Protein concentration using Excel 2016

Protein concentration using Excel 2016

Open your microsoft excel and paste your data (concentration and OD) Select both your concentration and OD and click on insert You find different type of graphs and select scatter type graph select any point of your observation right click on it select add trendline and you observe various type of treadline option, select liner scroll down and select display equation and R-squared find equation y=0.0021x + 0.0068, R²=0.9927 to find concentration of unknown sample (x)=(y – 0.0068)/0.0021 so if unknown OD=0.516, then (x)=(y=0.516 [your OD] – 0.0068 [goes from right to left so + turns – and viva versa])/0.0021 [value with your x] For other just drag if you selected cell (B8) instead of value (0.516) Thank you

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  1. Okay but why does my equation have three variables in it, x y and e? I can't solve something if I have two unknown variables smdh

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