POTASSIUM: The MOST Important Electrolyte – MUST WATCH!

POTASSIUM: The MOST Important Electrolyte – MUST WATCH!

Hey, guys, Dr. Berg here. I want to do a video on the most important
electrolyte. Let me explain what electrolyte is. If you ever take salt and put it in water
and dissolve it, it disassociates. The sodium and chloride disconnect and they
become two separate minerals. That fluid is very electrically conductive. Basically, electrolytes have to do with minerals
that help conduct electricity in the body. They help with a lot of different things. As far as electrolytes, it would be potassium,
sodium, magnesium, calcium, chlorides, all those minerals. Potassium, out of all of the electrolytes,
is the one that we need in very large quantities. I was curious, why is that? Why do we need the potassium in such large
amounts? I’m talking 4,700 milligrams to 6,000 milligrams
every single day. That’s equivalent to 7-10+ cups of salad or
vegetable every single day. That’s a lot. That’s odd to me. No one consumes that much. Let’s go dig further on exactly why we need
potassium. There’s something in the body called the sodium-potassium
pump. It’s built in a little protein connected to
an enzyme. It forms a whole enzyme on the surface of
your cells. You have between 800,000 to 30 million of
these little, tiny pumps. They’re little generators that generate electricity
to allow things to go through the cell. They take a lot of energy to work. In fact, 1/3 of all the food that you eat,
the energy of 1/3 of your diet, goes to running those pumps. You also have another pump in the stomach
called the hydrogen potassium ATPase. Don’t worry about the name, but it’s basically
another pump that’s build with potassium that allows you to create stomach acid to help
you digest. These pumps also are in the muscles, they’re
in the nervous system, and the pumps in the nervous system use about 60% of your body’s
caloric intake of energy. In other words, these pumps are really critically
important in exchanging nutrition, glucose, amino acids, and other minerals to allow them
to transport in and out of the cell. Potassium is essential for building the pumps
to allow these functions right here. They charge the cell electrically. Your cells have certain voltage that allows
things to work and go in and out of the cell and create different energy. In fact, your energy that you have that controls
your metabolism is controlled partly by this little pump. It charges the cell electrically. It gives you energy. It helps the muscles contract to relax because
it allows calcium to go into the cell, as well. It controls the transport of calcium. Wow, interesting. If you’re low on something in this pump and
these pumps aren’t working, your calcium is not going to relax the muscle, so you’ll get
muscle cramps from potassium, but it’s really calcium, but we can’t fix it by giving you
calcium. We have to give you potassium. I’ll get more into that. The muscle needs this pump. The nerves to conduct electricity need this
pump desperately. Fluid, the transport of fluid, the hydration
of your body is controlled by this pump and your overall physical energy. Since potassium is so hard to get in the diet
because people don’t realize how much need and they’re not eating enough vegetables,
you can experience a set of symptoms that I’m going to describe to you and you might
have some of these. Number one, fatigue. Fatigue can come from a potassium deficiency
because if you don’t have enough potassium, your cells, electrically, are going to be
way, way, way down there. You can’t pump anymore. That’s why when people start eating more potassium
foods, they have some more energy. The problem is if you try to take a potassium
pill, it only is comprising about 40 milligrams, maybe 90 milligrams. You need 4,700 milligrams. You’d have to have a whole bottle. The pills are not going to work. Plus, if you took that much potassium without
the other minerals, you can throw it out of balance. You want to get your potassium from food or
food concentrates. Then we have energy fatigue. We have muscle fatigue. If you go up a flight of stairs and you feel
like your legs are really heavy or you don’t have the endurance, that is a potassium deficiency. Nerve, if the nerve is tired, your electrical
impulses won’t work, so you have arrhythmias, you’ll have an alteration in heartbeat problems,
skip beats, atrial fib, [inaudible 00:05:16] electrolyte deficiency. Fluid, fluid retention, swollen ankles. That’s a potassium deficiency. What do doctors do? They tell you to avoid salt. Big mistake. You should increase potassium. Then overall, just energy in the cell to work
correctly. In the stomach, if you don’t have enough potassium,
you can’t create the acid that you need to help digest protein and absorb other minerals. Again, the potassium is needed for the stomach,
the nerves, the muscles, for energy, for fluid, for hydration, all of these things. Now that you know that, let’s talk about how
you become deficient. Number one reason is you don’t have enough
potassium in the diet. You need to consume 7-10 cups of vegetable
or salad a day to achieve this. I enhance this with food concentrates a lot
of times if I can’t get the quantity, and I use my wheat grass juice powder. I take a teaspoon of that, and that will give
me a blend of a lot of potassium and magnesium and a lot of other things to be able to spike
that sodium-potassium pump, to boost my energy, as well. Vomiting, diarrhea will also create a deficiency. Surgery, when you get a surgery, what happens
is your potassium just dumps because of the stress. That’s why they always give you a potassium
IV because to replenish that potassium. Stress will also decrease potassium. Let me just grab this book right here, my
favorite CIBA Encyclopedia for Endocrinology. We got right here, adrenal stress. Right here, it creates potassium loss. It’s stress create a loss of potassium through
the urine. Sugar creates a deficiency of potassium. Why? Because insulin is the hormone that helps
you absorb nutrients. It also causes everything to go into fat. If you have a problem with insulin, like insulin
resistance, you can’t pull glucose into the cell, and that’s why your craving sweets,
by the way, but, see, what insulin does, it only acts as a trigger for the sodium-potassium
pump to trigger the absorption of nutrients. That doesn’t get triggered, so you can’t absorb
things. By taking more potassium, you can actually
decrease the need for insulin, and that’s what I recommend for my diabetics. It’s very difficult to fix diabetes without
enough potassium, without enough vegetable. If you have a lot of sugar, that’ll deplete
potassium. If you take potassium, it’ll help with cravings
and decrease your need for insulin. Diuretics, blood pressure, if you’re low in
potassium, your blood pressure will go up, and you also have problems with calcium not
moving in the correct places. That’s why the doctors give you a diuretic
to get rid of fluid, and they give you a calcium channel blocker for high blood pressure, but
they don’t recommend enough potassium. There’s so many people that consume enough
potassium and their blood pressure comes down. Diuretics will deplete your potassium. They get rid of electrolytes, your blood pressure
stays high. Salt, sodium-potassium, they always work in
a balance. The reason I’m not talking about salt is that
your body will tend to conserve salt more than potassium and also people have a lot
of extra salt in their diet, naturally just eat more salt than potassium, so they’re rarely
deficient in salt. Too much salt can deplete potassium. Alcohol will deplete potassium. The last one is ketogenic diets, which is
interesting. You go on a higher fat, low carb diet, what
happens, you will deplete potassium. Thus, the reason why I tell you to consume
more vegetable when you do a high fat diet, so you can replenish the potassium and feel
fine because a lot of times you’ll dump a lot of water from losing a lot of fat, as
well, when you’re burning fat or you might feel fatigued or you might feel constipated. By adding more potassium from the vegetable
… It’s not the fiber. It’s potassium in that food that will help
flush you out and you keep the liver clean and help these pumps work a lot better. I just wanted to give you an idea of the most
important electrolyte, what it does in your body. That’s what electrolytes do. Then also how you become deficient and what
you need to do to correct this. Hope this helped. I will see you in the next video.

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  1. I wanted to ask a question about potassium citrate from BULK SUPPLEMENTS . COM ! on the facts label it says serving size is 275 mg and amount per serving is 99 mg ( as potassium citrate ) is this saying that for every 275 mg I will be taking 99 mg of potassium. the package is 1 kg and says no other ingredients, free of sugar ,soy , dairy ,yeast , gluten , or additives. please help, I don't want to take the wrong amount .

  2. 2 questions
    1) How many micro grams of potassium can I have in a day when I am fasting eating cream of tartar?
    2) how many mcg of potassium can I take daily from cream of tarter to get to my total 4700 hundred a day to compensate deficiency.

  3. today I created a recipe for a potassium soup. did you know recommended potassium intake per day for human is 4700 mg? and the average person only receives about 1,700 mg! so how do we make up the balance? it must come from potassium rich foods. I created this soup to make it easy to reach my potassium intake each day. just by having one bowl of this delicious soup will give me close to my daily need for potassium. the ingredients I put in the soup are as follows.. one 12 oz bag of kaleslaw salad from the produce section at Walmart. It contains broccoli, kale, radicchio, carrots and red cabbage. I emptied that into a pot and covered it with water. I then cut up a sweet potato and onion and threw it in the pot. then sprinkled the mixture with garlic powder and chicken broth and black pepper to taste. I covered the pot and let all the veggies boil until soft. I then added two scoops of chunky peanut butter, two scoops of coconut oil, some vanilla, and half a lemon. then continued to boil until everything was very soft then I transferred it to a blender to make it smooth. then I added one can of northern beans. once the soup was finished, I dished up a bowl and garnished it with an entire avocado and a fresh slice of lemon. it was very delicious and an easy way to reach my potassium level for the day. the ingredients I used for this soup,made enough to probably have a bowl every day for 4 to 5 days. so if you're looking for a delicious way to reach your potassium levels and get your cruciferous foods into your diet. give this delicious recipe a try!

  4. I got my potassium cream a tartar from Amazon but Iโ€™m now looking for exactly how much I need to take besides eating the foods filled with potassium of course. I have to go through all my bad videos to see if anyone mentioned it I think if you do your diagnosing but you canโ€™t say a teaspoon impulse yada yada and you need this much? Please let me know

  5. I have PVC's, my cardiologist told me to eat apricots. He said they have more potassium than bananas. I'm taking supplements because I don't want all the sugar from the fruit.

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  7. Hi Dr. Berg. I do intermittent fasting of a minimum of 22hrs every day and have a 1-2hr window where I eat. I can only eat one meal so I know the veges I eat in that one meal doesnt provide me with enough potassium that is recommended. Do you have any suggestions on how I can increase my potassium in that small window for those of us who practice IF?

  8. Since i started consuming pottasium over 3000mg each day i stopped taking my high blood pressure pills. Im calm. My nerves are calm. I feel stronger. Ive been able to push my myself harder in soccer training and im 38 years old.

  9. Hey everyone I have a medical question, can a lack of potassium or electrolyte imbalance cause stomach bug like symptoms? I get attacks a few times a year with severe pain around the belly button followed by vomiting but not nausea, pain doesn't decrease with vomiting or bowl movement. Symptoms can disappear very quickly (a few minutes) but usually start with digestive issues. All medical tests have come back negative except I get dehydrated when it happens. IV drip cleared it once with anti nausea and something for gastric relief. Morphine had little to no effect on the pain. It's not the usual symptoms I have had with something like food poisoning. I am thinking some sort of food allergy, digestive spasm/ cramping. Thanks for any advice.

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  13. No electrolyte is more crucial than Magnesium and we are more deficient in Magnesium more than any other nutrient. Magnesium is the conductor of all energy production in the body. Potassium is important as are all nutrients but once again Berg disappoints.

  14. I'm seeing things not agreeing with one another, making it hard to do a ketogenic diet without losing something essential. I get the feeling the best thing to do is to is to fast for a certain amount of time to lose weight and reset things, then just ensure to remain active and limit refined flours and sugars and never consume carbs that will spike your insulin while consuming large amounts of fats. Don't exceed caloric intake requirements either, and intermittent fast 20/4 a day a week and all should be well

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  17. Great video and information! If you are unable to eat 7 cups of salad per day whatโ€™s the best way to supplement with potassium? Best supplement? Thanks!

  18. Amazing video. One of the most important videos a Keto diet person will need during his journey. Thank you Dr. berg from south of Germany.

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    My recent transition from consuming wawa brownies and numerous Coke Colas per day to 30 to 45 hour fast and eating only eggs and sipping the right oils . Has NOT been a problem at all .and I really dont feel different. That is I feel satisfied with a strict diet as I do with an no holds bar unrestricted diet. The big difference is far less digestive problems . So its going to take me a while to figure out where you are coming from as far as what is a healthy way to eat

  24. I have a mitochondria sickness. So I feel quickly when they dont get โ€rightโ€ food and air with less oxygen.

  25. I'm trying to figure out how to get enuf potassium while fasting.
    Also, which kind of potassium?

  26. Give it some time and I bet the FDA will BAND Cream of Tarter because it is loaded with Potassium. We wouldn't want to keep people healthy would we… lol

  27. Amino acid and glucose? Is it possible that they can cross to the sodium potassium pump? Aren't they too large molecules to pass through?

  28. I dont get why do we need so much potassium, assuming the amount of potassium in foods is very low as compared to daily recommended dose.

  29. Dr. I have a question. It is said that the Keto Diet is going back to grass roots; meaning it's ancestral. If that is the case. How did they/ancestors get their potassium if they lived on a Keto Diet?

  30. Really has made a difference in my health. Have to say biggest changes have come for potassium, B1(benfotamine) and trace minerals.
    Lower leg edema is gone, gallbladder issue is better, no brain fog, body composition has changed. Hair is starting to grow back though its light and grows at slower than the older stuff. Went mostly organic.

    The big change was when I switched from potassium pills to powder, I could only get the 99mg pills and no supplement store carried powder here in Canada, but the pharmacies do with no prescription, well at least the one does. You really need a lot of potassium, you wont know what difference it can make until you take it in larger quantities.

    I switched to benfotaimine because after taking regular synthetic B1 I found that it stopped working all that well after a while even with nutritional yeast to support it.

    I would say that this is why I failed the first time I did keto, not enough potassium and B1. These two really play a large role in motivation. I've found myself more awake and interested in things I've put off due to lack of interest.

  31. Your suggestion on the amount of potassium is a dangerous level to take, it can kill you. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center. Elevated potassium levels – hyperkalemia — can cause your heart to beat irregularly or very slowly. In rare cases, this can lead to cardiac arrest and death. Severe hyperkalemia requires hospital treatment with intravenous calcium, glucose and insulin. Patients also might need dialysis to remove excess potassium.

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  35. I do Keto I had swollen ankles all the time I started drinking 6 cups of organic celery juice comes out to 4020mg of potassium swollen ankles gonee Dr berg know exactly what he's talking about huge game changer on Keto i feel freaking Amazing

  36. Searched a little on "potassium" foods.
    Banana, pear, apple, broccoli and champignon (and potato) are some of the easiest and best sources…am I correct in this or ?

  37. Wow! I believe you juz answered my prayers. I had a stroke due to hbp and after taking the meds for a few months, I started suffering from severe heartburn, heaviness and bad cramps on my affected side and headaches and heavy head. I was going beserk and became depressed. I strongly believe now itโ€™s all due to lack of potassium which a few doctors whom I consulted cldnt figure out. After watching your video and explanation I remembered that while I was admitted for stroke, I was given potassium tabs due to deficiency. Thank you, Iโ€™m going to check my electrolytes to look for potassium deficiency. God bless you doctor ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

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    People say if you take too much potassium that it causes heart attacks. …even in the health food stores they say that.

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