Power Body The Ultimate Muscle Maker – Full Day Workout

Power Body The Ultimate Muscle Maker – Full Day Workout

hey guys it’s kevin kreider I’m here from
pursuie i’m going to show you and demonstrate fix that workout that I give
my clients for the power body design exactly workouts exact reps okay so
these are for really broad shoulders most ways it’s a little bit more of an
advanced workout program so I will do this once you get about three to six
months which is underneath development so let’s get great to it so the first
exercise is going to be an incline barbell press to get the upper chest a
lot of people make the mistake of doing a flat bench first which gets the medial
part so what ends up after you to get a little bit saggy little move right there
okay so you want to develop the upper chest first so incline press first we’re
going to do sets of eight to ten reps so the following exercise is going to
get close credit flat barbell press because my I choose close grip is
because it gets the inner part of the chest right here and also get some focus
on the triceps you still got a Power movement for the triceps and chest the
way you get the grip is you want to keep your elbows in tight and then bring your
hands to the bar because the bar is going to be focusing on the lower part
of the chest right here and keep your elbows in the type so that’s how you get
the grip just like this and just go straight okay so you could do this for
810 reps so the next exercise you’re going to do
is a seated military dumbbell press your shoulders and obviously this is probably
a little bigger than if you were to do this on your own on a shorter day it’s
okay this is what’s exactly programmed in my superpower bolting program
actually just called the power by design sound laugh run all the way around that
so you do a set of 810 reps ah we
the next step is going to be a uni lateral side lateral raise seated so
what I want you to do is hold on to the seat with the opposite hand that’s
working and what you’re going to do is you’re going to bring this out just like
this and make sure your elbow is even to the hand and bend the elbow forms a 90
degree angle when you do this don’t forget to do the other side eight to ten
reps so the final exercise for your tricep exercise it’s a overhead dumbbell
tricep extension so what you want to do is put your palms out like this to grab
the weight waist it up over your head eight to ten reps so hope you guys enjoy
the workout program for more information you go to my website wwwcom if you find
that same exact workout program online and other programs for you to the body
designer if you’re unsure which program is good for you and also guys please
subscribe to my youtube channel really appreciate it be some comments more
questions I’d love to answer it I’m good Oh

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  1. Hey Kevin, very nice straight to the point video, I would like to ask the reason behind doing 1 set only for each move. Subbed for clear no bullshit tips, keep up the good work

  2. is this toutine can be done 2 times per week? for example monday and thuesday? would you recomend it? , awsome video 😀

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