100 Replies to “Nitinol – Metallic Muscles with Shape Memory.”

  1. Hi! Your video gaved me an idea, and I've a tricky question for you, to know if it would work. Could the tension spring lift the youtube box with only 40°C heat? And if it would, would it be as fast as with the flame?

  2. I know how to make this work like an iron man suit. Too bad the USA just does not like me. = ( hay maybe China would like me to show them how to make combat suits?

  3. Hey my friend, could you please tell me where you bought these alloys? How much was it and can I buy them in the internet?

  4. i wonder how will it behave in bigger chunks and how well does it do with scatches, bumps or even holes.. im pretty sure it cannot fix itself if it gets cut or fractured, BUT it could be really useful for battling robots or as cyborg bones! think, all you need to fix it, is to put it somewhere hot for a moment! may not be pleasant for cyborgs though 😀

    hmm.. now if only it was magnetic too, then even if it gets cut, it would hold its shape! unless the piece flies off somewhere

  5. im high as shit, but what if you used this to make buildings? im totally ignoring the cost part, but imagine a heating system that could constantly keep it from being able to topple, but being too rigid against the wind. i know money would be terrible for that, but it could have stopped 9/11. the tower straight up would have only gotten more back in form and resistant just due to the temperature of it all.

  6. well oke i understand the fact that it goes back to its original form but how does know what its original form was. for example the paperclip i imagine the original form of the papercip would be a straight lined pice of nitinol and not the well known form of a paperclip

  7. So if you melt Titanium and Nickel on a high temperature pot you can make liquid Nitinol is 325 degrees oke or 1455 degrees? You have many types of Nickel which one is best, for memory shape

  8. "The youtube thing weighs about a kilo" But in mean time it says 820 ish grams, which is more like.. 4/5ths of a kilo! :p

  9. can it be integrated to clothes with memory of a folded shirt etc? or even for self assembly of parts as well as disassemble ?

  10. And with a wire like that and fibre-optic cables, it becomes possible to make an electricity-free telephone system that transmits sound great distances at the speed of light.

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  12. the same also happens if electrical cuurent is passed through its similar to the technology batmans cape uses in the dark knight

  13. Hello,

    I manage a YouTube channel with over 3.8 million followers. I was wondering if I could use this video on my YouTube channel? I would give you credit of course. Please let me know if you are interested by emailing me at [email protected]

  14. What is found vonding………………….did you mean wound binding? Work on that English a little more and you will have it made in the shade………………..

  15. What if we were to find a way to coat our bones with nitinol so that whenever we broke a bone heat would put it back into place 🤔

  16. Hahahah that alloy is no longer used to make clips and springs…..you better find a box of them made in the 70's……good luck

  17. Agrees this stuff should be in all metals, imagine you ding a door on your car, no problem a bucket of hot water will fix it. But of course we know how the real world is, idiotic. And that idiotic world would rather make a buck off of a continual problem instead of fixing a problem permanently, never grasping that if you weighed it on the scales of truth. With one side representing making a profit off of a continual problem, which they seem to think is a good thing verses the other side of the scales representing all the suffering people go through caused by the problem that they cant afford to fix because they dont have the money. Well the side of the scales representing suffering always out weighs the other side. Which means everyone would be better off just fixing the problem permanently instead of letting the problem carry on which can only be fixed by those that can afford it.

  18. You know what would be really dumb? If someone cast a statue of male ranma saotome out of nitinol, and then pounded it with a hammer into the shape of female ranma saotome. And then you drop it in hot water and it changes back…..

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