her exercises still and do them each day. They help but I'm afraid my voice will never be public material again especially when you add age to mixture. Neither the ENT nor the speech pathologist were Specialists for singers. I know how to sing properly, breath management Etc
    Of course I fall into singers bad habits which are compounded by a chronically tight jaw. I'm aware though and I really work at staying loose. I try to do everything correctly but it's harder with CP. I try to stand and sit with good posture but my alignment is always off. I also do the involuntary but not good for your throat throat clearing you mention. It's so dry! How do I stop it? I will also take care to stop yelling even when I get frustrated. Thank you so much for the tips. I've saved your video to my vocal work folder. I'd appreciate any help and guidance you might feel comfortable providing. I want you to know that I realize you aren't able and aren't authorized and do not want to do anything that would be medical or best left to an MD or outside your purview. I respect your judgment. Thank you for reading this and caring enough to share your knowledge and expertise on YouTube.

  66. Doctor i have muscle tension dysphonia…due to it there is…hoarseness in my voice…& Due to it….there is vocal nodule in my laryns since 2 yrs & it has been diagnosed…so I want your immediate help…

  67. I have severe MTD, spasmodic dysphonia and have not been able to speak since April 5 of 2019. I cannot speak period. My ENT has done two laparoscopys and while not 100% believes its possibly caused from a virus. I had a small cold the first part of April lost my voice and it never returned. Speech Therapy didn't help since I couldn't do the exercises. They caused me to become faint during the blowing stage, since I cannot even blow up a balloon. It made me quit sick. So that ended. But then I learned I have an aneurysm in my right mandibular area. They are not sure if that has anything to do with it yet. Vascular surgeon appointment to come. I am not a pro singer but sing a lot to my pets. They have truly missed that. I could hmm and say a couple words while humming and laugh just fine but now I can't even do that. This totally sucks.

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