Posterior Shin Splints Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

Posterior Shin Splints Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo. I’ve had a
lot of people asking me about Posterior Shin Splints. So today I’m gonna show you how to
do some stretches and exercises for posterior shin splints. Let’s get started. Now I already have some exercises and stretches for anterior shin splints. And those are on the outside
of the leg. Now posterior shin splints, you would think kind of in the back. But the pain
you feel is really on the inside front here. So it’s a little bit lower because the posterior
shin splints actually come around that little bump there and then come up towards the back
of the leg. So you feel the pain here verses here. So basically the stretches you would
do would be the opposite of the anterior stretches. So the anterior stretches you usually go out
this way, so the posterior your kind of gonna go out this way. So the first one is gonna
be kind of a soleus stretch which is the muscle underneath your calf, but to push it inwards
when your stretching to get that posterior tibialis stretch in there as well. So just
starting off, your gonna put the foot you want to stretch in the back and the one in
the front the knee’s gonna be bent a little bit. Try and keep your feet forward. And then
you’re gonna go forward and the bend the back knee as well. That’s gonna kind of activate
stretching that soleus stretch. So once you bend your knee a little bit, then you’re gonna
bend you knee inward to get that stretch. I feel that stretch on the inside through
there so it’s kind of a combination move. You’re gonna bend that back knee and then
turn the knee inwards for a stretch. So that’s a pretty strong stretch. You don’t want it
to hurt, you just want to feel a lot of tension. So again, bend the knee forward, turn that
knee in and hold it for about 30 seconds. Then you’re gonna do 3 of those. Coming back
out. The next one kind of a more exercise type thing is gonna be the foot drag. Now
again with the anterior, you go on the outside. With the posterior you’re gonna turn outwards
so your big toe’s on the ground and then just kind of drag forward for a foot drag. So kind
of steady yourself and then just drag, and don’t pull up the mat as you go. So again,
not putting a lot of pressure through it cause you’re probably gonna be pretty tender there,
but just turning it inwards there and pulling through as you stretch. And then as you get
feeling better, then you can put a little more pressure downwards and slide it forwards.
So the next stretches are gonna be down on the ground. For the next stretch, you’re gonna
get down on the ground on your knees. Now again with the anterior stretch, you’re turning
your foot it, but with the posterior stretch, you’re gonna turn your feet out with your
big toes kind of on the ground. If you wanna just do the one you want to stretch, that
might be a little more comfortable and then you’re just gonna sit back onto your leg.
So you’re getting that inner stretch in there. Now if you want more of a stretch go ahead
and do both of them and that will get more of a stretch in there. Now remember it’s probably
gonna be pretty uncomfortable and so you might just be able to get to here when you feel
the stretch and then eventually you’ll be able to work your way back. But try and hold
the stretch initially for 30 seconds and do that 3 times. You might want to stretch both
anterior and posterior if you can. So sitting back one way, and then switching, and sitting
back again. For the last stretch, it’s just gonna be a general calf stretch because all
those muscles kind of come around together. I like using a strap to stretch out my calf.
So you want to put the strap at the balls of your feet, not just at your toes, not way
down, but right there at the balls of your feet. And then pull to get that stretch. So
you’re not actually bringing your foot back. You’re using the strap to stretch. So just
holding that stretch about 30 seconds and then relax. And then pull again. If you want
to get a little more stretch on the inside, you can turn your foot out slightly and then
do that stretch as well. If you don’t have a strap, you can also use a dog leash or a
belt and do the same motions. You can even use a long beach towel if you have one of
these and you just roll it up. So there you have it. Those were your stretches and exercises
for your posterior shin splints. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments
section. If you’d like to check out some other videos, go to Don’t forget
to like us. And remember, be safe. Have fun. And I hope you feel better soon.

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  1. I started having the pain on the said part after buying my shoe. I only use it during playing sports and the pain starts around an hour after wearing the shoe. Do you think the shoe is causing the pain on my posterior? Thanks

  2. This worked, i feel lot better while running. i am running for short distance though, but it is very helpful. I am also using foam roller massage after my cycling and running completes it gives me lot of relief, a big thanks for that,

  3. doctorJo, may i ask if it is normal that whenever i come out of the stretch (the one where you got to your knees with the toes pointing outward), i get plenty of clicking especially in the leg where the posterior shin splint is more pronounced . Is this something to take note of ?

  4. I am an athletic person i do soccer and boxing then go to the gym at night I been doing so much stressing on my body especially on my calves that I caught a shin splin on both my legs and i took a 1 week off and during that week i did these excersices and I feel relieved i feel stronger and more agile​ thank you so much

  5. I've had posterior shin splints for a long time now. Every physio I've been to focused on something different but mainly it was targeting strengthening the muscles on the anterior side. Problem is the posterior pain has become worse. Would you recommend cooling off the anterior strengthening and focusing on this videos exercises? I've had scans and anything worse than shin splints was ruled out. Matt

  6. Hi I am a very athletic person and have been playing laccrose but all season have been struggling with shin splints have tried stretches and feel like it is getting worse and I don't know if it may be a stress fracture

  7. Watch some of my Stretches and Exercises for ANTERIOR Shin Splints here:

  8. Hello. I've been playing basketball for 3 years very intensively and without enough resting and without warming up. When I step on it I have a fallen arch. But when There is no pressure on my foot there seems that there is an arch. I have posterior tibial tendon pain, heel pain and shin splints. I have been resting for almost 3 weeks. Could you please give me any recovery tips?

  9. yay!! thanks dr. jo! I found your videos and started trying these immediately (while I was at work hehe). I've tried to incorporate calf raises more often into my stretching routine before I go on a run (I have my first half marathon in February!) That, as well as the stretch you showed in a different video where your standing off a step in a step ladder, for some reason makes my foot cramp up at the bottom. I've had this problem for a while, even before I started running more often. Do you address this in any of your videos or recommend one for me to watch? Thank you! Your videos are awesome, just signed up to your Patreon!

  10. Dr. Jo i had posterior shin splints. Earlier i had lot of pain even while walking ,but then i took some rest and add few supplements. Now the pain has gone. I am also doing the stretching and strengthening excercises that you recommending. But please tell me when should i have to start my Sprint training… Because 3 times it happened to me. I got injured,cure my self up. As soon as i start my training , in the middle of my training my shins again start hurting.

  11. Thanks a lot… coming from someone who has always all childhood on a hospital campus (my father is an orthopedic surgeon) and lived among doctors from different specializations. I do and always will have the highest respect for the profession of doctors.

  12. Hey Doctor Jo, I developed Posterior Shin splints a couple weeks ago and tried no pole vaulting for a couple of days and icing it as this helped my perineal tendinitis a while back but after jumping again today they don’t feel any better. So I will definitely be doing these exercises. Also how often do I do them a day/week? And anymore advice for a quick recovery?

  13. Thanks doctor for such a valuable suggestion. The people like you, are proving to world that money is not everthing.
    One question doctor, should i continue jogging with these symptoms of shin splints ?

  14. Posterior shin splints suck man!! I’m a junior as of Nov. 2018, I’ve been having this pain since January 2018 as a sophomore, I never really payed any mind to it but now they’re bad, like I can barely run for 1 lap around a basketball court without the shin splints kicking in

  15. We managed to do a clinically study on a medical device here in Australia that showed effective treatment, would love to hear the thoughts of a trusted doctor about how the device works 🙂

  16. hello! I'm from the Philippines.I play basketball always ,

    I also experienced the shin splint . Shint splint recovered but still back.

    what should I do?

  17. Either I'm too flexible for these stretches or I'm doing them wrong because I feel absolutely nothing when doing them. How do I stretch the inside of my calf when most stretches don't work?

  18. MADAM actually i have postrior shin splints from last 2 year i also went to physiothrerpist . he puts his machine to cure it and it curved shape improved little bit bt not completly now i again start running and i just feel some swelling type in that part of leg please help me . will these exrcise help me or anything other tht should i do .. please reply

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