Neck Pain & Knots Gone in Seconds with Trigger Point Stretches & Posture Changes.

Neck Pain & Knots Gone in Seconds with Trigger Point Stretches & Posture Changes.

21 Replies to “Neck Pain & Knots Gone in Seconds with Trigger Point Stretches & Posture Changes.”

  1. I love the things I learn on your channel. However, I have to agree with Brad's wife, the line that you were not liked as children is getting old; please do away with it. Thank you.

  2. Can you share your thoughts on dry needling for neck and shoulder pain? Suffering for a couple of years and it’s gotten worse this past year.

  3. What exercise you recommend for feet. I'm suffering with neuropathy. Tingling and numbness often I felt I'm stepping on a rock.

  4. Hello gentlemen i'm a 16 years old indian male who lives in italy i have pain in my lower back and leg can iplay cricket with my friends? PLEASE REPLY SIR! I'M TOO YOUNG TO HAVE THIS PROBLEM

  5. I get a lot of useful tips from your shows,however the sound is dreadful please talk into your mikes. Merry Christmas & Thankyou

  6. I love the fact that all of the things my physiotherapist has said is wrong with me usually I find you guys have just done a video covering a way to tackle it. I would like to see something from you both on the serratus anterior exercises for those like me with weak or none active serratus anterior leading to winged scapular . I'd like to know how to fix this and still do my gym training .

  7. Thank you both most sincerely , always helpful , everything was clear , just the sound is little rather low , Happy christmas , wishing you both wonderful time too -Jordan

  8. I use two tennis balls in the sock and it works well on my lower, lower back, IT band too. Excellent relief. Thanks guys & MC & HNY!🎄🎉

  9. I like your vids before Ive even watched them all the way through as I know I'm going to benefit from them every time haha

  10. Just an hour ago I requested my mom to make a little bit of massage to that exact point on my neck. And now this video! I love you guys💙

  11. Watching this in 2018 after a car wreck left me really sore in my neck, shoulder and shoulder blade area. Lately my right side of my neck feels like it's really tight and when I touch it, it feels like a long knot or cord and the left side is soft and so I used this advice and made it feel a good deal better in just this one attempt. Thanks guys!

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