Phormula-1 and Ignition Review – Build Muscle Faster With The Best Post Workout Stack

Phormula-1 and Ignition Review – Build Muscle Faster With The Best Post Workout Stack

what’s going on everybody I see you
clicked on to learn more about post workout nutrition button the great click
I think it’s a great click but i think it might be one of the most important
clicks to make because doing post-workout properly is probably the
best thing that you can do for your body and so many people do post-workout wrong
and they’re just not getting the full effects of all that effort they just put
in the gym yeah and in the reason being is because
whether you’re trying to gain lean mass or burn body fat post-workout is the
number one thing you can do to set your body up for that success right why is that when you’re training your
body does two things ok when I talk about training I talk about post
resistance training so lifting weights body pump class crossfit high intensity
cardio so hit training those types of environments when you’re really taxing
the muscle that’s what we talked about post-workout and-and-and really
resistance training sessions because you’re doing two things you’re breaking
down your muscle right you’re actually pumping blood into the muscle and you
taxing the muscles are using the muscle and to bring it down you have to repair
that right that’s really what the protein does in the second you’re
depleting muscle glycogen so glycogen is your body’s energy source so you have to
repair my flesh as well so you have to take a two-part approach to set yourself
up for success in the post-workout window now to dive in a little bit more
specifically yr post-workout because design properly and effectively for you
to use to get the best results possible formula One is a low temperature process
hydrolyzed isolate protein we break it into smaller fractions the best way i’ve
heard it described to me ever is taking imagine a starburst back right everybody
knows what a starburst back is and you break you open up the back and breaks it
into little bitty grams ok so there’s 20 amino acids inside of
one protein Graham so what we do is we just break those break that protein gram
into smaller pieces so your body can adjust it a much faster matter now like
in all of our protein goods we use low temperature process protein the most
bioavailable Rob good protein source on the market today it’s never introduced a
high heat or harsh chemicals you’re not gonna get gas you’re not gonna get
booked your body’s gonna have a much easier time ingesting that protein and
actually utilizing it to help repair those micrometer ok so those are the key
points and in looking for a post workout pro it’s gotta be fast but it’s got to be
bioavailable and so low temperature process is key so your body can utilize
a post-workout alright so now we’re going to talk about a condition ok it’s a pure decks and hydros glucose
crystal with an addict multivitamin ok what does that word mean ok in its simplest form it’s a
monosaccharide carbohydrate with a multivitamin and that’s important
because adding a multivitamin you just sweat right so you you deplete your
micro nutrient profile so it’s very important to add a multivitamin for my
credit profile in that setting ok but let’s get down to the actual the
meat of what this product is it’s a fast-acting carbohydrate so it’s a
monosaccharide carbohydrates so you have very fast-acting carbohydrates
monosaccharides and you have long chain carbohydrates they’re called
polysaccharides but they consist of here monosaccharide disaccharide right so
two little circles, Will give me tri there we go there’s a tri and if we have
poly we would add like more here it was kind of sticking over later yeah.
So your body can break down the single-cell really fast right which is
great in the post-workout setting especially because it repairs that
glycogen store. So we talked about when you’re training, you’re lifting weights or
weight resistance you’re creating little micro-trauma tears in your muscles lifting
weights but you’re burning gas right so you have to replenish that gas so little
monosaccharides replenish the gas the fastest that’s probably the only time
you want to take a monosaccharide is in and around your workout outside of that
you want to take long chain carbohydrates this is not like a
everyday carbohydrate for walking around it’s specifically designed for post workout
to get you the best results possible. The byproduct that like the second part
right, so you replenish your gas as fast as possible and that’s what
carbohydrates are designed to do, you in take them they turn it into muscle
glycogen on the inside of your body but the reason you really really want a
monosaccharide is because post-workout it spikes insulin so it shuts the
catabolic effect off, turns your body anabolic instantly what does that mean it
means it starts the recovery process instantaneously ok so you spike insulin
and it starts recovery starts taking the protein the best example that I’ve ever heard was it’s like taking a school bus right so insulin is the school bus when
your body spikes insulin it’s loading it’s sending the school
buses out well it loads it up with the kids (protein) right that’s why you take very
fast-acting hydrolyzed low temperature process very bioavailable protein
because your body can utilize it right away loads up the school bus and send it
out to repair the muscle that’s the key that’s the two part combination of
carbohydrates you want fast because you want to replenish the glycogen but the speed
also creates high insulin response post workout to help start the
repair and recovery process so it’s a two-part combination that makes ignition
the best post-workout carbohydrate weather your goal is gain lean mass or burn body fat
ok it only works that way there’s a lot of confusion about you know
carbohydrates like I said I’m a kid of the eighties, a product of the nineties carbs are not bad when used properly and
so post-workout this is the best carbohydrate you could possibly put your
body especially when paired with a low temperature processed, fast-acting
hydrolyzed protein like phormula 1 it’s a two-part combination that’s going to set
you up for the best results possible right and so to just recap on everything
that Sal said in kind of just wrap it up here quickly is that you know for
those people that are taking just a protein post-workout i really want to
hit on this is that you’re not giving your body exactly what it needs and
here’s more specifically why is because by giving your body just a protein your
body has to adhere to order of operations because it doesn’t care what
your body looks like it doesn’t care how strong you are it doesn’t care you know if you perform better the next
time in the gym wait you mean it doesn’t care that I look good on the beach? it does not not at all I know
you care about that and so by giving your body what it needs you’ll actually
be able to look better on the beach because your body will take your protein
and break it down through gluconeogenesis ok and what that means
is that it is going to take your protein and turn it into a glucose because it
has to replenish those glycogen stores those energy stores before any repair
process can actually happen okay it’s like you have to be able to afford the
gas in your car before you can supercharge it, upgrade it, do anything
like that okay that’s how I think about it so by taking just a protein you’re
really only doing half the battle and it’s a very slow recovery process you’re not going to get the
maximum benefits from taking a high glycemic carb (Ignition) with a quick
digesting rapid assimilating hydrolyzed whey protein isolate like Phormula 1 so
just once again recap it gives your body what it needs by replenishing its energy
stores and then actually repairing that muscle Will that was a great point, right and i
can’t i can’t express to you how important this is I have a large family I get asked this
question a lot of times online you know hey I just started my workout program
and my diet program I want to start supplements what-do-I what-do-I where-do-I
start? what’s the question the question is
always what are you taking post-workout because it’s proven it’s the most
effective thing you can do whether you’re trying to put on lean mass or
burn body fat ok and it’s setting your body up for the
best success possible so now we’re going to talk about our frequently asked
questions okay what we get asked the most about post-workout the most popular
question we get after people understand post-workout is like well how do i take it
and how much do I take and so what you want to do is post workout we’re going
to simply put your Phormula 1 and your Ignition in the same blender bottle and
drink it directly after your workout and we know that everyone’s definition of
post workout is a little bit different so i just want to clarify that for
post-workout you want to have your Ignition and your Phormula 1 in this
same blender bottle or shaker cup within about 20 to 30 minutes post-workout so as soon
as you’re done training 20 to 30 minutes get it in now that means if you’re done training you
want to drink it like at minute two go for it right but when he says 20-30 minutes you don’t go two to three hours right so
just make sure you’re getting it in somewhere around you know the 15 a
half-hour mark post workout is going to set you up for the best success now
what you’ll see is on the on the labels is that there is a female serving and a
male serving ok so for females we’re going to take one scoop of Phormula 1 with
half a scoop of Ignition for males we’re going to take two scoops of Phormula 1
with a full scoop of Ignition right that is a very good starting point if you
have any questions about is that the specific you know serving size that need for this type of training or that
type of training feel free to reach out to us okay we have a full team of
certified sports nutritionists, certified personal trainers and certified weight
loss specialists all through NASM ok so we’re here 24/7 you can
call us you can email us any of those type of questions let us handle that for
you to make sure that you have the confidence that you have the right
serving to get you that best results from all the hard work that you’re
putting in the gym yeah and and to take that one step
further and that’s that’s a great starting point the serving size might
change a little but it’s totally based on how hard you train how long you train
so these are generalized recommendations for your standard workout you know
that’s gonna be 45 minutes to an hour now there are you know extenuating
circumstances some people train in a half-hour some people trained for an
hour-and-a-half again these are very generalized there’s only so many things
you can fit in a label but if you do have a question just like Will said on
how to best set yourself up for success reach out to us we’re here to help question number two do Oh back on that or be I don’t want to
take a carbohydrate post-workout because I’m losing fat false if you take
the appropriate amount of post-workout carbohydrate post-workout carbohydrate
paired with the appropriate amount of low-temperature
process hydrolyzed isolate protein you can actually set yourself up to burn
more fat okay and why that is like i said that i
touched base on before I’m the baby of the eighties i’m a product of the nineties
the whole you know no carbs I’m gonna lose fat diet don’t bite off on it if
you need help and want more education we can help you there as well but if you
take the appropriate amount of carbohydrates post-workout and really
utilizing carbohydrates throughout the day you can set yourself up to burn
more fat ok because you’re repairing your body in
a specific order in which it needs to recover itself your body’s going to
really tell itself but really I don’t need this fat I kind of let it go your body’s gonna switch to use fat as
fuel source because you’re repairing carbs you’re repairing protein the one
thing you’re not repairing is fat right the 3 micro excuse me 3
macronutrients it’s going to trigger your body to burn more fat ok so don’t be fooled by some of the fad
diets again we’re here to help if you have a question how to better burn fat
we can help you with that as well three right quick number three c or tres tres why aren’t they in the same bottle last post workout I took they were in the same bottle the short answer that is because we do
things the proper way right honestly would be easier for us to put them in
one bottle i got two labels two lids two storage space bottles i got storage space
in the warehouse but the fact that matter is everybody requires a little bit
different macronutrient uptake post-workout tell’em about what we did ok so we actually tried to put the two
into one bottle and just see how it goes right so we actually died the ignition
pink left the protein white ok so then we shipped it out we shipped it
back to ourselves just like it would on the way to your house and when we opened
it all the protein was at the top and all of the carbs were at the bottom we
even put the lid back on tried to re-shake it or or fluff it or mix it and
still a lot of the carbs were at the bottom so you scoop into it first couple
workouts you’re getting all protein last couple workouts aah you’re getting all carbs ok and
once again you need both in the right amounts to recover properly so yeah everybody’s got different goals right but you have to be able to
manage those those macronutrients to be able to achieve those goals right so in
the proper amounts post workout is going to set you up for the best success
possible so for us to put them into one bottle is not doing you justice yeah it’s a little bit more effort on
our because we have to educate you and teach and and and help people understand
when where why how we have to ship more we have to store more there’s a big
there’s a lot of things involved but you’re gonna get the best results
possible and that’s what we’re committed to the company and that’s why we’re
going to help you Quattro number four d oh yeah it says on
the label for pre-workout use phormula 1 ignition one scoop half scoop I thought it was a post-workout shake
alright let’s break this down because it can get very confusing but i want you
to understand the combination of the two is going to it’s kind of like when I go
back to talk about the car analogy right for your gas tank getting some
carbohydrate into your body intra workout or pre-workout it’s gonna help fuel
your workouts it’s gonna help give you a little extra gas to get to your
destination right and then adding the protein to that combination is going to
help start the repair process and get you aminos into your system so when
you start the breakdown process the recovery process starts on its own so
it’s not designed to take a full shake pre-workout but sip on the shake before
we workout going into your workout it’s gonna better fuel your workout and give
you a better overall performance right in a very popular time to take you know
phormula 1 and ignition pre-workout is if you’re someone that wakes up and like
rolls out of bed and go straight to the gym and you don’t want to eat or you
know gives you an upset stomach if you do eat well ya know phormula 1 and ignition would be
a perfect thing to take right then because it’s gonna be light it’s gonna
sit well on your stomach and like sal said it’s just gonna fuel that
workout yeah but sip on it don’t slam it’s a
sipping type atmosphere at that point another time would be you know if you
eat lunch at say 12 and you don’t train until
like five or six pm you’ve burned a lot of your calories and you start to tap into
glycogen at that point assuming you’re on a proper diet so it’s nice to have a
little fuel going into your workout to give you kind of an extra bump but again
like all of the questions if you have a question or really alright this is my
schedule how does it work for me shoot us over an email or call will be sure to
answer your question get you moving in the right direction if you’ve made it
this far in the video i don’t know how many minutes this is going to be right
and you haven’t fallen asleep good for you because you’re gonna get better results oh yeah that means that we’ve done our
job of educating you on how to get better lose more fat gain more lean
muscle i really appreciate the opportunity to earn your business we care about our products we care more
importantly about our customers and it when it comes to helping you guys get
results there’s nothing we will not do always
feel free to reach out to us befriend us check us out on social thank you guys most importantly for your time because i
know it’s very valuable but i hope you have a wonderful day and let us help you
along your fitness journey

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