PERFORM: Raw Plant Protein & BCAA

PERFORM: Raw Plant Protein & BCAA

If you’re looking for a protein
powder that tastes fantastic, never leaves you bloated,
and delivers epic results, then you need to try Perform. Perform is our 100 percent
plant-based protein made from bio-fermented
yellow pea protein and hemp, and then upgraded
with spirulina and chlorella, green superfoods, in our Raw Cacao
and Madagascan Vanilla flavours, and maca and lucuma in our
Salted Maca Caramel flavour. All Performs also contain
six grammes of plant-based BCAAs, for a full amino acid profile. Never any rubbish,
100 percent plant-based BCAAs. All Performs also contain
pink Himalayan sea salt, that is fantastic for the absorption of
minerals, and for helping you to hydrate. So when you mix up your smoothie,
or your shake, whatever it is, you’re gonna get the most out of that, and you’re gonna be
feeling awesome and hydrated. Also, every single Perform
contains turmeric. Turmeric is getting a lot of press at
the minute and for all the right reasons. Turmeric is a very powerful
anti-inflammatory, which means that it’s
going to help you to recover, and help your muscles to recover
from everything that you do and also it’s going to be
fantastic for your gut health. Alongside that, we have
digestive enzymes in there, so also amazing for your gut health. It’s all well and good
eating a healthy diet, and using amazing supplements, but if you’re not
absorbing all the minerals that you’re eating then there’s no point. We are not what we eat,
we are what we digest. So by having the turmeric,
by having the digestive enzymes, you’ll never feel bloated, and you’ll always absorb
everything that’s in here. Because I know from self-experience that
one of the biggest issues with proteins is that they leave you feeling bloated, they give you upset stomach, and generally
just make you feel a little bit groggy. That’s the issue I had with whey protein, I spent ages trying to find
a whey protein that worked, never found one, had so many issues, and then eventually I switched
to the plant protein side of things, and I came onto Perform. The issue, again,
with lots of plant proteins, is one, some of them
taste pretty horrendous, and two, you’re not getting much
bang for your buck in a lot of them. A lot of them are
very shy in their protein, so you have to use
two scoops, three scoops, and that can just end up
being quite expensive. Whereas in Perform,
you’re getting 25 grammes, and that is a lot. Protein is so, so easy for people
on the move, people who are busy, and people who just
don’t have an awful lot of time. It’s a fantastic way of getting
amazing stuff into your body, in such an easy and accessible manner, so you can have this
as a breakfast smoothie, you can have it at lunch,
you can smash a shake at your desk, you can have a shake after the gym, there are so many different ways
to use it and it’s so, so simple. Speaking of simple,
speaking of easy, I’m going to whip up now one of my
favourite, go-to, post-workout smoothies. I also have this for breakfast sometimes, or if I’m in a little bit
of an afternoon lull, this is one of my favourite go-tos. It’s very very simple. All I’m going to do is
throw a bit of nut butter in, that’s going to give me
all the fats that I’m after and also help me bump up
a little bit of protein, and nut butter tastes amazing. Banana, that’s going to give me a little
bit of carbohydrate, some simple sugar, and also again, one banana will
make any smoothie taste pretty awesome. On top of that we have some almond milk,
and then of course a scoop of Perform. And today we’re going to hit it
with the Salted Maca Caramel. One banana. Bit of almond milk, you can choose
whatever milk you want to go for, any sort of nut milk will taste fantastic, you can also just use
water if you really like that. As far as amount of nut butter,
I’m a little bit greedy, I like to go for a big heaped teaspoon. Some people get a tablespoon. Don’t get fussy over all of this,
it’s not an exact science. And last but not least,
of course, our epic Perform. So like I said, one scoop of this stuff is
going to give you 25 grammes of protein. And that is an amazing amount
if you’re looking to recover, or if you’re looking to have
a sort of meal replacement, whatever you’re using it for, 25 grammes
is a really big punch of protein. So you’re getting plenty
of bang for your buck. Just stick the lid on, and blend this up. Bingo, super quick, super easy, and tastes unreal. There you have it, looking all beautiful. Worth mentioning that the Raw Cacao
and Madagascan Vanilla flavours, they’re gonna go a little bit
green when you mix them, and that’s because of those green
superfoods that you’ve got in there, the spirulina, the chlorella. They’re packed full
of amazing stuff as well, but they’re gonna
go a little bit green. That is honestly so, so good, packed full of health benefits,
giving you everything that you’re after, your protein, your BCAAs,
your turmeric, digestive enzymes, pink Himalayan sea salt, everything is covered. One scoop and you’re
on your way to feeling epic.

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  1. sounds amazing that vegan fitness becomes more mainstream. but its too expensive. ill have to wait for this one.

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