Neck Pain & Knots Gone in Seconds with Trigger Point Stretches & Posture Changes.

Neck Pain & Knots Gone in Seconds with Trigger Point Stretches & Posture Changes.

Hi folks, I’m Bob Schrupp physical therapist Brad Heineck physical therapist, Together we are the most famous physical therapists on the internet In our opinion of course Bob. Neck pain and knots gone in seconds with trigger point, we’re gonna do some stretches and posture changes, big issue for a lot of people right Just as you could tell, my neck was bothering me, and how do you get rid of it? It’s annoying Because we’re schooled in this field We know all these different approaches you can try and kind of do a shotgun approach and try different things and see which works and likely you’re gonna find one or two of them that work well for you And the other ones just discard them One thing I want to clarify Bob. By the way, is that what you want to clarify? Well look all the people out there We can’t just have them standing out there, welcome, by the way if you are new to our channel Please take a second to subscribe to us, we provide videos on how to stay healthy, fit, pain-free, and we upload every day, also go over to Facebook and like us it’s really quite a sad tale Brad and I as children were not liked and we’re starting to turn things around now by getting all these likes on Facebook soft Alrighty Bob Neck pain, if you were having neck pain, and you’re having pain, numbness, or symptoms down in the arm to the hand These may work, but this is not what these are specific for, so if you’re having that arm pain We need to go to one of our videos that specify neck and arm pain So we’re talking about more you want to show on me Brad kind of what areas you’re talking about, right here In the shoulders in here. They’re basically from here between the shoulder blades That even might be some extension too But if it’s going down past the shoulder down in here. you need a look at more specific videos that we have so three-phase approach you know it’s like the tripod, it’s very steady, three legs, three different approaches That’s why this is guaranteed to work, You need to pick from each three, right you might luck out on one of them, Well the first one is a trigger point, now there’s trigger points in your neck and your upper traps, okay? That’s in the levator scapulae muscle which we’re gonna show you a stretch for that as well but one of the nicest things for trigger point is to get out in there with a deep soft tissue massage or a pressure point like the Theracane If you don’t have a Theracane you don’t have to go out and buy one, you can use a tennis ball I’m gonna show the Theracane one, so if you’ve got that knot in your neck and it’s Usually not up in here that works so well, but it’s for that knot that’s down here that pain right in here You’re gonna work that hook of that theracane right here That’s why they get these handles on in here, and we’re gonna hold that and you’ll find it You’ll get on it like right now. I’m right on that point I’m gonna hold it for and once you get past 30 seconds It should be one of those pains that feels so good and then it releases, once you put the pressure on it might go up to like a six or seven and After thirty seconds it drops down, everything feels relaxed You’re down to maybe a one or two, you take that off and then you get some range of motion going and everything settles down with it, nice quick way to do it, again if you don’t have one of these, tennis balls work great This is definitely my go-to thing Brad, and I do this a little bit different I like to find the spot, and then I do motion with it Yep, right That’s just the difference between us two, and everyone their own tricks of the trade so to speak You want to show it on the wall? The wall? Sure. Now this is actually a sock with a tennis ball in it And the reason we do that is simply so you can get the placement of the ball in the right place Because if you’re by yourself, and you you take a tennis ball And you’re trying to get to that spot it’s a little bit cumbersome and it may fall too. Yeah We’re just gonna drop it into that right spot and we could hang on to it Like this you can do some rolling action on it, right to left, and you’ll get on it. There it is. I got it Bob I already worked that one over. I’m gonna do the other side, see how easy it was to change That’s a nice thing or you get a tennis ball, again to me Even with that you could still be doing some neck motion with it, in my mind You like to do rotation with that Bob? Side bending, rotation, turning, it just seems to work for me That’s all, and you feel it release while you’re doing it Yep. Yes. Bob was thinking of something else You can use a lacrosse ball, they’re a little more aggressive They’re just firmer, a lot harder You know that may work, too. You can always play catch with them That’s right play with your dog, now the other thing that you can do to actually accelerate this is if you put a hot pack on it, And one thing we really like as far as hot packs is we like the Thermatex The reason is because it’s infrared. This is really not a hot pack This is infrared energy, which is gonna go deep Yeah It’s gonna get in past deeper than two inches into that muscle or into that joint, a hot pack only goes a few millimeters, this goes 60 which is 2.36 inches So able to get into that tight muscles, Brad and I were just talking about this because we’ve kind of become it’s become a habit in our life where we just put it in our chair At night especially on these cold winter nights And this is the platinum one and this works out really good because it covers almost every area of the body you can use it So on this I would sit in my recliner and that’s what I do, put it like that up high, I like it because I get to the knots before they become really bad, and this just It gives me relief and I wake up the next day And that’s gone and you can combine that, heat it up for 15 minutes or so and then go after With the trigger point with the Theracane or the tennis ball and get rid of that knot This is really expensive to run, it costs they figured what four cents a month to run I think it was if you left it on all day long. Yeah, there are only 36 watts, Let’s go on to those key stretches Bob. That’s phase two, the stretches If you’re working at your computer workstation or sitting and you’ve got that neck pain there, you might want to try some chin tucks Yeah, start to stretch the muscles back here because oftentimes we sit with this poor posture We’re not even aware of it, and then we started developing that neck pain So we need to straighten ourself up do some chin tucks And you can do a little overpressure with that in other words on your chin you’re gonna Gently push, I like to do with that part of the palm right between the thumb and the pointer finger But not real hard I guess you don’t now Brad, it fell behind here. There it is okay The action’s got to keep going here Brad, so Now Bob and I do this a little bit differently too, and you can experiment with either way, I like to roll up a towel like this and just keep it handy and after you do your chin tucks you can start a chin tuck and hold here and just extend backwards and this Supports that neck and head and makes it feel real comfortable, and you may think why are we doing these when my pain is down here This neck might affect the pain that’s going on down here Neck pain radiates down into the shoulderblades, This is kind of a bad example But when you’re having a heart attack, and you’re feeling pain down your arm, the damage is happening here in your heart But the pain goes down your arm. Precisely Bob. Good point okay now the other stretch You need to get up sometimes. This is a nice stretch too. You come over to a wall and Get your bottom up against the wall your buttocks your shoulders and then bring your head So you can touch the wall now there’s gonna be some people who have what we call head forward posture and may not be able To get their head to touch like I am so you go back the best that you can okay and then you can put some over pressure and then here If your head does touch I like to even stretch, It’s similar to the one on the chair, but you got the wall to support And then you can put your shoulders back and do some wall angels, which works the posture of the shoulders And sometimes if you just fatigue the muscles That’ll relax that pain, it’s good because it’s covering the neck and the scapula, all these muscles are connected. It’s not isolated Yeah, I would definitely do the angels included with the chin tuck And lastly but not leastly is a stretch for the levator scapulae muscle which goes from the upper neck down to that shoulder blade and here, I got a pocket and this is my Christmas shirt because a few days of Christmas here and Grab over here, you’re gonna look down in that pocket for some candy or something like that And we’re gonna go the hand down here You lean until it locks the shoulder into place, so that’s stabilized, we look down here And I already feel a pretty good stretch If you want a little bit more just with your fingertips as all don’t grab with your hand because it’s a gentle stretch And when you’re doing this stretch as well as the other ones just relax and breathe, good deep breath, exhale That feels good. Yeah. Yeah, do the other side Bob. Just to get balanced out I did the same and boy if you breathe and relax and let it stretch Don’t force, it makes a big difference. Yeah, think of this as our Christmas gift to you by the way, there you go Lonnie thought I looked like an elf or something like that before All right number three posture changes right, now we already covered the wall,the stretch, the angels Same thing that’s working posture as well, but we’re gonna give you something a little more than that Just let it fall down there Bob. I’ll put it over here, okay, so what are we doing now? Well, let’s go to the foam roller because this is one of our favorite devices to improve our posture, you need the three foot one and it’s nice to get the soft one We really like these from OPTP. You can see it on our preferred list below our video, but they’re soft They’re comfortable. They’re not too soft though. It’s still firm and right down the center of the back and you can see Bob’s posture is nice and straight This is kind of the lazy man, or lazy woman’s way to decrease the pain in your shoulders and such, well I like to think of it as being efficient, all right there we go but it’s stretching everything out and you’re gonna think this isn’t gonna take away my knots, it may Just by getting in the correct posture and staying here and laying here for five minutes, You’d be surprised, exactly, and then with this tool You can still do some chin tucks and see if we can get a little more stretching along with the posture correction Yep, and like I said we’re stretching all the chest out. We’re getting everything in the right place I do want to point out for some people If they do have that head forward posture I was talking about, it may be uncomfortable. But if your head does not go down because it’s very uncomfortable your neck has already contracted You can put either a small towel roll, or they make a nice little arch roll that goes right there And that can be much more comfortable, especially if your posture is not ready for it And then after a while you’ll be able to remove that and get into that good posture. I think you knocked my glasses crooked Brad, wow I normally wait till afterwards, but anyways So those are some real key issues to get those knots and that pain in the neck especially if you’re really working overtime this time of year Yeah, really a lot of breaks to help too, right I feel so much better just doing them. That’s right It does make a big difference, so once again, we can fix just about anything except a broken heart There you go Bob, and it’s come in right here. Right here. Thanks.

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