Muscular Dystrophy. How I Overcame my Disease in the Academy of Regenerative Medicine, Poland.

Muscular Dystrophy. How I Overcame my Disease in the Academy of Regenerative Medicine, Poland.

hello everyone my name is Tammy allow
6:24 I’m 24 years old I’m from Nigeria I’m was diagnosed with the stomach but
he I was I knew my diagnosis in 2014 but it started like me but I like some 12
maybe 15 years ago I stopped then what see that something things I feel like I
stopped playing football I stopped I stopped be not say like it was right
there and it’s progressed we party like my distant my sauce we’re very bad there
was a party point I couldn’t even hold a pen anymore so it was the body I think
it’s a good question as soon as she started as soon as I noticed yesterday
getting butt-ass anything goes every day every week and we made a video as
nothing was I can see this academic but first time in 27 cm before they’re not
gone for different medicinal God taking Chinese meditation without taking in
Johnny Atkins India at Cana here why the Stephanie was also on Sunday where we
need no working after all the way you don’t know what you know or make make
your psyche 1979 the resource whatever effect you working good I had a lot of
work to do board the progress was there was very evidence that honest then but
when I cope up soon and you had a lot of Occidental I can’t finish school I do my
service at serve my congrats now walk Seguin really have time for myself and
now and I had to come back see the Academy six months after I had elected
in 17 starts combat in that change everything
maybe new summer 2017 smile by Lincoln so I stepped on si I’m regressing again
unless the nicotine was willing to be taken and got spotted in all the efforts
does an emotional affair so that’s that’s come back again in 2019 on I’ve
been here for 30 days on good results in him well I shall have a lot of work to
do but I could see the progress it’s pretty evident like I don’t start as
much assess a guy who claimed these days more easily and I think my appetite is
better a collapsing Harris is a progress and I think he’s placing the good pretty
soon like they cure everything here so so that it’s is not easy
sometimes you start to walk walk walk wake up early and walk walk walk but
it’s what is so this place is good and I found out about this place on YouTube
houses that was great my head II say it’s a Pompeian it was a video I saw
that meetings and I’m like I’ve woken cities place a nineteen to displace it
sucks it’s reported in Poland it’s okay I’m satisfied with my treatments here
it’s what it is what the time what distress want everything it’s good yeah hopefully I’ll try exercise the fighting
I couldn’t run early third meal for of the 10 minutes before but now I could go
40 minutes for now or less someone distress myself I become more so it’s
warm this piece is actually good and I could actually see the progress oh yes and I’m able to make everything
its own maple smooth select everything is now stagnant so much no little bit what I said oh yes like oh the liver
cleanse means it’s not like that always be happy it’s painful and tiring and
everything but after liver cleansing you actually feel better so yeah till you
feel better so it’s what’s the pain and is starvation and D when you know a body
bag it’s good once I already stange G oh the mo exercises on my leg or on a
treadmill ha I’m going to gets more I’m glad she tries to do sports when I can’t
do squats so I increase my leg muscles yes Wow
use cold water more often okay that’s fresh when I started my Christmas
was very hard phones inside pogoda unassuming porn so it’s really hard but
now it is it lost India

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  1. Amazing recovery! Hope for recovery from the so called 'uncurable illnesses' is not only a word at the Academy of Regenerative Medicine, it's a reality as shown here. I know, I have been there and wish to go back again and again. How the body responds after the treatments can be equaled to a miracle. God bless all the people involved!!!

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