For my part,
I hate muscular men. That’s it, they bother me, that’s all.
It has nothing to do with jealousy. False! OK, OK, it is jealousy. What bothers me is the fact
that muscular men, in some situations, make us feel inferior,
us, non-muscular guys. Damn, it’s hot!
>>Oh, I agree, damn! Wow! Wow! [laughs] Norman?
>>No, I’m not hot, actually. Muscular men do not wear
the same kind of T-shirt we do. You see, they wear T-shirts that were made to
highlight their muscles as much as possible. That guy, even his nipples are showing through his shirt. Sometimes, they wear mesh T-shirts on purpose,
so that we can see through them. Ultimately, they may as well
not wear anything! You can only wear that kind
of T-shirt if you are muscular. Hi! Do you want
to date me? [beep]
What a pity! We all now why muscular guys work out. It means that, we’re not stupid, we know
it’s always for the same reason. Why did you start working out?
What motivated you? For my well-being,
to find my balance. Only your balance?
>>Yes, just my balance. Do you have condoms? Fortunately, not all girls are like that. There are even some that
like men that are not necessarily muscular. But for my part, I don’t like a muscular torso, you see.
I like normal torsos better, without muscles. So, you like it better without muscles.
>>Yeah.>>Well, that is reassuring,
because it is true that I, well… Excuse me miss, can I borrow
your sunscreen? But of course.
>>Thank you.>>Is it to put on your —?
>>Yes, it is. Wait, wait, because basically,
we are in a relationship. Well, I have to admit that it’s true,
when you’re not muscular, sometimes, you can be a little jealous, see?
Therefore, you find excuses. No, but now, he is flexing.
It’s easy, if I flex too, it’s the same, it’s— Well, go for it, flex!
>>No, but I will not flex now, it’s not— Well, do it!
>>OK, look now, I am flexing. Well no, you’re not flexing.
>>Yes, I am.
>>Well, no. Well, I don’t feel like flexing, that’s all!
I don’t want to flex today. Then, I understand, it’s true
that a muscular torso, it’s pretty to look at. A guy can think that some other guy’s
muscles are pretty, you see? [whistles] At any rate, your pecs aren’t bad!
>>Thanks! Then, there needs to be limits. Damn, he was really muscular, that guy. Oh, he was really, really muscular, wow! Why are you staring at me like that? It’s true that us, non-muscular men,
we are quite jealous of muscular men, we like to say
things like: Yes, but it’s nothing but bodybuilding.
Those guys, we all know that it’s nice, they have muscles,
but they are not strong at all. For example, it’s just bodybuilding.
The guy is not strong at all, that’s obvious. It’s true that when summer arrives,
I would like to be a bit muscular on the beach, you know? But it’s too late. Norman, it’s too late, now.
>>10. Oh, I got some muscle, now. I got some.
>>Yeah, you got a little sunburn. Yes, well I got something. The worst, you see,
what bothers me the most, I think, is guys that are muscular
without doing anything. They don’t work out at all,
it’s just how their body is. Those guys, when they were born,
they were already muscular babies. Is that natural?
>>OK. OK.
>>What about you, that’s also natural? Oh no, I have been working out for two years now.
>>Oh. I think I will never be muscular,
because I think that I’m not motivated enough to work out.
It takes too much time and it’s just not me. You see, it’s not my personality.
I am a non-muscular man. That’s the way I am.
You see, I fully accept my body. OK. Pass me the ball.
>>Are you serious? Pass me the ball! Hey, can we play soccer, please?
It’s the World Cup. By the way, my Facebook page,
“Norman fait des videos” just passed the 3 million “likes” mark, which is huge. Thanks to all,
it makes me so happy. So, that’s the confetti.
Ciao! [♪ music ♪] What’s the brand of your shampoo? It’s called White Spirit. Why don’t you run for president? Because if I were President
of the Republic, you see… My show
“Norman on stage” starts in September
and I will tour the whole galaxy but also Chalon sur Seine.
To come see me, click on the link in the description.

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  1. Je fais de la musculation pour me sentir bien et que j'aime soulever toujours plus. Rien à foutre des femmes.

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