Overview of the Posterior Thigh Muscles – Human Anatomy | Kenhub

Overview of the Posterior Thigh Muscles – Human Anatomy | Kenhub

Hello, hello, everyone! This is Joao from
Kenhub, and welcome to another anatomy tutorial where, this time, I’m going to be talking
about the posterior thigh muscles, and this is a group of muscles that you find on, of
course, the posterior or the dorsal side of your thigh. And these muscles are very important
for your mobility, and we’re going to be discussing the different origins, insertions, innervation,
and functions associated to these structures. Now, these muscles are important for mobility
as I mentioned because they are the extensors of the hip joint and also flexors of the knee
joint. So for that reason, they pull your leg when you’re trying to swing back to kick
a ball for example. This is a kind of movement that these muscles would be associated to. Now, one reminder here is that let’s first
list them before we talk about these muscles. What you need to know is… Hey guys, as you can see, this video is a
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  1. these muscles are so tight and short, pulling down my low back and causing tons of pain. i dont know how to release the hamstrings.

  2. Hi everyone! Hope you enjoyed this sneak peek at our video on the posterior muscles of the thigh. There is still a lot more to go through, though, so don't stop learning! If you're not a Kenhub Premium member yet, we have this free article which covers these muscles in great detail: https://khub.me/wpamu. Hope to see you there!

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