Protein Rich Vegetarian Foods For Summer

Protein Rich Vegetarian Foods For Summer

protein is an essential nutrient to the body and most people consume protein through Dairy products and meat although they are good sources, they come with certain side effects such as increase in body weight, cholesterol levels and body heat during the summer. On dieting Right we’ll see some protein rich vegetarian food you can have for this season Beans are a must on everyone’s diet list for the summer it is a rich source of protein, fiber & helps in reducing cholesterol and body heat Quinoa: This super grain is the most famous Protein rich ve getarian food. It contains 9 essential amino acids and is a must in the list for healthy the summer foods Amaranth: Similar to Quinoa, Amaranth also contains lot of amino acids and forms an essential part in a protein-rich vegetarian diet for the Summer. It also helps with weight management and reducing cholesterol levels Split Peas found in yellow and green colours, split
peas are a high source of protein and dietary fiber. they also help in reducing cholesterol levels & body heat. Soy milk is produced by grinding and boiling soy beans with water it contains naturally high levels of protein, fiber and helps your body to function at an optimum level

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  1. So imformative! I love this video! Oh and can you make a subtitle for this vid? The automatic subtitle does not match the vid. Thank you!

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  3. wrong,
    There is more then enough protien on a vegan/ vegetarian doesnt have to eat conciously to get more not be a protein seeker . most guys get excess protein . Protien myth comes from the meat and dairy industry to bolster their sales .
    There is no such thing as a protien deficiency on a diet with sufficient calories .

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