NO EQUIPMENT At Home Chest Workout- Pre T or Pre TopSurgery – FTM Workout

NO EQUIPMENT At Home Chest Workout- Pre T or Pre TopSurgery – FTM Workout

What’s going on YouTube, it’s your boy Aydian here. In this video we are talking about building up your pectoral muscles your chest, your pecs, whatever you want to call them Either pre hormones or pre top surgery or just in general Overall no matter what you decide to do in your life as per your own personal transition So let’s just jump right into this video I really want you to get a sense of how to do the exercise rather than just watching me go through the exercises So, first off I just want to introduce you to the exercises. So, the first exercise is going to be a wide grip pushup The second exercise is going to be a shoulder grip pushup or shoulder length pushup [laughs] the third exercise will be a diamond pushup which will also work some of your tricep. Then we’ll go into, I couldn’t think of a good name for this It’s kind of like a V push-up because you kind of have like your butt up in the air And we’ll do a V pushup. We’ll also do incline push-ups and We’ll also be incorporating dips, which you would just need two chairs or two hard surfaces that you can put close together So really easy to do all you need literally is just an open space and if you want to do some dips Maybe two chairs that you can put together and I’ll show you how to do that a little bit later but I think the main thing to remember about this workout is this is called a circuit workout, which means you’re going to do the first exercise for about 30 seconds Then you’re going to give yourself a 10-15 second break honestly, take as much time as you need in between, but you want to get like your heart beat up So you know, the less time in between the better? So you’re going to do 30 seconds on then take about 10 to 15 seconds off then just do 30 seconds of the second exercise 10 to 15 seconds, and you’ll keep going, third exercise 10 to 15 seconds, fourth exercise for 30 seconds Then you’ll take 10 to 15 seconds off, then you’ll give about two, I say four, five minute break, and then you’ll repeat this circuit. Now I would suggest to do this circuit start off your first time doing it about three rounds Then I would up it to about four rounds That’s usually a really good time and again you can push yourself within those 30 seconds. You shouldn’t have to do 20 circuits. Pretty much you can get the same results if you just bust your ass during the thirty seconds rather than having to do like 14 circuits of 30 seconds of mediocre effort put in. So while making this video kind of condensed and quick I don’t want this to be some 20 minute video on how to do a push-up but what I want you to do is I want you to get a sense of how the exercise actually completed, so The first exercise is going to be the wide grip pushup. So we’re going to move on over to the floor I have this open space right here. I’m going to move this table I mean this chair a little bit more, so I have this open space right here. So my shoulders are right here, so We’re going to go a little outside of shoulder width I’m going to go about here. Okay, so in order to do a good pushup You want to do is you want to make sure that your ass is really flat and straight? You know your- the look of your back should be like this Not you’re not really going to be completely straight like this is going to be a little bit like this because you know your arms Are up and your feet are down so little outside width Get in position and we’re just going to go down touch and up So you’re going to do this for 30 seconds as many as you can do in 30 seconds Then you’ll take about a 10 or 15 second break, so this is what it looks like if you’re above All right yeah side shoulder-width boom And also just want to show you really quick. This is how you do all of your push-ups. I want to show you how my back is so that you can really get a sense of how fairly straight your back should be so if you notice the only thing really up, right if I lay down That’s what my back looks like, that’s what I want it to look like when I’m up in this position see that Not really moving much. So you’ll do that for about 30 seconds Then you’re going to take a 10 to 15 second break if it’s your first round you know your first time really ever working out you can take longer But eventually you like to work on this like 30 seconds on, 10 to 15 seconds off, 30 seconds on. So, the second exercise is the shoulder. So as you can tell what we’re going to do is we’re going to go from wide grip, to shoulder grip, to diamond grip okay,? So next up is your what is your shoulder, so again This is where my shoulders are at right here, okay get in position Now these are what you would consider like a generic pushup when someone says like drop down and give me 20 This is usually the position that people go So you do this again 30 seconds, so you have 30 seconds wide grip 30 seconds shoulder grip Then you’ll take 10 to 15 seconds off, and then you’ll move in to diamond grip. Diamond grip can be a little hard at times especially if you don’t have a lot of tricep development, so if you need to Essentially you want the diamond to touch fingers, if you need to you could start out wide and then as you practice Get closer and closer and closer, so for example. This is what you would want it to look like Nice, diamond. It literally looks like a diamond in there actually it kinda looks like a hershey kiss to me or a hova sign [laughs] hold So to do a little diamond push up like this Your elbows go kinda out and back to the side, again you’ll do this for 30 seconds if you need to you can move out just a little bit And go like this, and then slowly be able to work your way in a little bit more And then a little bit more until you’re able to touch The next exercise is going to be an incline push-up. So what I do here is, I have a chair or for instance I was almost going to use this garbage can flipped over, but it’s got trash in it, so I don’t really feel like using it So I’m going to use this chair I’m going to put my toes on this chair And I’m going to use this as my incline. You could also use the bed Depending on how high of an incline you wanted to go I mean
I could even pull out this drawer and put my feet on here If I needed to. So you’re just going to put your feet up on here I’ll kind of go at an angle for you guys, so you can see. Okay? just like that I’m going to go about shoulder width apart down up Just like before we want to make sure that chest touches the ground And so you’ll do this for 30 seconds Then you’ll take a 10 or 15 second break and again This is on the piggybacking off of the other three push-ups, then you’ll take a 10 to 15 second break We’re going to go into what I was calling the V push-up Which I honestly I’m sure I could look online and find the actual word for this push-up But it’s pretty much just a great way to try to target that upper chest and You’re going to literally kind of put your body in a V shape Here put your body kind of like this, your butt’s going to be very up Okay, your arms are going to be a little bit just a little bit wider than shoulder-width So this would be my shoulder width I’m going to put them right here Not super wide but kind of that in between okay? So I need to go kind of in between I’m going to go up on my toes get put my butt up as high as I can okay? and then I’m going to push down and up Touch my face to the floor, and up And I’ll do that for about 30 seconds. Now it’s gonna get harder as the time goes on okay, so don’t be mad at yourself If ay first you’re getting ten push-ups by the end you’re getting four you know what I mean? it’s just how it’s goes sometimes What you’ll notice is if you keep a record you’ll be able to track that the first time you did five the second time you just set it The third time you did eight And I’m sure that you’ll keep going up. Now ,if you stop for three weeks you’re not going to go back and be eight, you’ll probably be a four, five, and work your way up again So, one more time a little bit further than shoulder width apart. Ass up in the air It’s kind of as close as I can get without being really uncomfortable for me I’m going to touch my face of the floor Just like that now to finish off I challenge you to do one minute after this circuit upon of a plank. Now a plank is when- this is an elbow plank But the great thing about elbow plank because it actually does- not only does it engage your core planks are mostly known for ab work but so not only does it engage your core, but it actually also engages your chest. So, Plank is just going to be shoulders like this, going to be up like this, try to keep your ass not down, but not up again. You want to kind of be Straight like that okay? I’m just going to stay here So what I challenge you is to stay here for- start with 30 seconds then try to move up to 40 seconds, then 50, then a minute This is really good. Just kind of helps the burn out of your chest you can also go like this on one on each side If you’d like. Personally I would just stay here. I think that this is a great core and also adds in a little bit of that chest, kind of just to fatigue that chest out at the end. One last exercise I want to show I actually don’t have the best equipment for it, but it is a really good at-home workout And so you’re going to grab two chairs and so this going to be my first chair And I’m going to use this table as my second chair But one thing I don’t want you to do is I don’t want you to get something that’s uneven. See how these are uneven? This chair is about Two or three inches higher than this. I really wouldn’t prefer that you’re just- lots of case of injury, and also a swivel chair is not a good idea, but I’m at a hotel I’m trying my best. I want to show you guys. So, dips you’re going to go just Going to put one arm on each and hold yourself up, okay? And then you’re going to dip down till your arms are at about a ninety degree level- a ninety degree angle So I’m going to dip down to about here, and then I’m going to press back up Down and up, so that’s what I’m going to do right here Again, this is not ideal actually, it’s really not ideal because what’s going to happen is whatever arm is closest to you is going to be the- is going to be the pectoral muscle that’s going to take on most of the work, so in this stance, this is lower so my right side is going to actually work less than my right side I mean my right side good work left in my left side. And I can feel it too So, maybe what I might do in this case is I might turn around and that might work so that this side can also get hit I’m moving around a little bit because again this chair swivels, not ideal, but it works I literally just ran through that and I already have a nice little pump going on in my chest And I didn’t even do the 30 seconds I really just did about 10 or 20 reps of each exercise to show you guys just to get some footage and I’ve already got a little bit of a pump going. I really think that these push-ups are real big staples in chest work. It’s really simple to do, you don’t need anything really, you don’t even have to do the dips. They’re just something extra if you have lying around But the point is is that if you have never developed any chest muscle. If you’ve really never worked out in your life This is a great way to start It doesn’t cost any money, and honestly it doesn’t take that much time, and you can do this Circuit for your chest two, three times a week And especially like you know if you’re somebody who travels a lot somebody who doesn’t have a lot of time, you know these are really good quick workouts- a quick workout at home that you can do For zero dollars [laughs] and it will work, it will develop your pecs I know that I do train with weights, and I have been for years, but you will develop muscles if you Start doing a set of exercises. You can go ahead and Google right now, or look on YouTube right now Bodyweight exercises and stuff like that. Or for instance look up, what- what are their- Bar Stars? Bar stars are so cool. They make like anything like they just make people look. massive right? And so bar stars is just like a- it’s a calesthenic group that does like pull ups and crazy stuff like that, but they don’t use any weight besides their own body weight. And so that’s what I’m trying to get to is that you don’t necessarily always need huge weights I hope this workout- little circuit workout helps some of you if you’re just nervous to get in to the gym, or if you know you want to get top surgery but you really want to build some pectoral muscle underneath first, or if you’re just fresh out of top surgery and you’ve got the go from your doctor to start working out But you don’t want to go too crazy into it. You can start doing at home workouts like these They’re very very helpful, and I for one definitely attest my Post my like original post-Opness when I first got top surgery – just looking a little bit more aesthetic, and that’s just because I already had pictorial muscles underneath my tissue- my breast tissue so when they remove that tissue I was able to be able to actually see the Definition that I had created in my pec. There we go gyts I hope that this helps some of y’all and Please feel free like you should really do- what you should do is you should keep a log and you should log What you did and how much of each you did Then what you should also do is you just take a picture of the first two week take a picture the second week, Third week, every week. Once a week take a picture and then look between the first week and the eighth week Do you see more definition. Now, you’re not going to blow up overnight, okay? I’ve been working out a very long time I could be bigger, but I’ve got a lot of other goals in my life and what I’m trying to get at is like you’re not going to look like Ronnie Coleman the minute You know after eight weeks of doing chest workouts, and you’re not going to magically no longer have breast tissue by doing these workouts either but They are going to help you. I’ve noticed for me when I worked out pre-t, just made me feel more connected to my body and made me feel like I am strong that I can, you know I can hold my own type of thing. Alright Hope you liked the video Hope that it helps you, if you did like the video hit the thumbs up, if you want to see more stuff like this comment below I really want to know what you guys want to see I’ve been doing a lot of top surgery stuff and doing a lot of motivational Monday stuff It’s been like two months If not a little bit more that I’ve been doing that type of stuff So I would like to maybe switch it up a little bit for y’all you know kind of go back and forth between different styles of videos I do and your comments and your suggestions below are always always helpful to me, so I appreciate that if you liked the video And you’re not subscribed please hit the subscribe button And you’ll catch more stuff like this, as well as a bunch of other topics, and I appreciate the love guys I’ll catch you in the next video. Peace

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