Muscle-Up Considerations

Muscle-Up Considerations

Couple things— your grip, regardless of
who you are, I don’t recommend like grabbing the rings by your fingertips. Here I recommend you at least get like
the beer can grip. Alright, not a false grip but kind of right in here to help give it a little more transfer and less adjustment with the hands you guys would need to go over the rings. Main focal points here: catch high, catch low. So you guys see people now they’re
almost doing an uprise, right? The rep counts if you get to like here and you have any kind of press out. Alright, if you land straight doesn’t count. Can you catch high? Can you show me a rep? Anyone here really good at catching high on the rings? Sam is?
Let’s see what Austin does. He’ll have a lot of focus in that straight arm press down. Eh…
(Laughing) Oh, that was a better one! Relax. Okay relax. One: so an aggressive hard press down. Right? Kind of we just practice there and
then a transition to finish out here. If you’re good at that, it’s gonna be faster. That would generally be a faster movement. Some drills you guys can practice with that is no catch high, catch high and just do like max efforts where eventually is kind of catch in low. And you have to rely on the kip in that movement there. Bigger athletes tend to respond better to that cause they lack just pressing strength. Smaller athletes might catch low and use
that dip and that’ll be much more effective for them. Let’s watch it. Relax. Most of us, when we finish we’re gonna catch here, right? Like foot in front, shoulders over the rings. We want to use this position to immediately go into that backswing kipping dip we just talked about, alright? Austin’s doing it to a degree— can you exaggerate that a bit more? So watch. We’re gonna be here, I’ve caught it, I’m gonna scoop and go right into the press. Go ahead. Feet are forward, swings them back. Yeah! Like that. It’s almost like it’s one motion, right? And it’s pretty slick.
And that’ll be your fastest way to cycle these things together on the upward phase in the movement. Now once fatigue sets in, you might have to pause there, reach back and then pump and press, alright? It’s that same drill we practiced earlier, it might be something you have to do. Because you’re— just like your triceps might just be giving out at some point in a workout. Go ahead. So it might be a slight pause and a catch. Relax. Can you do that with just one swing? Okay, relax. So, “crap I’m losing my press out” swing, pump, press can usually help you guys to finish off a workout that you’re getting fatigued with. And the last two considerations would be on the way down. Alright, we talked the way up— the way
down. Going fast.
So like uh, if small amounts of sets in a round. So like Nate for example,
where it’s two muscle-ups at a time. You want to try and go up and down
not a lot of horizontal movement. It looks like this. So watch the downward phase. Straight down’s ideal. Relaxed. If you’re a bigger guy, or a high rep workout, you’re trying to hang on to a few reps like the Muscle-up Biathlon a few years ago, you might gonna work a bigger like, “lay back” if you will. The big thing is that your shoulders go on one side, your feet will go on the other side. You create a big huge lay back. Even more if you can. Yeah. And, relax. You guys see the difference speed right? But it might help you the next rep to get above the rings depending on who you are. So out in your group, you’ve already done the hipster rings and everything. Let’s focus on the stuff on the way up. Let’s do a couple reps. You’re practicing
that straight arm and trying to get as high as you can on the rings. And then go into a few reps you’re gonna practice catching— this where want most of our time to be spent. And then swinging back and pressing up to be a bit more efficient with the muscle-up.

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  1. He didn't catch those very high. I think Sam Briggs (e.g. in amanda45) is a good athlete to watch for the high catch.

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