Partial Reps for Building Muscle (DEMONSTRATION!)

Partial Reps for Building Muscle (DEMONSTRATION!)

What’s up guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. Today I want to talk to you about Partial
Reps. And how we actually need to explore more than
just the common use of Partial Reps if you want to get the most out of them. You see a lot of times guys will take the
lightest 50% of an exercise, because we know that every exercise can be divided up into
two parts, two halves. The hardest 50& and the lightest 50%. And
what they’ll do is they’ll work on really loading up the bar, really loading up the weight in improving
their strength in that easier or lighter half of that exercise. Now while that’s a good benefit and a good
way to add additional strength in a particular exercise, it’s not the only benefit we can
get from Partial Reps. Matter of fact, I actually have been experimenting
a lot with the other half of the exercise, the hardest half of the exercise and work
on lightening up the weights to go for additional benefits. The exercise I’ve been using is the Side Lateral
Raise and I’ve been trying to increase the size of my shoulders and it’s been actually
helping me a lot. Because what I can do now is take, again,
the lighter, or the heavier half of the exercise in the case of the Side Lateral is going to
be the upper half here, right. We should know that, if you’ve been following
our videos because you put the Science back in Strength, Physics will tell you, that the lever arm
here when the shoulders are working, is going to be basically our arm, right, the rest of
our arm. We keep our arm straight, it’s both our Humerus
and down here into our Forearm. And what we’re doing is we want to raise that
up until it’s perpendicular to the line of force, which in this case is always going to be gravity,
straight down when we’re using Dumbbells. So if we know that up at the top here we’re
perpendicular to gravity, which will be represented by that Dumbbell, that’s when the muscles
are working the hardest. If the muscles, or if that lever arm is parallel
to the force of gravity, like it is now going straight down, then there’s no work being
done there. So what’s the hardest half? Not this part
because this is closest to parallel. It’s this part, which is the closest to perpendicular.
ok. So when we know that, I lighten the weights
up. I can normally do 45 pounds on a Dumbbell Side Lateral Raise. But not if I isolate that second half, that
hard half of the exercise. I’m down to 15’s and you can see I will struggle. I’m basically taking it from here and now
with numblement of just really initiating the contraction here through my Delts. Here, squeeze it just with the Delts. And
down and squeeze it up. Now I can assure you, this feels really heavy,
this feels heavier than the 45’s. But what’s good is that it’s really focusing
the contraction here in the Delt and making the shoulder do a lot more work than it’s
used to. Is that a blow to my Ego? No! I couldn’t give
a shit guys. If I’m doing more work and getting the results
that I’m looking for, then that’s all that matters. So we can take it and obviously apply it to
other exercises. If we’re thinking about the harder portion
of a Bench Press it’s going to be the bottom half. Which is different than what we just showed
you here and it changes for every exercise. But the benefit there might not be trying
to get a more intense contraction. The benefit and a secondary benefit here of
doing lighter partials in the heavier range is to work on getting through sticking points. So with the Bench Press I would do exactly
that. Lighten it up, go down to the very bottom
and work on initiating the contraction with more force, down in that hard part of the
exercise. Same thing can be done with the bottom of
the Squat. Get better at the sticking point. So you can use it for hypertrophy, you can
use it overcoming sticking points. But you’ve got to put that Ego aside. Lighten those damn weights up and start doing
what you’re supposed to be doing, which is, getting to be better than you are today. It doesn’t matter what the weight is, if you’re
going to be better tomorrow than you are today. Guys if you found this video helpfully, make
sure you leave your comments and thumbs up below. And if you want a program that puts this all
in place, I tell you all the different advances training techniques, this is one that’s been
around forever. But there’s different ways that we can apply
them and get major benefits from them in ways you’ve maybe never thought before. It’s our ATHLEANX Training System guys. And wherever you are along the way, whether
you’re just starting out in ATHLEANX or you’re all the way down in NXT, in our advanced training
programs, there’s a program for you and there’s a training
technique that’s going to challenge your ass to no end. I’ve got to get you there and I’ve got to
coach you through every step. And I’m be happy to do that guys like I said,
head to ATHLEANX.COM right now and join Team Athlean. In the meantime I’ll be back here again in
just a couple days. Make sure you let me know whatever else it
is that you want to see and I’ll make sure that I bring it to you. Alright, talk to you soon.

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  1. Jeff I can't help but ask this question as you keep saying 'train like an athlete' we all know 99% of athletes take anabolic stairoids. So could you give advice on that please?

  2. My cousin used to have a great body until he went out and drank beer with his friends for weeks now he's got the roundest belly I've ever seen

  3. regarding sticking points I have to wonder:
    In incline-benchpress (~25°, lowest incline setting on my bench), I always get the bottom part, but when I'm exhausted/near to failure, I always struggle with the upper part resp. racking/unracking the BB. May this be a sign of my Triceps or FrontDelt being the limiting factor, and not the PecMajor?

  4. (visit my channel and if you like the content subscribe) partial reps is what they say half repping right? I think bodybuilders use that in order to have continue tension to the muscle in order to get bigger….

  5. Jeff ,one covering effects of alcohol would be great ,a lot off people work hard during the week in the gym and maybe have one day where the indulge in a few drinks ,does this effect your muscle building ? It's a grey area


  7. This is probably the first time I depart from your advice.  The facts are that there is no relationship between range of motion and muscle fiber recruitment.  The primary element remains to be overload.  And the neuromuscular system functions in an all-or-nothing style manner, meaning it will recruit the muscle fibers necessary to complete the load, nothing more.  Therefore, training the weakest range of any exercise in a partial rep is suboptimal for stimulating growth or maximum strength.  Why train to strengthen your weakest link?  Train instead to strengthen your strongest portion of your curve in order to achieve maximum strength and growth.

  8. I accidentally turned a regular biceps set into a drop weight partials set because I overestimated how much I had left in my arms after doing chest flyes and a shitload of rows with as much weight as I could manage. Figured I'd still have enough to do at least a quick few sets, but good lord I had hardly anything. Had to drop 30lb off my curl weight, after partial reps at the intended and a few steps down felt like the LAST rep the FIRST try.

    Still got a great pump, still building muscle off it, but as cool as it would be to get that much out of that little, relatively speaking, I still think it's from all the other motions I did prior to the curls (not that they didn't "Seal the deal!). Those few struggling reps might have been great for building muscle but they came at the end of an admittedly spent workout. Going to do it again soon and see if the results continue, I've been needing something to shake up my arm workouts 🙂

  9. I could give a shit less too about my ego as long as im getting better everyday whether im using more or less weights

  10. What? So you are saying when bench pressing to only work on the bottom part of the lift for this type of exercise but in your other videos on how to bench press you say to never go that low since it's real bad for your shoulders.

  11. Jeff you're insane! I swear to god, we have not one single fitness YouTuber here in Germany with those kinds of contents. Everything is about supplements, training programs, food and so on. But you explain the whole thing in a brand new level. I'm so glad to found your channel and even if I don't understand everything you're sayin', I get the message all the time, thanks 😀

  12. This video is really helpful. Specially the bench press part, im having trouble lifting off from the machine.

  13. Hey jeff, I have been following you for a long time and have become very strong too.
    Prob is that I have lots of body fat, I know diet is needed but I got to eat what's cooked at home n its major portion is carbs n fats. Also facing shoulder injury n can't do hanging exercise . can u help me with cheap good eating habits that will get me lean& some exercise to get my shoulder proper ! Any help would be great. Thanks

  14. Logically, the side lateral raise is easier at the beginning of the exercises. But with other exercises, the inner and the outer ranges of a muscle's range are usually harder to execute than the middle range. Am I wrong? If so could someone clarify?

  15. Hey does not being sore mean you didn't work out enough the previous day? I worked 3 strong sets to failure for my triceps and they aren't sore at all other then a little fatigued. I know your body gets used to certain weights and exercises but I just started working out again after a really long time and this is only my second week.

  16. Hey Jeff,  how would you implement this into one of your workouts. Would you do this as a last set of particular exercise or a total workout using this method?

  17. that's why i love ur vid.. bro.. alway's focusing on contraction .. not like mike chang always lifting heavy just 2 impress what a fuck ..

  18. Or you can just do it with resistance bands lol Exactly the same principle with added benefit of stronger pull downwards for even greater muscle tension required to control the negative phase. Just saying.

  19. Doesn't the upper part of that rep mainly focus on the very top of the shoulder. For building width, I suggest you dramatically increase the load and do lower partials instead.

  20. wouldn't this just shorten your muscles? like when you don't extend on the eccentric load of chinups fully, and your biceps turn into a ball.

  21. Hey Jeff, I've applied to physical therapy school and I'm very impressed by your knowledge of the body and biomechanics. Can't wait to finally get started and would like to know if you have any advice?

  22. I expect that many of your disciples will be doing the ritual fasting month between circa the 16th of June to the 16th of July. No food or water from dawn to sunset for 29-to 30 days straight

    Can you do a Jeff's rant on whether it is effective to exercise during this period and nutrition essentials?


  23. Can you do one on hard core drugs?? I've been using crack to get me pumped before a workout. My buddies say I should stop but I just think they're pussies. Can you get down to the hard core facts so that I know if I should; A. Continue my cycle of crack, B. Up my dosage, or C. Stop all together??? Would really appreciate it man!

  24. Ok so i started doing the xero program and I felt like my strength increased a whole lot but now with the ax1 I feel weaker idk why should I just move onto ax2?

  25. I'm following your videos Jeff because you're really honest with your stuff. Loved this one because I'm having a hard time activating my chest so I'm gonna try that out!! cheers!!

  26. How come a lot of people in the gym needs leg day? All upper body but no legs then if you tell them they get pissed….

  27. Nice video Jeff as always,

    Need to some advice on how to work all 3 different parts of the triceps. In detail please. Especially the the outer front head.


  28. Hey jeff, instead of doing partial reps for that range of motion, wouldn't it be better to just lie on the floor on the side, and do lateral raises like that?

  29. hey jeff nice work with ur arms i can c u hv got em much bigger, can u do a video for complete arm workout plz

  30. I'm 15, and gain a lot of size, and strength on every muscle on my body. 7% Body fat, here is my routine.

    1.)Entire Upper Body
    3.)Entire Upper Body
    5.)Entire Upper Body
    7.)Entire Upper Body

    I am leaner, and more muscular than most people in my age group. I get usually 70 grams of protein, and 2000 calories daily. I just wanted to share my routine, it works and I've been at it for about a year, and a half.

  31. Hey jeff, i want to cover my collar bone with muscle.I do inclined dumbell presses and inclined flyes with hard squeeze at the top but not getting good results. What to do Jeff ?

  32. A video on protein damaging kidneys would be really great, ive had so many people tell me to stop taking supplements because they damage my body and I would like some feedback from someone who knows what they are talking about.

  33. love this guy his bicep vid was awesome  and i just tried this and got the best pump I've had in 2 months

  34. Can do 45 lb lateral raise with good form?? I'd like to see that. Pretty strong but I doubt not that strong.

  35. Jeff:  In a previous video you told us that doing perfect laterals with arms straight out is no good, where as here you don't.  I love those cheat one arm side raises you told me about, and they work great.  Please verify which is best.  Thank you.

  36. I did partial Reps With sqats, i were going Down and half way upp, then Down and so on, i really felt it in my legs!   Tnx for video Jeff.

  37. I tried this with 12.5lb weights HOLY HELL it was a good workout, after a few sets I couldn't lift my arms thanks Jeff!!

  38. Great lecture on the partial repetitions. Is it possible you could do a video with the same principle but using your bodyweight or bodyweight exercises like push ups and pull ups. If its all right with you, chest, back, legs and abs bodyweight exercises. This is gonna be helpful to me!

  39. I thought when you are doing shoulder exercises you have to make sure your biceps are pointing up. Am I wrong? If someone knows anything about reply please. thanks

  40. If you train with a conscious mind you will or should feel whenever the muscle is under tension and the mechanical leverage is to your disadvantage. Try to visualize it and train within those parameters. It feels as if you are under constant tension. Use compensatory acceleration, stop and squeeze the muscle as hard as you can at the top of the lift and perform the eccentric part slow and controlled. You really have to feel that you control the motion and just before you notice the weight is feeling lighter, accelerate it back up.

  41. I remember another side lateral raise vid Jeff did where he talked about overloading with a little bit of momentum to force gains. Guys, if you superset that with the partials from this video you will have serious shoulder soreness the next day!
    Jeff is a genius.

  42. a 16 year old in my gym has an arm that looks similar to jeff cavilieres arm but 3 inch smaller , do you guys think he is on roids? he told me that he doesnt lift often and he goes on and off. and he started around 3 months ago. I know i will get some hate for asking this but i've been wondering. Thx in advance

  43. This will help you attain thick muscles. However, I wouldn't do partial reps on functional movement patterns (squat, lunge, bend, twist, push and pull) mainly because it will contribute to dysfunctional muscles, poor flexibility, and fucked up joints.

  44. This is a great video. Jason Gallant has an entire channel dedicated to partial range training his motto is “ train the muscles not the joints” very positive reinforcement from Jeff here!

  45. partials are good, but if you do them idiots will film you and put you on a gym fail compilation… the world is full of pieces of shit.

  46. It's solid info. If a person used this on everything, they could make themselves stronger very efficiently. They'd have to use their brain, sure, but it could be rewarding.

  47. before y'all continue with your half repping, watch this video:

    half reps aren't as good for strength as full rep

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