Muscle-Up Transition

Muscle-Up Transition

We’re going to do two variations here, the first variation is going to be from the forearm, so your shoulders are already elevated up, alright? When we do this, feet will start out in front, we’re going to bring the heels back and up as we make our transition over our hands, and then we’ll go up to support. And it’s OK to go fast with this one. Feet are out front, over the hands, and up to support. OK? One more time, feet are out front, over the hands, up to support. If you have success with that transition, the next step is to practice the transition from the upper arm, which is significantly more difficult, and what we want to think about doing is continuing to pull through that transition and then up to support. OK? So the way this looks— we’re here and up, OK? One more time, here, and up. In terms of working towards a kipping muscle-up or dynamic transition on a dynamic apparatus, I would recommend following a lot of these progressions. If you can, enforce —for a strict muscle-up, it’s a good way to make sure that they have the prerequisite strength, right? You know that they’re strong enough to stabilize in all those positions. Also make sure that they’re fluid in their swing on the rings. If they look really choppy, spend a little bit more time developing that skill before we start to add the transition. And then definitely practice transitions in a much safer environment first before getting them up onto the high rings.

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  1. Thank for this video. Any idea on how to simulate this movement at home or outside? My gym is not equipped with boxes and I love working out outdoors especially in the summer and improvise with what is available in my surrounding. Would love to practice this at home. I really would like to learn how to muscle up.

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