Protein Timing for Muscle Growth | Muscling In ep. 4

Protein Timing for Muscle Growth | Muscling In ep. 4

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  1. Many of you asked about protein timing for muscle growth. So I addressed this subject in this video 😉

    Stay tuned until the end because I also share an important lesson about diet structure for lean bulking!

  2. Another great vid Radu, keep up the great work;~>
    How long will you lean bulk for? Do you have a trigger when you will start cutting?

  3. Been following your channel for some time now and I gotta say the conent just keeps getting better and better! Keep up the good work and content!

  4. I have several questions for you, my friend:
    Why did you distribute your macros in this exact order?
    Why do you have a high-fat meal before training and not low/medium protein?
    Why the high fiber intake after the training?
    What will your macro distribution be if you were training fasted around lunch time?
    Thanks and keep the good videos commin' 😉

  5. Pune si tu in Romana ! ori o subtitrare, si te intrebasem daca imi poti spune prin mail cum imi creez si eu un calculator de macronutrienti, ce formula folsesc la excell !!

  6. Good video as always! I noticed you are only showing your protein and calories eaten. And reason why you arent showing the fat and carbs? I understand it doesn't really matter much cause its a lean bulk. But some more clarification if there is any would be nice. And hows the MEGA workout going? would you say its better to do in a surplus instead of a recomp or cut? Its added on standard pump training. wondering how that effects growth in a cut/recomp. Even with Progressive overload involved with the rest timing. thanks!

  7. Dude your videos never disappoint! I would love if you could make a video about how to track your calories when eating out. Thanks Radu, for all your info.

  8. E ok daca la perioada de luat in masa mananc foarte multi carbo naturali si din fructe, legume si dulciuri putini spre deloc?

  9. Yet again another really great video and thanks for helping me change my life around I will be sure to get in touch when I look great and have mastered it all keep doing what you love Radu

  10. Hello Radu,

    I like your videos because they are well documented, keep it up.
    I have a question regarding your food choices, isn't bad for health to eat your majority of carbs from crackers, chocolate, chips, ice cream or other processed foods, rather then eating carbs from so called "healthier" source like pasta, rice, potatoes, oats etc. ?
    I remember one of you video in which you had a strategy for eating that sound like 80% from calories to come from "healthy" foods and 20% from calories to come from "unhealthy" in order to reduce the psychological pressure and cravings.

  11. great vid man….but regarding your main meal….remember reading some study where it said that no one should eat more than 50g of protein at a single meal because of absorbtion problems… isn't 70g a bit too much ?

  12. Un video foarte informativ Radu! 😃👍🏼
    Esti din Tm? ✌🏼️😀
    Daca da atunci ar fi fost cool sa imi dai fb, e-mail sau nr. tau de mobil ca sa facem odata un antrenament impreuna, cred ca as avea sa invat multe de la tine dar poate si tu de la mine. 💪🏼😄

  13. hey radu I do intermittent fasting aswell and I know my macros and calorie needs can you help me structure my meals and eat like this so I can get my macros in the way you do to make intermittent fasting more enjoyable 🙂 please get back to me man love the video also

  14. Man no I agree for the most but not all.. Do more research about how much importand is to have preworkout protein shake and after workout shake most probably protein isolate or bcaas because that have fastest absorption of protein-bcaas than every food and protein shake out there. Btw first is bcaas because are already broken down (less time being absorbed by the body).First on the pyramid and most importand must be calories (2800) most of us. Also u have to learn about insulin spike (what foods u turn up ur insulin immediatly, when u have to do this and when not)

  15. How do you do it if you've to eat a different amount of calories on Workout Days than on Rest days? (Recomp Protocol) I am doing Greek God too but what I have to do is eat +400 over Maintenance (2600) on Workout days (3000 Kcal) and -300 on Rest days (2300 Kcal) as I don't want to gain fat while building lean muscles.

    Also what about If you stay up for longer than 10 PM, like on weekends? I usually get huge cravings for sweets at night

  16. Hi Radu, thanks for your valuable input! Got a question about the timing and type of proteins in combination with IF because i'm a bit lost after reading lots of information about this! here some information about myself:

    – I'm 1,79m and was 101kgs!!
    – started IF about 3,5 months ago and train 3x/week (lifting 45min + walking 30 min)
    – so far happy, i lost 9kg in 3 months time (now 92kgs)
    – i train early fasted around 7AM (can't change my schedule)
    – use 10gr BCAA before training and 10gr BCAA around 9AM after training to prevent muscle loss.
    – i eat really once a day with a snack around 4:30PM (1 or 2 apples) and a large meal around 7:30PM (meal is about 1600-1800 calories)
    – still want to lose about 15 to 20kg fat and gain more muscles
    – i know i often don't eat enough proteins 🙁 , sometimes as low as 60 or 70gr/day (kinda depends on my wife's cooking)

    Now my question, as i mentioned, i know i don't eat enough proteins to build muscles and sometimes even scared to lose some muscles with me being so low in proteins! was planning to add some protein shakes to my diet, but i'm lost about the timing of it!

    i preferably don't break my fast before 2 or 3pm, so this means i can't really use a pre-workout shake, and i think a post-workout shake at 2PM is kinda far away from my early training!!

    So my questions are :
    A => should i use casein before bed (around midnight) for some kind of protein reserves in my system for my 7AM training, as casein is slowly absorbed, or is it already useless because my training is too far away (7 hours later) and proteins are then lost before training??

    B => Should i just use any kind of faster absorbed Whey protein as dessert at dinner time, regardless the timing of my training because what matters is the daily intake of protein and no need to be so rigid about the timing if i'm not a professional weight lifter.

    C => Should i just not worry about muscle loss because i'm using 20gr BCAA at days i'm training and just have to wait to have lost first my 15kg fat for me to start bulking and be less rigid about IF timing windows??

    D => should i just get divorced and get an Oger as a wife, cooking for me whole chickens everyday lol 🙂 ?

    I'd love to be flexible enough but i don't want to lose the benefits of fasting and i don't know where to place my protein intake if i train early in the morning, and also don't know which type of protein to use if i don't get it from whole food (slow casein absorbed at night, or simply fast whey protein any time of my feeding window? )

    I also understood that fasting actually starts after digestion, so a slow casein at night would take about 7 hours to get in my system and would lessen greatly my fasting window! For this reason i would prefer a fast easy to digest whey protein

    Kinda long mail, but i'd be happy to know your opinions about it and advice if you were in my position.
    Thanks in advance and have a great weekend!

  17. The meta-analysis actually concludes, given the limited evidence, that total protein intake (over the course of the day I would presume) explained majority of the muscle hypertrophy than timing of protein consumption. That supports the IF contention and would potentially explain how and why IF'ers who have fasted training and have the first meal 6 hours later, have little or no catabolic effects on their muscle growth.

  18. cool video
    I calculated the calorie count for that first meal – was over 2000 calories! crazy haha

  19. Radu, doesn't a post-workout protein shake create an insulin spike from the whey protein? Isn't this a good idea even if you have a small pre-workout meal?

  20. Interesting… I have never seen a bodybuilder/fitness-instructor/whatever describing chocolate and chips as "meals". I mean it basically does the job calorie and nutrition wise, but bear in mind that you eat a lot of trash with this highly-processed foods… I am sure you are aware of that, but since you teach this to other (not so well informed) people, you really should be careful with this kind of advice. Good video though

  21. Within 30 mins of a Heavy/Intense workout, i eat 4 – 5 slices of white bread, then wash it down with a protein shake. 15 mins later the musles worked swell up, & become really vascular. Feels Goooood!

  22. Hi Radu! I just recently watched your videos and I might say, it stands out above the rest. Keep it up man!
    I have a question though, do you endorse/recommend Protein Shakes(Whey, Casein Protein)?
    I'm from an asian country in which my usual meal consist of more rice than viand(chicken,beef,fish).

    So would you recommend Protein Shakes? Or is it just bullshit full of chemicals.

  23. So this is on a day that you lift… you get in roughly 2250 cal what about days that you are not lifting? I do cardio based workouts on the other days, 2x/week martial arts (often in morning) and 1-2x/week ice hockey (often in late evening) how might you adjust this…? I am consuming roughly the same amount of cals per day as you. 5-10.5, 160lbs, about 9% body fat. Just started the program about 2-3 weeks ago. Thanks

  24. Hi Radu. Just a quick question for you, about protein intake. How do you calculate that? grams per body weight or grams for lean mass? In case of overweight people this could make a huge intake difference. Thank you!

  25. All that junk food chips and chocolate bars. No wonder you have some appendicitis problems. You should trade that fattier processed food for something healthier.

  26. Man, all your videos are so good. I can tell you really care about your content and take lots of time to do a great job. Love your content, Radu!

  27. Chocolate can be ok, but other processed food… I would avoid them. You could subsitute it with oats, or white rice if you worry about fibers. And about carbs, it would be more beneficial to have them with the meal closer after your workout. Not speaking about the worse insulin-sensitivity at night. And generally, I would divide carbs more, to have more stable insulin levels during the day (with higher peaks after workout).

  28. Is my question, why don't you take your protein shake during your training so sip on it while you're working out, rather than pounding it just before just after, I've have found over the last few years this method works really well

  29. Wow Radu! One whole bar of chocolate! Thats new! Thank you for this revelation, I was always told to stay away from any thing sweet!

  30. in greek god program the maintenance calorie intake is 15 times your BW in pounds, idk whats ur BW but even if u r a 200lb guy yours calories intake should be 3000 calories, and your first meal is 730 kcal . how can it be? i am about to start the program so please calrify this. thank you

  31. at 3:05 you are completely misinterpreting what it is saying.

    It is saying, if exercise is done more than 3-4 hours after a meal, then consuming protein immediately after exercise IS necessary and could increase muscular recovery and growth. and if your post-workout meal is anticipated to be longer than "X" hours, because your quote doesn't say, then infact you SHOULD also take minor pre-workout protein.

    Now i don't have the full article, but I'm not understanding where you are coming to the conclusion that your pre and post workout meal should be in a 6 – 8 hour window and that you shouldn't take nutrition immediately before and after exercise. Because your quote is saying the contrary

  32. good to know. That 6-8 hour window is very large, I don't think many people would go that long without a meal even if doing intermittent fasting. Thanks Radu!

  33. Hi Radu,
    I find all your videos very investing and helpful. Already downloaded your free online material.

    Have two queries: 1. I wake up at 5:30am and finish my work shift at 2pm. So, are the carbs from the last meal gonna help me to maintain energy during my work shift? 2. I like to do cardio. So, in order to weight loss and muscle gain, 700 calories loss per session would fit this program?

    Mulțumesc foarte mult. Îmi plac videoclipurile.

  34. I workout at 5:30 am usually and dont have my first meal of the day till 4 to 5pm. This has been my easiest, fastest and best resulting cut ever so far

  35. I can't understand why would you consume 1000 calories just before going to bed… For me it doesn't make sense at all .. 🙂
    Good Video. Watch your accent a little bit !

  36. This diet is too savage for me 🙁
    Why dont you try to split the total carbs of your day in your pre and post workout meal and keep the last meal high fat and protein ?
    ( of course pre and post workout meals are high protein as well )

  37. That bit about the chips bowl would be good material in another series of videos by yourself called, 'The Romanian Life Hacker".

  38. Very informative video. Thank you very much Radu. Exactly what I wanted to learn.
    Also nice job choosing food for your meals. They look delicious.

  39. Radu, I watched many of your videos. I really love them. And I like the fact that you re romanian cause Im studying medicine in Oradea at the moment which is not very far from Cluj. I found you through Kinobody and I even do enjoy your videos more. I just want to tell you that you rock!

    ps: what is that you it at 00:30 cause it looks so awesome

  40. Radu, I have to say that the first meal is defenitely not a low carb meal. Sorry but just as tomatoes and such are acidic, though healty, so do fruits that usually are high in carbs. So usually food, especially unprocessed, has a ratio of macronutrients, the rest is water and maybe unsoluble fibers. An example of a low carb low fat is lean meat. Cheers, keep up the good work.

  41. Hey radu, do you count your veggies? I usually eat about 250-300, most of it is brócoli, and green stuff so I usually don't count it

  42. you are soo amazing, but i have a little note, when ur in cutting the pre-workout meal become more important because ur in caloric deficit and your body suffer, i try it and i feel more energetic when i take a pre workout meal.. keep it up !!

  43. I too found you through kinobody and your whole philosophy has changed my life. On that, at 6:35 you talk about meal timing With IF and fasted early morning training. Seems to be a lot of grey area and interpretation on this. Muscling In episode 2 talks about fasted training is not a good idea. In this video that seems to change. I train fasted at 4:30 am and break the fast around 10:30 am. I'll take BCAAs before I train but nothing else until 10:30. You mentioned drinking a protein shake after fasted training when your first meal comes hours later. Doesn't that break the fast? Thanks in advance for any clarification on this.

  44. Since it is said that after workout, protein synthesis is elevated 24 to 48 hrs, it should not matter, if you dont eat for few hrs after workout. Maybe if you're fat..even better. but if skinny, better eat, as body has low reserves for starvation.

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