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  1. but they didn't put the retrograde movement of golgi buds, which restore enzymes to the new cis golgie…

  2. @mattd2008 No cell bio is amazing the only thing is that is a lot of material to be condensed!!! But any how it is very interesting!

  3. huh… its so much easier to learn abt genetics now…… thanks a ton …. u r a boon to students like us

  4. how i wish we had professors like u guys in university…… first , to understand the subject so clearly and then to make such beautiful video takes a lot , and for others to upload it for free , makes me still believe in humanity !!! thank u lots

  5. Once again a fab video. Thank God for youtube because bio isn't as hard as professors make it out to be. Thanks keep up the videos please.

  6. The cis-maturation model is the dominate model of transport in the golgi; however, there is evidence that may support a combined model with vesicle transport. There remain several interesting unresolved question such as why some COPI vesicles contain cargo rather than golgi enzymes and move anterograde rather than retrograde. It has also been shown that some cargo may actually travel slower than the cisternae matures.

  7. I would love to see a video on ribosomes. Something about how they are made and assembled..all the «traffic» into and out of nucleus until they are done.. including the manufacture of ribosome 45 S..the only one made in the nucleoplasm. Thank you for your vids!

  8. if the protein into the vesicle is tanget to go to the membrane and then out of the cell and this doesnt happen, we can say that there is an muntat in the SNAREs proteins???? please help

  9. I hate studying biology, I'm more a physics and math kind of person, but I can't help and be totally amazed by the complex and precise way nature has evolved biological organisms. It's absolutely remarkable. 

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  11. If the cisternal maturation model is a thing, and the vesicles become the cis cisterna, and then the old cis becomes the medial, where do the enzymes come from?

  12. There is no better explanation then visualization. Thank you for upload. Also did anybody think it was trippy how the vesicles where budding from the Golgi? It was like creatures crawling from another dimension.

  13. In the Golgi network, transportation may occur through one of two models: cisternal maturation model (the whole stack matures) or vesicle transport model (stacks always remain the same; more likely model).

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