New Beginner Shoulder Workout For MASS (TO GET BIGGER SHOULDERS FAST) [4 1 2 1 GIANT SET ROUTINE!]

New Beginner Shoulder Workout For MASS (TO GET BIGGER SHOULDERS FAST) [4 1 2 1 GIANT SET ROUTINE!]

What’s up Champ! I’m Vince Del Monte of We’re back with my good friend Macaulay Culkin here
and we’ve got a beginner shoulder workout for mass. Four exercises, and we’re gonna dig right into it.
We go two unique exercise for you guys today, I think you guys are really gonna enjoy
these ones, but before we do that, I live by a saying that goes like this
Comparison kills clarity and clarity requires context.
Alright. So before we dig into the workout, I want to just get to know Nick a little bit.
This will be really quick, but Nick, what activities were you really good at
in high school ? [Nick] I used to be a big basketball player. I played a lot of
basketball, and I was really big in the downhill ski racing. Those are two of
my main main activities. [Vince] so as you guys know this channel is all about working
with your muscle fiber type, and this channel is starting to evolve as we
start to discover that we understand that your body might not be completely
slow-twitch, or completely fast twitch or completely mix fiber type. Certain body parts
respond better to different rep ranges depending on the body part we’re
discussing. So did you find that downhill skiing was more like won by guys who are
primarily fast twitch or is that more of a mixed fiber type sport?
[Nick] So it’s definitely a mixed type sport. It requires a lot of power to be able to
keeping a strong edge turning down the hill, but at the same time things happen
really quickly, so you need to be able to respond fast, which means your muscles
need to work quickly. So if you can have a mix of power and hypertrophy, then
you’re gonna be able to respond quickly and race more effectively. [Vince] Interesting.
So basketballs primarily more fast twitch sport with a bit of mixed. Now the way you train
today, how would you describe the way you train today? [Nick Today is very
controled. Slow and controlled. That’s all to make the muscles work for the same time
we want to always keep it balanced because we’re trying to force our
muscles to work under the load that we’re giving it, trying to find that
balance. [Nick] So you’re doing a bit of a combination of heavy stuff and lighter stuff, right?
[Nick] Always, because we always want to be getting stronger. At the same time we
want to increase our muscle stamina so that way we can constantly be burning.
[Vince] Okay, so it’s important I understand the kind of training you’re doing would
be geared more to like mix fiber type stuff, so you’re doing a combination of
volume training, a combination of strength training, and you find that,
and that’s probably very reflective sounds very reflective of what you did
well at in high school. [Nick] Definitely [Vince] So you’re working with your body type.
[Nick] Always. [Vince] that’s cool stuff so I always like to understand like when you look at
somebody’s physique you want to understand how did this physique come about.
Like what about your arms? Did you do anything specific for your arms?
[Nick] So arms for me I’m naturally pretty gifted [See] I actually have a bicep injury at the moment
and I all that can curl is 20 pounds. [Vince] He’s got great arms and he hardly
ever trains and he never goes over 20 pounds [yeah] That’s good to know
because remember Comparison kills clarity And clarity always requires context.
Let’s get into the workout Alright exercise number one here we’re gonna
pre fatigue the delt with an isolation exercise. These are called plate raises.
15 reps here guys. I want you to go really slow. Yyou got the tempo. Some of
you guys been asking what is the tempo. Let me quickly break it down. The first
number always represents the lowering. Aalright. So that’s the negative portion
of the movement. So here we’re lowering the weight for 4 seconds and then the
second number is the pause between eccentric and the concentric. So a
one-second pause at the bottom. So we’re not going right back up. We’re holding it
for one. And then the third number is the concentric, alright. So in this case, the
raising of the weights. Alright. And we got two seconds so we’re
not just blasting the weight up. We’re controlling the weight, squeezing our
muscles for two seconds to the top position, and then between the concentric
and eccentric, that fourth number, that is the pause. Isometric contraction for one
second. That’s a four count tempo. Alright. After that, that’s one rep.
He’s gonna do that 15 times. Again guys, the take home lesson here guys is to go slow
and controlled. If you’re like getting bogged down by the number counting
that’s just a tool to help you get that control. But the main purpose of that
tempo is so that you’re owning the weight. So that you’re contracting muscle
and your muscles are working the weights and not the other way around.
Exercise number two are bent elbow lateral raises. You’re gonna find these are way harder
than they look. I want you to go on this incline so we’ve got a different
challenge to the shoulder because the dumbbells in front of us as well, we’re
challenging the external rotators of the shoulder. So if you feel your shoulders
really getting challenged here, that’s very normal.
We’re challenging them in a unique way with a unique angle and this is gonna
stimulate some stuff that you may have not challenged before with just normal
side lateral raises or cable raises, so hang tough. Teally control that movement.
It’s not a big range of motion here I just want you to really focus on using
your shoulders first. Alright. Don’t use your arms. Don’t swing through the top or
the bottom. Keep ownership on the muscles the entire 15 reps here. After this we’re
going on to Exercise 3. Exercise 3 is a fun one. I want you to do a machine
shoulder press so if your gym doesn’t have the Hammer Strength here no problem
if you workout at your home just do a seated dumbbell overhead shoulder press.
The big thing here guys is to really control the negatives. Most people are
not used to pausing in the bottom position of a shoulder press.
They’re not used to pausing at the top position of a shoulder press and
that’s how they’re able to go really really really heavy, but have undeveloped
shoulders. This one here is gonna make your shoulder scream, alright.
You can even play with the range of motion here and try and get as deep as possible
without losing the tension, alright. Range of motion is awesome if you’re in control.
Alright. People say full range of motion. Only if you can control it.
Full range of motion is the dumbest idea in the world if you can’t control the range
you’re going through. Now we’re moving on to our last exercise. We’re gonna
challenge the shortened end of the shoulder here with cables, alright.
So find a cable apparatus in your gym and what you’re gonna do here is you’re just
gonna fully reach for the ceiling and reach for opposite walls. Every cable
setups a little different so it’s just gonna feel a little different on
different machines in your gym, and you probably feel some new things in your
shoulders contracting here. I want you to really just play with the range of
motion here. I want you to reach for the ceiling. I want you to reach for opposite
walls. I want you to really focus on big distance. Cover a lot of range of motion
to really feel your shoulders contracting the entire time and avoid
ranges of motion with this one here that you start to lose the tension where you
like I don’t feel any challenge here. Ok perfect. Stop there and then let it come
back in and then only maintain the range of motion where you feel your shoulders
really fighting the resistance. OK. Building muscle is all about fighting
against resistance. If there’s no resistance, there’s no point even being
in the gym because that’s what your muscles require to grow. Alright. So
these cables are really gonna finish off the shoulders in a fun way, unique way.
Keep your abs locked down. Keep your butt tight and just keep all the tension on
your shoulders. Initiate with your shoulders. Try not to initiate with your
wrists or your elbows. If you initiate with your shoulders then you make your
elbow a slave to the shoulder and the wrist a slave to the elbow, alright.
Those joints just follow the joint that’s making the initiation of the
movement. Alright. I know that was a mouthful but just re-listen to that, it
makes complete sense. Alright. We’re always initiating with the
working muscle and the other joint systems just follow. Most people do it
the other way around and they don’t get the muscle building results they’re
looking for. Alright man, there’s the workout. What did you think? [Nick] Crazy, intense
super hard, very controlled, making the muscles work as per usual. Felt great.
[Vince] So a lot of people have been asking us how do I prescribe this program? So we
start with one of those for a week one. Two week two, three weeks three, four week
four and then go back to one set on week five but increase the weight and then
build up again, alright. What do you think of that? [Nick] I think that’s perfect.
Definitely gonna increase strength and your overall performance, which is great.
[Vince] Okay so we’re not going too too quantity. We’re always going back and show that
the quality control is there and that the intensity is still there.
Alright guys. If you want a workout program that’s customized to your muscle fiber type
click the link above me it’ll take you to a page that will tell you what
program of mine would be best for you over the next 18 weeks. Alright. Thank
you so much for watching guys. Be sure to like this video. Drop a comment below if you want Macaulay Culkin back here and we’ll get you more workouts here guys.
Thank you so much for watching. You guys rock. Talk soon.

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  1. That guy should be working on his interior pelvic tilt issue he has.
    Anyway, excellent series Vince, I've been doing your 6-12-25 from the past months, now I can change it up

  2. Hi Vince! Shoulders are my weak part – what can I do at home to replace the High to low overhead cable pulldowns ? Thanks

  3. He has a severe anterior pelvic tilt, I swear most girls intentionally try to do it but this guy is something else. He should deff visit a chiro.

  4. Maybe I was working out my shoulders wrong in the past, because not only were my shoulders sore but to a certain extent my outer pecs as well. With this method ONLY my shoulders are burning the day after…..its a good sore!! LOL

  5. You can't make the distinction between weightlifting and bodybuilding… you're moving the weight and not working the muscle… you have a backwards mentality!

  6. Trying to do a rep count is Hocus Pocus… it would be better to learn how to maintain a tempo! Doing cutting exercises it's a waste of time unless you're up for pre-contest!

  7. So let me pick at just 1 thing here so this isnt too long. How the hell does holding the weight forward hit the external rotators? Their is no active external rotation happening at the shoulder so there little to no activation of the external rotators. This is still a side delt move whether your on an incline bench, sitting, standing or "holding the weight forward" or "in front of you"

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