People Work Out With Instagram Fitness Trainers For 30 Days

People Work Out With Instagram Fitness Trainers For 30 Days

– You’ve got 10 more seconds to go. 12 more seconds to go, let’s go. Here we go, Brett, 10 more seconds. Come on, Brett. Push it, buddy. (upbeat music) ^- So, for the next 30 days ^we’ll be training like Instagram fitness models. ^- I see these models and people on Instagram. I really wonder what they’re doing. I wonder if I did that for 30 days, what would that look like on me? ^- So, I used to train in college quite a bit, ^but since moving to New York City and having a full-time job ^I hardly train at all anymore. ^- I haven’t worked out in a long time, ^so this is kind of to get me back on track. ^- A big goal of mine over the next 30 days is gonna be working out safely. ^In the past, I’d find myself ^getting into a rhythm of a routine ^and then I’d get hurt and then I’d have to stop. ^- I think a big part of it’s ^probably just gonna be about consistency, ^which I am awful with. – We’ll be training with Marc Miller, a fitness expert, at his gym starting tomorrow. ^- Hi, I’m Marc Miller. ^I’m the co-owner at Independent Training Spot. We harvest some of the best trainers that New York City has to offer. We give them a place to start their own business and train their own clients. Over the next four weeks, we’re gonna be training Kyle, Inga, and Brett like Instagram fitness models. Instagram fitness models aren’t doing anything special. I’ve trained them before, it’s all the same procedure. You start off with a good foundation and you build up that foundation. Push now, 130 meters now. Drive with those legs. Week one of training is all about foundation building, learning the squat. Nice and deep, drive through the heels on the way up. Learning the deadlift. Here, and then stick the butt out. Creating work capacity. There you go, keep rippin’ it, you got it. There is no secret to transforming your body. It’s just good, old-fashioned hard work. You have to put the time in. You literally become what you do, and it’s not gonna happen overnight. You have to earn it over time. Bring it home, bring it home, Brett. 90 meters out, Brett. Less than 30 seconds, come on. – The first few days of this challenge sucked, like sucked so much, and I really was like what did I just get myself into? Day one is behind us. It was going well until I threw up at the end. ^- Brett, are you okay?
(coughing) – I mean, the first week, it was just soreness every day. ^A new part of our body every single day. – When starting any new workout regimen, the body’s sore. In order to get rid of that lactic acid and that soreness, you must do a recovery workout, which basically is a long bout of cardio consisting of a 65% max heart rate. Brett is a novice. ^He doesn’t have much kinesthetic awareness ^and needs to work on his engine. Engine’s work capacity. Work capacity is the most important thing an athlete can have. Inga has a great engine and has great kinesthetic awareness, but doesn’t have any knowledge of the skills. And Kyle has a great engine, has knowledge of his kinesthetic awareness, and has the skills. So, we’re gonna just dive bomb him into real athlete type workouts. Here we go, Kyle. Round two of his rowing, going over his IWT. 10 deadlifts to a one-minute long row. – I really liked how he created this workout routine that was for me specifically. It wasn’t just something general, but it was like Inga, I think you need this, this, this for your body, and we’re gonna try and help you with that. – I’m definitely noticing some benefits. I had a lot of neck pain before I started training. I do enjoy exercising, but I really discovered I never did it right. I would always just pile weight on and basically hurt myself. – You must first learn how to lift properly. Once they are doing it properly, then, of course, we can increase weight in time, and there’s no rush with that. – You know, the whole point of this is trying to learn how to workout like these people on Instagram. What I had kind of assumed is that they were really really targeting stuff, where it was like okay, this is ab day, this is arm day. But what I’m quickly learning is they’re doing a really intentional mix every single day. You need everything, everything’s important. – You wanna be an expert squatter. The better you are at squatting, the better you are at deadlifting, the better you are at every single exercise you’re going to do. – Who knows where we’ll be at in 30 days? It might now be this mind-blowing thing, but I think that’s kind of the point. Probably won’t catch up to the people on Instagram tomorrow or next week, but, you know, I don’t need to. It’s about my own needs and where I’m at. ^- So, I’m on my way to the gym right now, about to see Marc. And so, now I think my body’s starting to realize that I do have strength and I can keep going on, and I actually feel a lot more alive in a lot of sense, have more energy, which is weird, right? ‘Cause you would think, you’re working out more, you would be tired more, but instead, I just feel more energized. – Every single day I’m there, he has me on the floor unable to speak and gasping for air. – [Marc] Kyle, how we doing, man? You okay? – Yeah.
– Cool. – You know, pushing past those limits has been… has been kind of exciting. – Alright, so we are at the tail end of this challenge. So, I guess we’ve just gotta finish strong. – So, I just finished my one hour run for the first time. I feel super accomplished. I thought I’d be straight up dead, but no. I can’t believe I did it. – So, Inga is doing very well. She has learned how to goblet squat, and we just did box jumps with her last time, and she’s doing a lot more interval training now, but she’s doing wonderfully. Brett started off kinda rough, but now he’s doing much much better. His work capacity’s going up, he’s understanding the squat better, he’s understanding how to hinge his hips better with the deadlift; he was having trouble with that at first. When Kyle first came to us, he told us he didn’t train any legs really, and legs are the most important muscle group to train. They’re the largest muscles in the body. All of your power comes from your legs. Very little of it comes from the upper body. All Kyle has to do now is go through the motions. I just have to keep on giving him the curriculum and watch him grow. ^- Alright, I just finished up my last day with Marc. It was really touch, but, I mean, I’m really excited about all the progress. I’m excited to see the results and continue training after this. So, really good month. – I wasn’t sure how the full 30 days was gonna go, but we’re here, we’re alive. – I feel like Marc helped me understand my body a little bit more and be like, actually, I do have the strength and I do have the endurance. – I mean, we now… All of us have a foundation to continue our fitness journeys and then maybe one day we can get there. – We’ll see what these results are like. Yeah, I see a… ^I see a little bit up here ^and a little bit on the sides too. Yeah, I mean, it’s definitely not wildly dramatic, but I also wasn’t really expecting wildly dramatic just because, you know, it’s 30 days. ^- (laughs) First things off, ^my arms look way more jacked than they did before. I can actually see… I look like some sort of weight lifting pro. – You know what, it’s not crazy. ^I mean, I didn’t expect it to be crazy, ^but I can kinda see my abs coming in, ^like the angles are slightly different and maybe the light’s a little bit different, ^but I can definitely see a difference between these two. ^My shoulders look a little bigger. – I’ve never really felt very confident in terms of showing my belly area and my stomach area, but you know what? This is how I feel on the inside and I wanna show it on the outside. – They’re not dramatic, but I think that’s only physical, and I definitely feel better, and how you feel is the most important thing. – I can’t believe how different I feel, honestly. And my energy level has soared, I am no longer so sedentary, I have to move every day, and I feel so much better. I mean, I can’t tell you the difference mentally from day one to now. (relaxing music)

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  1. Breaking news, soreness is not about lactic acid… There were some papers published about it like 10 years ago, it's weird that a professional doesn't know this by now

  2. Well they say they might not see alot of changes. But just look at their faces, they seem to be alot happier. And it's it the most important thing? A great body is just something that comes with time.

  3. okay but the “instagram fitness trainer” title makes you not wanna watch it. start getting people with credibility and it’d be more helpful to people

  4. Kyle was already jacked he just purposely wasn't flexing in his before picture and purposely pushing out his stomach which is bogus. Just look at his pecks they are pretty big and that's without the contrast of a v tapered waste which he definitely ha the just didn't want to flex his abs. And he wasn't flexing in the after picture either, which all the Instagram models do so why not?

  5. For the flashy difference to show you need to lower your body fat on top of growing muscles. They are much stronger and healthier after 30 days of working out, but the picture won't really show it unless their body fat goes way down.

  6. Everyone is nitpicking on the lighting and the results but how about the improvement in form and their stamina? From a fitness professional standpoint, watching them do proper squats, presses, and developing great hip hinge are all great milestones. People don't realize how hard it is to get people to learn these movements and do them properly. Kudos to these brave souls for doing a great job developing these movements!

  7. 6:24 man… you have a bad scoliosis, better keep doing some workouts. Your posture is very bad. Head tilt do the right which is compensating for that left scoliosis.

  8. All 3 of them are really good looking so they don't need it fir beauty as much as for health.. I could be wrong but ehh.

  9. So coming from a trainer's perspective. I don't know if they're trying to be humble or not, but for 30 days, their progress was great. It take about 3-4 months for a full transformation to happen if you're already at a leaner state. So this progress is about what to expect for online 30 days. If they keep going another 30, they're going to be shocked at how much faster their progress comes in… and then again after their next 30 days.

  10. "there is no secret way to get a good body" Of course there is, You gotta know exactly what to do and what to eat, thats the secret, if everybody knew what exercise and food that works best for them then everyone would be fit

  11. They all have very attractive tones to their personality. FU Kyle. Looking like a whole snack and not working out since college.. But still looking like you sleep on a bench press

  12. He looks exactly the same. You just change the background have him flexing and change the lighting. You gotta be an idiot to think they changed

  13. This is what happens when you don’t stick to a diet plan. You can make your workouts so much more effective if you eat right.

  14. Instagram models cut super hard for about 2 months, then they go and take the whole years pictures in a few shoots and just slowly release them throughout the year. (photographer secrets, you're all welcome.)

  15. They don't look that different (lighting doesn't count). Not hating on this video because this serves an important lesson. Don't expect to see results instantly. It takes time.

  16. In all of these videos where they do comparison of their body, before and after, why do they look so depress in the before picture?

  17. I really like this trainer… you can tell he knows what he’s doing and not just throwing them a bunch of weight workouts but actually focusing on technique and recovery

  18. 2:22 woah Isn't that research about soreness being caused by lactic acid build-up in the muscle outdated as hell? pretty sure that has been debunked

  19. BS before and after, you can tell because the chest is too lean and developed for the stomach, they just bloated him in the before and gave him a pump in the after.

  20. I want to follow Kyle's instagram
    He seems so freaking awesome 😭 he's like cool jock that is actually nice and cool with everyone 👍🏻
    Need his INSTG.

  21. Week 1 is always hell lol 😂

    I was always taught form is everything. Vlogging my journey as we speak. Slowly but surely getting stronger.

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