My Postpartum Belly After Triplets | Reducing Stretch Marks | It’s Been Working!

My Postpartum Belly After Triplets | Reducing Stretch Marks | It’s Been Working!

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  1. Está estupenda y muy guapa. Ves, poquito a poquito van reduciendo las estrías. Con tratamiento, ejercicio y cremita u otros tratamientos van disminuyendo. Los trillis e cuenta mi hija Jimena que están preciosos y muy grandes, Gemma es hermosa también y se estaba poniendo de helado hasta las orejas🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💞💞💞 hace mucho que no podía escribiros pero me intento poner al día. Un beso grande fuerte. Os quiero

  2. The intro is amazing ! You have the best intro in the world ! And when you’ll be free you should make a new one but with same music and I’m sure it will be sickening 😱😻😻 can’t wait for that !!! ❤️❤️

  3. This came up in my recommend vids… my first thought is that fridge is way too shiny and clean. Get some sticky hand prints on there! Way more authentic … 😄😉

  4. Lots of love and love and love and love 😊😊😊😊😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😚😚😚😘😘

  5. this is the second vlog i watched and really like watching you guys thanks for the vlog, your intro was what got me

  6. Yall have such nice stuff, furniture rugs and everthing is so light.Do yall ever freak out about Gemma getting stuff dirty or the triplettes when there older? what do you do to keep it all looking so nice and clean all the time?

  7. Congrats after 4kids in shape ..please make video on your diet after triplets and what you fed the triplets

  8. Girl you carried three babies at one time. You look amazing and earned that itty bitty bit of loose skin. You’re amazing!

  9. I just have birth to twins almost 3 weeks ago and am I just amazed at what our bodies are capable of doing 🥰 you are looking great Cara!!! You should be proud 👍🏼👌🏼

  10. I’ve gotten so behind from being so busy but I’m so glad I finally have time to catch up on the last few vlogs! I missed you guys, ChatFam! Cara, you never fail to look AMAZING! The babies are getting so big and Gemma’s personality is expanding wonderfully! Love you guys! So ready to be completely caught up ❣️

  11. You have a beautiful family and your kids of adorable. Love Chatwin if you Telma Guzmán that my name who is writing it is her daughter julie

  12. هلووو … كلش احبكم واتمنى ترجمة عربية لان اكيد اكو متابعين عرب مثلي

  13. MORE BABIES? Girl, we're running out of resources on the planet and you wanna give birth to a whole basketball team lol Just kidding!
    In all honesty: Your bravery intimidates me haha.

  14. Тетки, Вы все малоумные? В чем прелесть, что вы выпячиваете прилюдно свои животы?))) Открытый огонь на веранде, где ползает младенец?🤔

  15. Wow you've done amazing you can still look good in a bathing suit! I don't no how you don't have loose belly fat 🤔 one lucky mumma! Your kids are gorgeous 😍

  16. god bless u guys nd u r beautiful kids as I m pregnant seven months so pls pray for me and amen for these beautiful kids bls u kids

  17. I miss my son who died in cancer stage 4 last January 10,2019 .
    I got pregnant when he died but sad to say it's was subronic demise, and few month I been pregnant now again I wish I could meet my son back to me I love u babies I love everything about the kids very lucky babies to have some sexy cool mother and very sweet husband take care u both and ur family

  18. Hey lovely, thank you for sharing, did you know you would get amazing results by doing Needling treatments on your stomach? That’s what help me after having 2 kids.

  19. My mom gave birth to 4 kids too (eheheh) and I can tell you that you look soooo beautiful compared to my mom (I mean your body after having 4 babies) BUT she’s the best mom in the world I love her so much💓💓

  20. Omg! Love you guys! It is amazing how good your belly looks like. And the beautiful mama that Cara is. Also it is needed to say that your husband is so supportive and so sweet, but also so masculine. You guys are the perfect definition of a happy and blessed family. Greetings from Mexico.

  21. WOW you look fantastic….you were all babies when you were pregnant so it didn't surprise me that you would have bounced back like that

  22. You're such a lucky lady. Like how could you keep a flat stomach after carrying triplets? What gene are you carrying?

  23. That was cute of Gemma praying b4 eating and the triplets are growing so beautiful and handsome too,Gemma is so full of life❤🥰⚘.Cara looks so cute too after 4kids,shes so God be praised 👏⚘ ur family are so blessed. Darik looks good too.God bless ur family.cheers🥰⚘❤

  24. That is d joy of every mother to have beautiful stretch marks on her tummy.i cant wait to experience such beautiful marks too❤⚘🥰

  25. You should try Lipomelt. It was invented for tissue healing so it can diminish stretch marks, scars, and cellulite. Fat lods is just a bonus.

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