Neck Spasm Stretches – Ask Doctor Jo

Neck Spasm Stretches – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo. Today I’m gonna
show you some stretches for neck spasms, which are never fun. So let’s get started. For the
first exercise, just take you hands and kind of clasp them behind your head and your neck
area. Bend your head forward, tucking that chin in, and by using your elbows to help give
you some motion, just rotate you head back and forth. So you’re kind of pulling through
with that bottom elbow just to give you a little stretch in there. You can just move
back and forth like I am about 10 times, or you can kind of pause there and hold it for
about 3-5 seconds. Stretching one way, and then doing that maybe 5 times with a 3-5 second
hold. The next one you can still take your hands and kind of now clasp them a little
bit higher up on your head, so not necessarily in the curve, but higher up. And then this
time, just use your elbow on the top to kind of push over. So now it’s more of a side bending
kind of motion. So reaching one way, and then coming back. So same thing, you can either
just kind of do a continuous motion side to side, or you can hold it there for about 3-5
seconds, and do about 5 of those. The last stretch you’re gonna need a towel. Something
long enough to actually wrap around you a little bit. Now don’t try strangling yourself,
this is kind of an awkward motion. But with the towel on your left side, you want to actually
take your right hand and grab it. And then the towel part on your right side, grab with
your left hand. You’re going to bring it about where your ear is and then across your face.
Just really comfortably right there. That’s why you want to use a towel so it doesn’t
hurt. And go up at an angle. Almost like towards the crease in of the ceiling, and then pull
to the side, while you’re taking your other hand and pulling downwards. So this is just
gonna give ya an extra tight rotation stretch there. Hold this one for about 15-20 seconds
if you can. And then come back down, switch sides, holding here, pulling up here, and
going towards the other side. There you have it! Wooo, those were the stretches for neck
spasms. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments section and if you’d like
to check out some other videos, like some headache videos, go to Don’t
forget to follow me on Facebook and Twitter, and remember, be safe, have fun. And I hope
you feel better soon!

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  1. If you suffer from neck spasms, you know they can be very painful. This video shows some ways to relieve the pain. The key is to stretch the muscles, but not overstretch them. Over stretching will make them more irritated.

  2. OK, I have a question.  My left shoulder got aggravated from doing military presses (up and over head) as well as from burpees.  I don't know if it's the rotator cuff bc the pain feels more inward along the clavicle.  Regardless, something got a little screwed up and I'm having a devil of a time getting it to heal.  Any ideas?  Thanks Doc! 

  3.  I have Dizziness doctors said due to inner ear it has been long time since four months I have this brain dizziness in addition to neck straightening due to severe  muscle spasms , actually iam doing physiotherapy but not very useful  cause the dizziness still and the physiotherapist cannot make all exercises afraid of getting worse would you please advise the best exercise for both cases without effecting each other , and is it normal to feel dizzy after doing these exercise…thanks in advance 

  4. HI,

    I have done my neck x-ray and it says consistent muscle spasm. I am suffering from Cervical straightened and neck muscle spasm due to bad posture working with computer for a long time. i am facing the following problems everyday:

    1) Loss of balance/ imbalance
    2) Vertigo
    3) Headache
    4) Neck pain

    Do you have any medicine or way which will cure my  problem permanently

    Thank you and waiting for your answer.

  5. you should only do the modifications I mention after consulting Dr. Jo. Same set up:  (only use one opposing weight for starters) this time use overhead door traction bar with kettle bell, a back pack (light weight) arms crossed under straps hold towel. Graduate to opposing weight enjoy arms crossed backpack on. Dr. Jo best success to you thank you for all your support !)

  6. Hey Doctor Jo!

    Just wanna say thanks for all the videos, they've been super helpful. Whilst doing these stretches, I noticed that many of these neck stretches (not just yours) give me a slight searing pain in the upper trap/neck area. I was trying to stretch out my neck because Im getting consistent muscle spasms in my upper back and traps, and I read that a tight neck can cause middle/upper back spasms. Is this true?

  7. Hi doctor jo, do you have any stretches or strengthening exercises for upper central neck pain? I can also feel and hear my joints in my neck rubbing in my neck, I you ever heard of this ?, i have had the pain for four years through a hyper extension injury repetitive injury with it too, I think that's why it has not healed properly ;-(, iam currently using inflatable neck traction collar, the crunching noise have been happening since I've been using this. I've been told by a chiropractor that its a joint imbalance on the left hand side which is causing pressure on the discs nerves etc ( like a domino effect). In the beginning I had pain all around my neck but over the years with different type of treatment I have narrowed down to just the upper part of my neck but can't seem to get rid of it ( hit a dead end). I have gave up with the nhs, they told me to put it in a little black box and forget about it :(, but iam sure there must be something out there that could help me. Thanks for your time jo kind regards john.

  8. Iam on twitter following you but won't let me tweet its saying I can't send message as you are not following me it's all new to me lol

  9. I did have an MRI about 18 month after injury and was told buy rhumatologist that there was no abnormalities ( just straight cervical of spasms but no sign on spasms now apparently), chiropractic did get rid of pain in beginning and was just left with alot of pressure coming from back of throat which I could live with funnily enough but when I re injured pain came back ( wrong strength exercises as didnt have the knowledge was just told to strengthen.

  10. Thx dr jo, do u think Gary Crowley's techniques would be beneficial for me? Push pull release technique etc.
    I got to a point where my neck was feeling stronger then i did it again the following week and it hurt again.
    Do I need to leave it alone at that point and let it heal or have I had it to long for it to heal (confused). Thx for your time dr joe.

  11. Thx for getting bk dr joe,when you say not a lot of movement, do u mean manually moving it with my fingers, or movement with my head in general?. Push pull release method was working i just can't find the balance. (how often to do the method without irritating it). Thx again.

  12. Thx again for gettin back dr jo, I have reduced my neck pain by 50% seems that strengthen the neck was never the case, the joints or tendons were causing the pain as the muscles have been pulling on them from the jaw and my right trap muscle, I concentrated too much on playing around with my neck and didnt have the knowledge once again. So I am currently releasing them and it seems to be working! I thought there was no tender spots in my neck so moved around my body to find the tender spots, key is to apply the techniques correctly. There are millions of people like me in the same situation as you no, so lets spread the word and help them. Gary Crowley fixyourself. Thx again for your time dr joe take care. X

  13. Doctor Jo I'm am afraid I have some bad news .
    I guess maybe im injured and I need surgery ……. Can I ask you a question please I need this . career saving question .

  14. Hi Dr.JO I have a neck spasm but also have like a grinding sound in my neck and the back of my head when I move my head from side to side but its not painful at all is that related to the spasm?

  15. Yes I have xray and a ct scan in my neck and head everything looks normal it just show mysfascial cervical strain. But I have problem I get nervous really quick and get stressed

  16. Thank dr. JO although I still feel.nervous about the grinding sound in the back.of mh head everytime I move it and the.already did a ct scan :/

  17. Hi I have a qeustion that need attention. I am getting a cracking sound in the back of my head when I turn or tilt it. My doctor says I have muscle spasms. Can muscle spasms cause this clicking/cracking sound? It feels like a bone that needs to be cracked but cant. Im started to get pains on my lower left neck side. Idk if its my bone or muscles that hurt. Do you know if it can go away? I read alot of post on google that people have had this cracking for years, and I havent heard at all that it has gone away. I need help please. Its making me feel hopeless. Thank you!

  18. Hi! My neck spasms just started this morning! My neck will spasm when I move my neck up down or to the right! So I can't exactly stretch it! Do you have any advice?

  19. I have a pain in my neck when ever i tilt it left. I do not know where this has come from and i do not believe it is from injury. Have you got any ideas on how i would fix this

  20. hey, loved the video, don;t know much about neck spasms, what i got sounds similar, but there's a sharp pain where hardly any pain relief works, just like to be careful, could you advise ?

  21. Hey Doctor! I have a prolonged neck spasm . I haven't been working out from over a month now. Though I am taking few medicines, there is still some sort of stiffness in my new and the shoulder . Could you please help me with this ? Looking forward for your help.

    Thank You !

  22. doctor in your cts video you said that lots of time when peopl have wrist pain or numbness in fingers or hand is actually coming from neck…so what neck stretches i should do? actually i also have shoulder pain, is it also influence my hand?

  23. thank you for this video. I woke up this morning with a severe spasm on left side of my neck and can barely hold my head up. I've had this before and the doctor I saw did this stretch where he would push one way and I'd push the other way with my head. The stretches you provided are as close as I have found so far. Still want to cry from the pain but will keep doing these stretches.

  24. this is great, it helped a lot, but this happens to me from time to time because i have c5-c6 disc herniation, so i don't know if this is something i should do often? or are there another exercises that could help me?

  25. Another doc prescribed me robaxin which is a muscle relaxant that works particularly on the spine. It's been pretty helpful just fyi for those who have spasms. I strained my neck in the gym the other day but these are great. Thanks doc

  26. did some really heavy work out in the Gym and now I can't move my neck.. it is so painful.. even my arm movement is slightly painful… Do I need to see a doctor… I feel improvement after a day

  27. Good video. I got a horrible neck cramp after staying in a Sheraton Hotel in Xiamen China. Could barely turn my head and kept on having horrible muscle spasms. These exercises loosened things up a bit. Warning, do not stay in a Sheraton hotel if you are used to a firm mattress. Their beds are way too soft. They are so dangerously soft that you will probably end up doing your back or neck in. Everyone knows that a firm mattress is the way to go. I hate using any type of drug as I am a herbalist, but the pain from this cramp was so bad that a resorted to taking ibuprofen out of desperation. I will never stay in a Sheraton Hotel again.

  28. the muscle from the neck till below my jaw feels like it's contracting, feels like it's being pulled, it's tightening, what do i do? 🙁

  29. i woke up with my neck stuck to the right side, i am trying to do these exercises but it is just too painful for me to do, should i visit a doctor?

  30. I'm missing disks between c5/c6/c7, spurs, nerve issues in my arms and hands. No go for these without my medical telling me to? I do the neck strengthening moves, tilts, turns, tucks gently while in traction (it got boring just hanging there), but all of this video looks a bit on the scary side of life.

  31. Hi Dr. Jo, would you recommend doing these streches when someone is already has stiff neck because of the spasm and pain or should someone do it after the pain is relieved a bit to prevent resurfacing of the pain and spasm?

  32. When i stand still or feel like someone is watching me for behind i get these spasms and it make my head jerk a bit.. its so embarrassing and annoying i've been having them for about three years now

  33. I've had the same neck spasm since last football season. It's a huge knot that when I push on the neck spasm, it moves a little bit. My doctor said it's a soft tissue injury. What do I do to realese the knot?

  34. Thank you so much Dr. Jo, I have been following your video's since I had a muscular injury to my neck. I'm finding them very helpful and comforting! : {)

  35. +AskDoctorJo thanks for this video.I don't have any severe pain,but a little almost impossible to see neck spasm,when i look at the mirror i barely see it but i really feel it! it happened for the first time 1 year ago,then disapear for months,then came back ,coming and going.When i walk or do something it doesnt happen.Im afraid! any other tip? i got a MRI and it shows cervical alignment

  36. Well it's on the side of my neck ..and it's been hurting know all the sudden I'm having neck spasms I was wondering if it has anything to do with it.

  37. Dr at Frist I get neck stiffness, it gets really tight then it starts to spam uncomfortable feeling.
    the back of my neck gets so stiff , I can feel it in my (whole) neck. the tightness of the hole neck.
    i was just wondering what this can be

  38. I' did the neck routine last yer- when I was having problems with it. It seemed to help.but know I'm wondering if this is some kind of other cause may be an allergy Thank you, Dr Jo:)

  39. The right diagnose is essential. I think I have neck spasm. I have huge trigger points as well.
    Will try this
    24 days now. Firstly I thought I had torticollis but it's like a spasm.
    I started with cold exposure and then this spasm arrived

  40. Thanks for posting – I'll try this as it can't hurt to stretch. Mine is more twitching than painful spasms. That said, I had these last night and I can't sleep with my neck muscle twitching all night. Every other month I get twitching in my tricep or leg, but I've never had it happen in the neck (back of my neck). I assume this is just another muscle that has decided to twitch on me.
    I do work out a fair bit, but nothing over-the-top. I also take supplements regularly, and go for the potassium when I get twitches, but that doesn't seem to help. I've had other people tell me if there is an imbalance, taking supplements can get it further out-of-whack so it's very confusing.
    Thanks again Dr. Jo.

  41. Ive suffered from neck twitches for about 3 years. It's very painful and embarrassing. I really hope these stretches work

  42. Hello 2 weeks back I was working out in gym n lifted a iron rod from neck to do squats but after that I started with neck spasm.. It just become worse someday, I did your excerises but it's less effective so what other stretches I can do?

  43. Getting enough potassium and magnesium can greatly help. They have a lot to do with your muscles and nerves. Ever since I've taken them daily I haven't gotten any spasms since. Thank you, Jesus!

  44. i remmber before 8 years ago when i wake up at morning i found my neck in very bad spasm and i cant rotate my neck for right side or left for 2 weeks and now i still have pain in right side and non camftoble rotation .. any advice ☺

  45. hey dr Joe, when I do the first exercise, I feel a clicking in the back of my neck (lower part of my neck, possibly the upper thoracic spine) when I move my head to the left side. the click is on the ride side, and is accompanied by a little bit of discomfort. any idea what could cause this? should I be alarmed? I do have chronic headache and neck spasms and was wondering if you knew if there was any correlation between this clicking and the pain I feel.

  46. hi im Jocelyn and I'm 15. ive been suffering with neck spams for roughly 3 years now. every so often I feel like I need to roll my neck in a circle and it clicks, this has caused me to feel very uncomfortable for years, are these neck spams and what should I do?

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