Posterior Compartment of Forearm Muscles (preview) – Human Anatomy | Kenhub

Posterior Compartment of Forearm Muscles (preview) – Human Anatomy | Kenhub

Hello, everyone! This is Joao from Kenhub,
and welcome to another anatomy tutorial where, this time, we’re going to be covering the
posterior compartment forearm muscles. So what we’re going to be essentially do
on this tutorial is look at this image that you see right now, which is the posterior
side of the arm, as we were looking at the anatomical position of the arm and then looking
at the back of your arm and seeing these muscles that you see here, and we’re going to be
describing them, not only being able to identify these muscle but also talking about their
origins, insertions, innervation, functions, and a little bit of related clinical anatomy. Now, the posterior compartment of the forearm
is divided from the anterior compartment of the forearm muscles, which by the way there
is a tutorial here at Kenhub that you can watch and learn about the muscles that you
find on the anterior compartment of the forearm. And these two compartments are divided by
deep fascia, the lateral deep intermuscular septum… Hey guys, as you can see, this video is a
preview which is reserved to Kenhub premium members. Why not become one today? As a premium
member, you’ll get access to this video as well as other videos, quizzes, articles,
and our atlas of human anatomy—everything you need to learn anatomy in the most fun
and efficient way. Join us and let’s continue learning together!

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  1. Hi everyone! Hope you enjoyed this sneak peek at our video on the posterior forearm muscles. There is still a lot more to go through. So don't miss it! If you're not a Kenhub Premium member yet, we have this free article which covers the superficial forearm extensors in great detail: See you there!

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