Piriformis Test & Simple Treatment That Works; Everything You Need to Know!

Piriformis Test & Simple Treatment That Works; Everything You Need to Know!

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  1. Hello. Thank you for the video. Can you please explain to me how the capsular pattern is determined in passive movements…

  2. Great video! Y'all had so much fun too lol. Piriformis syndrome is just as painful as sciatica and I'm glad y'all covered it.

  3. Hi I have a question.. I have piriformis syndrome and SI joint dysfunction ( doesn’t move) the symptoms I find are so similar to one another I never know if one is getting better or if even though I do the piriformis stretches etc I’m not getting relief because of the SI. I’ve also had 2 hip surgery worth noting here so I’m a mess lol! But you think it’s all connected? How do I rehab multiple similar problems with a successful outcome? Thanks!!

  4. I surely like the PureWave massager for this glut massage plus your good stretches. Good combination. It got me over PS which I had for 9 LONG months.

  5. Maaaannnn… this is totally me. I’ve had a really bad flare up and it’s lasted three weeks now. All I do is stretch, ice and use my TENS. Once it’s all warmed up I’m “ok” but it’s constant pain unless I’m laying flat on my back 24/7

  6. Thank you for this video — I tested positive on my Rt. piriformis, so will do the stretch.
    — if you showed the massage on your skeleton, Roger, it might help us visualize the area a little better. Just my 2 cents : )

  7. Thank you so much for this! my mother probably has this, we have been going to different docs, but nobody has done this diagnosis, she does have a bursitis and very debilitating sciatica but does not have a herniated disc and she does not seem to get much better long term, I am wondering if the massager may help her out, but first the first steps… LOVE YOUR CHANNEL!

  8. Have you made a video about the nerve that gets between that triangle bone and the hip bone? How do you get it unpinched? Mine has been pinched most of my life. It has unpinched twice in my life and I felt great! Then it pinched again. Three different chiropractors seemed clueless when I tried to describe it. One of them actually pinched it back when I told him it was free. He used an air powered manipulator on that place like a nail gun. It gave me a splitting headache for several days. Please direct me to a video if you have any.

  9. I have a tender spot and very low grade pain/ weird sensation running down my leg only when I lie down to go to sleep. Rest of the times, no problem. Doing these stretches really helps. Is it my piriformis?

  10. I had piriformis syndrome with the pain going down my right leg. I followed the recommendations of many, and began to stretch and roll the muscle. It made it worse. Then I watched a video from gym instructor, who said that people often make the mistake of stretching the muscle, when it should be contracted, i.e. the piriformis is too weak, causing it to become inflamed. After soothing the inflammation, I started doing side-lying clam exercises with various exercise bands to build it up – and the pain disappeared.
    The conclusion is If you have a tight muscle, then stretch it; but if it is just sore, you may need to increase its strength.

  11. Thanks BOb & Brad, but I have a hip pain that radiate to the front of my thigh to the knee and after 20 to 30 steps (some time less ) or when stand for long time I start to limp when I walk, can you help in any way. Thanks in advance , following you from Iraq.

  12. Thank you so much, guys ! That’s exactly what I have! Very useful video !🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭

  13. There is quite much debate of using foam roller to relax the muscle. Is there any studies that confirm the benefit of using it?

  14. The Worm is a great tool I picked up at a massage therapy supply store. It's a tube sack with 4 tennis-type balls in it. I have never found any self-massage tool as good for working on glutes. You can lie or sit on it and can pin point targets or work a large area… And I have strained my piriformis before; so, I tried everything.

  15. Thanks for the video. Just what I needed to see. I've been working on my R piriformis muscle in a similar way to the video. At its worst I couldn't walk 100 yards before it became excruciating. When I asked my Orthopedic surgeon if the pain could be piriformis syndrome, he was so offhand. "No such thing" he said

  16. I’m currently getting graston therapy treatment from my chiropractor. He determined that it was sciatica however now I’m thinking it’s Piriformis. I have pain going to the front of my hip almost like a locking licking pain. Would this be coming from sciatica or Piriformis? I’m on Guam so my medical treatment is limited. I always come to your channel for help. Thank you so much for you videos. So fun and easy to watch!

  17. Hey Bob/Brad could you please tell me what table you are using in the video? I need a portable stretching table for clients… do you have a good recommendation? Thank you!

  18. Another great video. It is almost like you know exactly where my pain spots are, lol (even on the same side) I will certainly try those exercises. 👍

  19. Thanks, Bob and Brad! This confirms the treatment I am presently getting for this condition…I sure will look into that massager! Have a great day! 🙂

  20. Simply strerching by bending over and touching my toes has kept my piriformis symptoms from getting worse

  21. This video was right on time. I'm struggling with this now and was just thinking I need to go and check Bob and Brad's channel for piriformis issues

  22. When ever I lift my leg (knee) above my hip I get a popping thud in my hip area. When doing leg raises hanging from the bar or even lying on my back doing leg raises. Standing and just raise my leg… Any idea what this could be and how to treat it?

  23. Thanks docs this is quite informative. The thing i have the pain located in my glutes inside deep and whenever i sit and suddenly stand i feel my leg is stuck for a moment, its like blood is not going through. But the tests didn't really trigger anything. Could it be a maybe different muscle than the piriformis?

  24. Wish I could have seen this video before!
    I overcame chronic piriformis syndrome (2 years) just this season.
    I'm a young mountain athlete and I had piriformis syndrome in my left glute, it affected me when ski touring uphill and prevented me from training and racing effectively. It also affected me a little when mountain running.

    I tried a lot of things and couldn't get rid of it until I started Glute Activation exercises (hip extensions, donkey kicks) and realised in my case, my glutes were too weak and overtrained, so they were "asleep" (gluteal amnesia).
    Now after some weeks teaching them to switch back on, with strengthening too (once able to activate them in exercises, I do pistol squats, lunges and glute thrusts) the pain went away VERY quickly… didn't take long at all. After 2 years of sciatica-like pain down my leg!

    It hasn't come back at all. Hope this helps someone!

  25. Thank you for showing on the skeleton with muscles and nerves illustrated.👍🏼 I guess I’m a visual learner!😁

  26. Thanks, I got hit in the butt by a car when riding a bike, many years ago. Something about it screwed up that muscle . I have been doing the stretches and it is getting better . I do appreciate this. It has been almost 30 years. Never thought it would improve , but it is really much better than it has ever been ❤️

  27. I bought a percussion massager based on your videos and it is brilliant! That and the leg wedge are absolute god sends xx

  28. This video was perfectly timed! I am dealing with this now and have started doing the stretches and exercises. In addition to the that, was wondering if a TENS unit would be helpful. Thoughts?
    Love you guys! Always helpful and just make the day brighter!

  29. Yeah I was going to ask how you get a 89 year old on the floor. Lol. Ok so get her a massager.

  30. This is so applicable to my life! I have SI joint dysfunction due to ankyolising spond.& degenerative issues resulting in surgeries ( 4), including fusion of L5/S1..i suffer from sciatica pain, pinformis pain and can use all of the info and help I can get!

  31. You guys are the best and seem to post exactly what I need right now. I'm not 100% sure it's piriformis but it sure does "pass" the test. Do you have a link to the massager you are recommending or can you tell me the name and model, again? Thanks for all you do!!

  32. Thanks Guys. I have LFCN entrapment on the right side, sciatic pain from nerve damage following a complex transverse sacrum fracture as well as piriformis syndrome. All on my right side. Pain, pain and more pain…. Love your videos Fellas. 🙂

  33. Question: My problem has been confused with the bulging disk and it's been lasted for 5 months. I've had physio, acupuncture, and chiropractic adjustments with not much help. How long does it take for piriformis to heal?

  34. Omg!!! This is exactly what I have! I've suffered for years! Omg, omg omg. Crying….thank you so much for your videos. You are helping me soooooooo much, saving me from terrible pain and suffering. You must be heaven sent. Thank you!!!

  35. I do these stretches, along with clamshells. Very helpful, IF I do them consistently. I do the stretches daily, but not so faithful about clamshells. Also use a lacrosse ball to loosen up the butt cheek. Next stop: Amazon, for the massager. Thanks for the videos; they've been really helpful in reinforcing what I need to do.

  36. I appreciate these videos. I won't be able to afford to seek treatment for about 7-8 weeks. I have had SI joint pain and Piriformis pain in the past. I slacked off on my strengthening exercises over the years and now the pain is back with a vengeance. Do you think I can get these two issues resolved on my own just to the point where I can sleep? For the next few weeks until I can see someone?

  37. What if you don’t feel stretch at all ! I have the same problem to the point when my right glut hearts bad when I sit especially driving but unfortunately doing that stretch exercice didn’t make to feel a stretch at all !!

  38. This video is greatly needed for me at this time…..I have learned so much from your videos! Thanks for doing this and helping so many people! (BTW, your new microphones are cool and all but maybe if you lowered them about chin/jaw level your voices would sound the same again….right now too nasal)

  39. Hi bob and brad! I have some questions, I have an herniated disc in l5- s1 and a bulging disc in l4-l5.
    Most of the time I don’t feel a pain in my low back (maybe like once a month) but I always feel pain exactly where the Piriformis is and down the leg when I do this stretch.
    So what do you think I need to do? Every time I stretch this muscle I will feel the same the day after. I’m in this situation for more then a year!
    My hamstrings are tight too, always, not mutter how much I try to stretch them and working them out. Nothing works.
    Please help me. Thanks !

  40. Thank you for saying in a previous video that sciatica is usually a matter of having a slipped / herniated disc…or a pinched piriformis. I've been suffering from severe pain down my right leg for the past 2 1/2 months caused by my improper stretching exercises I was doing while trying to limbered up to do splits like Jean Claude VanDamme. Well, after seeing a couple chiropractors and an urgent care office, I gathered from an X-ray that my spine was just fine…so it must be a piriformis issue. Much of my ache started around the back of my right hip and went down to the front of my shin. I got a Wahl percussion massager from Walmart (not cordless, but was 10 bucks less than the one in your vid…and didn't have to wait for shipping) and it about makes my ears ring with delight when I hit a couple pressure points in that general region of my buttock. I wish the doctors I saw had a better understanding of this condition (false sciatica) and not try to treat it with acupuncture, cold pack regimen, medication, or other "therapies" which are a waste of time and money. I'm thankful that there is hope that I won't be stuck with this condition for the rest of my life…as I really depend on my legs for my line of work…which I've had to slack off of a bit here lately due to the pain which ibuprofen and tylenol mix just does nothing for relieving this kind of (nerve) pain. About the only thing that's helped my pain go away is simply sitting down on a firm chair…and crossing my right foot over my left knee.

  41. Do you recommend massaging or rolling on both sides of the body, even though the pain is only on one side?

  42. I love your videos! Thank you so much for providing much needed information! I’ve had piriformis syndrome for more than a month now and it really has put a damper on my mood. You two just brightened my day!

  43. I have a problem with my hip, when I raise my straight left leg to the left (outer) side around or more than 90° in position to the other leg, it starts to hurt around one place under the left hip (I would say about 10-12cm under the hip). I think it's the muscle Tensor Fascia Latae. Also sometimes, when I go slightly over the limit, when it starts to hurt, the Hip cracks a little bit and suddenly the pain is gone and I can move the leg pretty freely for few minutes, until it gets tight again.
    It all started when I split my legs in the air in a sport 2 years ago. Felt a silent spiky pain, that was gone after few minutes. But at the end of the training, I was also practising the gymnastic Leg Split.
    Nothing except this doesn't really cause the pain in my hip.
    Also, my Illpsoas on the Left leg is tighter than on the other leg.

  44. I have pain in both legs.Spine surgeon told me that its a muscle pain base on my MRI. Feels better after piriformis stretch ?What do you think ?Is it piriformis syndrome?

  45. you guys are excellent! I've had this recurring symptom (which several professionals failed to diagnose) and has gotten progressively worse. My burning pain went from my sacro… joint through my butt and right hip and down around my outer thigh. I had physical therapy which helped a bit but plateaued and never went away entirely. I did prescribed exercises religiously every morning and walked several mile per day. I experimented by eliminating certain exercise and adding others. was doing much better except when standing in place for more than a few minutes – then my hip and sacro -joint would begin to hurt. I had a recent 3 week bout after a 2 hour kayaking outing. when getting into the boat, I kind of whipped my lower back when I went to sit against the seat rest but it had slipped away. it didn't hurt right away, but by the next morning I could hardly roll out of bed! Any way, I slowly have recouperated to the point where I could do my exercises again. I started reading articles on the net and found your video about the piriformis which totally made sense for me. Thank You!

  46. Hey guys I've had just glute pain. In the same spot for 7 months.?no leg issue. Doctor suggested to go to pysio. Should I try these first?

  47. I’ve got tenderness/pain in my left glute from about midpoint to the hip on the side… some pain in the knee occasionally… could that be the piriformis muscle?

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