Muscles Moving Your Bones

Muscles Moving Your Bones

Hi, I am Jared, welcome to Fun Science Demos. How is everybody doing? How did I do that? Well, that is part of the big idea today.
If I feel my arm, I can feel bones and I can feel muscles. And the big idea is that muscles move
bones. So how does our arm work? Well, you can
feel your arm and I will feel my arm and I feel around and
I feel a bone. I feel this squishy muscle and I notice it changes when I raise my arm up and
lower it down. When I raise my arm up the muscle
bunches together, gets bigger; when I lower it, it stretches
and loosens out. But I cannot peel my arm and look inside of
it. So we have this really cool model for you to check out. So let us take a
closer look at this really cool model. You can see that our upper arm has one
bone, and our lower arm actually has two bones, and then in our wrist and fingers we have
lots a tiny little bones. These straws and this balloon work just
like our muscle. And through science we have discovered
that these little ropes attach the muscle to the bone, and
scientists call those tendons. So now let us see this thing work.
Now, think back to your arm. Remember how the muscles seem to bunch up and get
bigger when we brought our arm up? Watch what happens to our lower arm when
our muscles up here bunch together and get bigger. We are
going to see if we can make it wave. Here we go. Did you see the arm move up? Well, it moved because the muscles were
pulling the bones. And it does not just happen in our arm,
muscles move bones throughout my whole body. My head, it
moves because muscles are pulling the bones. My mouth, it moves because muscles are pulling the
bones. My fingers move because muscles pull the bones. Everything in my body moves because the
muscles are pulling the bones. We would like to thank Ed for
building such a cool model so you can see how muscles and bones
work in your arm. Do not forget to check out our links in the video description. Science is so cool. Thanks for watching, see
you next time!

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  1. Its really amazing way to show hw muscles actually work. Plz can u tell me hw u did it? I need it for my son's sci project. Thnx!!

  2. do you know what it is called when muscles and bones move…it begins with an A but i can't remember the rest

  3. Hi I have a science project due on May 9, and it's worth 75 percent of my grade. Is it possible if you can send the link on how to make this model asap. I would appreciate that. My email is [email protected](school email). Thanks nice vid

  4. would you be able to tell me how to make this and the materials that are needed for this i would like to make this for a project.

  5. would you be able to tell me how to make this and the materials that are needed for this i would like to make this for a project.

  6. Could you send me the pdf of how you made this model? I'm a teacher and would like to make this for my students too.

  7. I wanted to to know if you could email me the instructions as well. This would be great for my reflex class, thanks!

  8. interesting.. but it would be more interesting if you'd describe it in a technical manner <including all the related jargons>

  9. Could you send me the PDf file on how to make this? I have an anatomy project on this and would love to make this.

  10. If you would like to receive instructions on how to make this model of a bicep, leave a comment with your email address! Our FunScienceNetwork team will get back to you within the week, and your comment will be removed for your privacy.

  11. I wanted to know the list of the materials used and the procedure to make this model. Please send the same. I need to make this for my bio project.

  12. Great project!!!! Can I have the instructions PLEASE!!! I'd love to do this in class =)..thanks a lot.

  13. Hi, I’m thinking of doing this for my body systems assessment. Would this classify as the skeletal system or the muscular system?

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