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  1. Apoptosis is cell death in which cell engulf apoptotic bodies are engulfed by MACROPHAGES via phagocytosis and thus cell undergoes into apoptosis does not release its content into surrounding

  2. Sir this video is very helpful,we would like to have more information about types of necrosis and the reason for different types

  3. Have a huge respect from Captain Tasib Ali from Pak Army…….truly speaking your student's are very lucky to have a such a bestat teacher

    metastatic calcification versus dystrophic calcification

  5. I rely to you fully Sir for my medical career thanks! God bless you and may you miraculously live a long life more than any human life span. . Thanks 🙏

  6. Awesome sir, all lectures one side and ur lecture another side, ur explained each thing soo clearly, Allaah bless u, but I wish u had a leacture about apoptosis I really need it. Thank u sirrrr

  7. Perfect and priceless !
    Really thanks Dr. and please don't stop uploading such videos because it's not only my request but it's the audience request!
    Thank you Dr. <3 <3

  8. Sir ur explanation and way if teaching is superb that even a stupid guy can understand..I understand ur laungauge very clearly and this gives me a confidence about Cell injury topic and useful for me in 8th class..From India..

  9. asalam aliakum sir in this era by providing ur free valueable and precious lectures u r doing jihad….u cleared my concepts huge huge respect from pakistan……may Allah pak give u more and more success in every step of ur life….

  10. Sir no one can teach like you in this world love u so so much sir sir please do upload some more full pathology lectures on Youtube 😍😍😍❤️❤️

  11. Iwork in a mechanic car trucks and I have a work injury, and 3 month's still I working I have a injury Then Exam they told me my left hip I have a fracture and developing articular surface avascular collapse the joint space is preserved and Avascular necrosis , 7 month's I have a this injury and Fracture and pain left hip I'M very confused cushing desses has caused you avascular necrosis and necrosis caused you fracture and All my bones are good Only hip left I have a injury 7 months and cushing desses I have a 7 years I'never had a bone I'M sure and I know the injury has caused a Fracture and Long time I do not see a doctor Caused avascular necrosis because they are massaged me my Left hip with out a doctor and still I'm requesting the doctor let him tell me the injury and Fracture and maseg no medicine it's a Reason is causes Avascular Necrosis why they say Necrosis Causes Fracture and injury and Cushing desses Causes Necrosis?

  12. i didnt think najeeb videos are interesting , now i wish if they replace my Chinese doctors by najeeb videos

  13. Very well sir
    I am found of your lectures and listen very much
    Sir plz send me WhatsApp
    That L could ask you
    Pzl sir plz

  14. Sir i m very grateful to u. U madey frst year cncpts so much clear tat my viva exams were superb…..
    Thnk u again sir.. Plz hlp us wth more videos

  15. Sir vedio quality is not good we can't able to see clearly what u had written on the board….so that we can learn much better.

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