My Aunt’s Triple Hair Growth Protein Hair Mask For Silky, Shiny, Thick Strong Hair (Vegan Hair Pack)

My Aunt’s Triple Hair Growth Protein Hair Mask For Silky, Shiny, Thick Strong Hair (Vegan Hair Pack)

Hi friends, this is Ramya from wildturmeric. In this video, I wanted to share my aunts amazing hair growth pack. This is a protein hair pack that strengthens the hair follicles, prevents hair loss and
gives an amazing shine to our hair. A few weeks back, one of the long time
subscribers of wildturmeric channel asked me a high protein hair pack recipe
without using eggs, that’s when I realized that I have not shared my
aunt’s hair pack. She’s been using this high pack regularly and she has amazing
hair. Protein rich hair packs does wonders to hair if used regularly and I
would highly recommend them if you are suffering from hair loss. This protein
hair pack made with urad dal as a base is an amazing alternative to egg hair packs
and is perfect for vegetarians and vegans who don’t like to use eggs. The first ingredient we need for the pack is urad dal. Urad dal is called black gram in English. It is the dal we use for making idli’s and dosas along with
rice. It’s very very high in protein and is wonderful to use as a hair pack. We get whole black gram with the black skin intact. We also get skinned black gram that is white in color and finally we get skinned black gram that is split. My aunt always uses skinned whole urad dal so I continue to use that and I would suggest
the same to you too as it grinds to a smooth paste perfect for using in hair
packs. You can get split whole urad dal in all the departmental stores in India.
If you don’t get whole urad dal, you can use skinned split urad dal too. The second ingredient we need is fenugreek seeds. Fenugreek seeds conditions the hair well
along with treating dandruff and all scalp infections. The only problem with
fenugreek is it’s very cooling and people who are prone to sinus infection
should be careful while using it. For me, fenugreek agrees so well and I can leave
it on my scalp even for hours without any problems but since we’re using only tiny amount of fenugreek seeds in this pack it will
not cause any problems but still if you’re prone to sinus infection, don’t let this hair pack on for more than 15 minutes especially if you’re using it for the
first time. The final ingredient we need is hibiscus flowers. Hibiscus flowers
have hair growth promoting properties and does wonders to our hair if used regularly. My aunt always uses fresh hibiscus flowers. But if you don’t get fresh flowers, you
can use dried hibiscus powder too. The previous night you’re going to apply the hair pack, take quarter cup of urad dal in a cup.
Add in two teaspoons of fenugreek seeds. Finally, add in enough water so both the
ingredients are fully immersed. Let them soak overnight. The next day morning, strain the
water from the soaked urad dal and fenugreek seeds and take them in a cup. Now remove the petals from three hibiscus flowers and add to the cup. If
you don’t have fresh hibiscus flowers, add a tablespoon of hibiscus powder. Finally add in quarter cup of water to
the mixture. Now grind this mixture to a smooth paste. The paste should be thick
but spreadable. My aunt usually massages her hair with little bit of
unrefined coconut oil the previous night and the next day she applies this hair
pack all over the scalp and hair, waits for 20 to 25 minutes before washing it off. And I would suggest the same too. Try to apply this hair pack at least weekly once. If you are experiencing severe hair fall, try to
apply this hair pack weekly twice. I hope you found this video useful. If you like to support me and this channel, please share this video with your friends. It’ll
mean a lot to me. If you like to get detailed information on herbs on days, I
don’t post videos, press the notification button. Thank you for watching this video 🙂

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  1. This protein hair pack is good make hair thick ( induces hair growth ) i have noticed small small hair growing i have used once in week….gives good result

  2. Your videos r really helpful..
    I had a very good hair density by birth, due to water problem v r getting salt water resulting "hair lose n sometimes dandruff too" Can u suggest me a good remedy?

  3. Mam, can use shampoo or any herbal pack as both daals r sticky?
    Pls, pls make video for grey hair or any such dye which can be applied on grey hair, I am 40+ so reversing grey to black is next to impossible, I think
    As I am new to Ur channel don't know if you have uploaded any such dye like my requirement if u hv pls GV me link🙏

    Pls revert, waiting for Ur reply.

  4. Sab baat sahi he….lekin pata nahi ye you tube dekh kar to joint family me rehna mushkil ho jata he…
    Pata hi nhi chalta fridge me konsi chij khane ki he aur kya paste he …😋

  5. Hi ramya. I am regular viewer of this channel. Please post receipe of good diy conditioner which doesn't require refrigerator

  6. HI Ramya…will this hair pack help to reduce hairfall… Got severe hairfall.. The hair have become thin and scanty… Really looking forward to trying this remedy…

  7. Hi friends this is zeal from GOA
    I used this mask two days back and my hair fall got tripled
    While washing I loosed many hairs
    And it got even more worse
    This is a fiirst and last REMEDY
    I M TRYING FROM THIS channel


  8. HI madam, i am suffering from post pattum hair loss. Can i use this pack. Please share if you have any other remedies to take care after child birth. Thank you. Poornima Rajesh

  9. It is not coming out of my hairs . Very hard to remove and i lost soo many of my hairs in the process.
    Plz help .

  10. Hi. Thank you for video. From where we will get hibiscus powder because i dont know have the plant also here.

  11. I seen ur videos earlier but today subscribed u I like the utensils u use honestly all r wood or mud? Do u use in kitchen also same stuff dear ?

  12. Can u suggest sum home remedy for how to colour hair natural way black I mean sum tried n tested herbal leaf powder which permanently helps dying hair in natural way like indigo etc

  13. Your English is grammatically incorrect so please pay attention to that. It’s once a week NOT weekly once 🙈

  14. Can u suggest anything other than hibiscus flower ..I don't get it here where I stay..please say an alternative..I really have very bad hairfall

  15. Anybody use this remedy? If any issue to remove this mask….bcos I tried karunjeeraga mask it stick my hair….lot of hair spoiled….I shocked after that mask…so pls tel anybody…my doubt is urad dall stick with hair…also Fenugreek….pls tel….

  16. Can I replace the black grams with ordinary mung bean?
    Because it's difficult to find black grams in my country.

  17. Hi dear….i jus love ur videos containing genuine info…i also love ur voice…i am gettin lot of grey hairs at the front side of my head…m 32…plz suggest hair pack and organic shampoo to buy from….recently m using mountain herbs shampoo…but it dries out my hair since i have curly n frizzy hairs…waiting for ur reply

  18. This is a great hair pack. I have used methi seeds hair ( fenugreek) pack almost 20 yrs weekly and it really induces hair growth and gives a lovely shine. Was not aware of Urad dal. Will surely try this. And your voice is so soothing.. !, lovely

  19. Hello Mam… Thanks for such wonderful information.. Please show us how to make homemade kumkum… Sindoor…. Thanks

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  21. Dear ramya.
    I used this pack and it really worked for me. Can u pls suggest me how to turn grey hair into black naturally and how to promote hair growth ??? I dont want very long hair but atleast healthy and black hair . Pls help me….dear

  22. Sissy…😍 Am yur new subscriber…😊 I love all your natural ingredients recipes for skin and hair… Today I tired this protein hair pack for my hair and it's really wrkg though it's the 1st wash… Thankyou so much for this wonderful pack… May God bless you Sis…❤️

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  25. Instead of draining the water why can't we blend the urid dhal and fenugreek in the same water. In that case we don't loose the goodness from the soaked water.

  26. Ye उड़द की दाल बिना छिलके वाली ही use करनी है

  27. I tried it tonight… The problem was that it didn't come off. There are bits still left in my hair after I shampooed it 3 times. Any tips to making the rinse easier? Thank you

  28. im very glad that i get this remedy…my all time favorite hair pack…used 12 times ready…i have amazing hair growth plus,no hair problems for sure..please guys..dont comment if u not try more than 8 times..means weekly twice then 4 week u must use 8 times this pack.. 💯 guarantee..for me 2nd time ill noticed my get thick and less hair fall..THANK YOU MISS.RAMYA 😘

  29. Hi ramya…. Should I use your hair masks in clean washed hair or I Can use this anyway can you please tell me ….waiting for your reply

  30. 👍👌u are doing a gr8 job spreading awareness about traditional Indian DIY tips.. I learnt this from my grand mom too.. Cheers to you !!

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