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  1. i'm sorry if this question is stupid, but why do proteins inter the mitochondria? what is their job? and what is ATP made of?

  2. It would be better if the camera wouldn't move so much, it really makes me dizzy; otherwise the video is excellent. Thank you.

  3. oh my god this is the offical theroy about mitochodria…

    its not proved that there really is/was a endosymbiontic stuff with a proC and an euC.-.-

  4. no its pretty clear that this occured… theres no evidence to the opposite and theres tons of evidence for endosymbiosis

  5. uhh how bout the pathway formed by the "miracle" that is evolution. Imagination man aka god had nothing to do with this.

  6. This protein should cross both mitochondrial membranes, because the signal peptidase is in the matrix. The video is a generalization indeed, the protein transport in mitochondria is a much more complex mechanism, and those that are described are true only for the matrix-targeted proteins

  7. maybe God developed the complex series of progressive molecular interactions called evolution? Can't really say if there is or is not a "god"…

  8. No science cannot prove a negative.. its like trying to proove there is no Santa clause.. you cant. But if your not an idiot you can see that most probably there is no santa clause.. same way that most probably there is no god. We CAN proove evolution.. and we can theorize that it is spontaneous and random. Because well.. anyone with a cerebral cortex (thanks once again evolution) we use probability to determine the accepted truth.

  9. Oh, god! What do you mean there is no Santa Clause?!
    Evolution is a scientific fact, the existence of God is a matter of faith and it has nothing to do with Science, so, it should not be discussed with scientific terms. Science has to do about proven truths, and has nothing to do with dogmatic beliefs. Anyways, I think that we should keep our minds open, you never know what science will prove or disprove next, even things that an idiot believes.

  10. and the chaperones, what type binds in the mitochondria? Hsp70 is the one bound when its in the cytosol, but whats the other one called thats bund in the mitochondrian?

  11. I'm not trying to taunt here, but what in that sequence inspires the necessary leap of faith from a beautifully complex manifestation of natural chemistry to monotheism, omniscience, the Virgin Birth or the need for some enlightened rebel to die for our sins? How does this beautifully rendered video prove anything theological or otherwise? Evolution is a process that optimizes transformations of matter. MDNA symbioticly provides cellular energy, becoming a body of light walking with us.

  12. Please. This is a place for people to learn about something that's real and can be observed. Not a place for you to peddle your creationist fairy tales.

  13. The Designer is infinitely intelligent and allows no mistakes; however sin entered the creation through man's free will and death through sin, thus all diseases and mutations. The point of a sinless savior (Jesus) was to save us from that sin and disaster, so that one day we might live in perfection again.

  14. "It boggles my mind how a person can watch this and still not believe there was an intelligence behind evolution."

    Argument from Ignorance. It's highly complex chemistry, and works without any outside intelligent interference. The video assumes a certain degree of chemical knowledge that's beyond a typical layman. Study it and you'll see that it's elegant, beautiful, complex, and full of flaws.

    No god required.

  15. "maybe God developed the complex series…"
    Perhaps. If that is true then such a god is neither omnipotent nor benevolent.
    "Can't really say if there is or is not a god"
    Weeellll…depends on how you define "is". 😉 Existence is dependent on corroborating evidence. By that argument, we can't REALLY say there is or is not a dragon in my garage. There IS one, by the way. Prove to me there isn't. 😉 It's really meaningless without any kind of objective back-up.

  16. Just because we can't reproduce it, doesn't mean it doesn't already occur in nature. Nature doesn't need an agency. And it begins with chemistry, it doesn't end there. Besides, how much more probable is a creator? Such a creator would have to be even more complex than we, and there just isn't any evidence to support it. "Without the tools of science, the machinery of nature would be invisible" – Carl Sagan You're putting forth an Appeal to Ignorance, which is a logical fallacy.

  17. How do you know that?

    And how does god do this incredible feat?

    Betcha he can't do it without using chemistry. I doubt he can do anything at all, because there's no reason to suggest that any of our gods are there at all. But I could be wrong. I doubt it tho.

    Go on then…ENLIGHTEN me.

  18. God is just smart. He can do anything he puts his mind too. He caan also do things that you ask him to do. But you got to have faith that he is really here! He sees everything you do so you have to be careful all the time!
    Theres only 1 God. No more. God is a jelous god and he doesnt want us to worship any other God, but him!
    Maybe if you read the Bible a little bit more you would seee that everything I just told you is in the Bible.

  19. (sigh)
    Spoken like a true sheep. Not one questioning thought. No real ambition to learn anything. Just spitting out what it's been taught to think, from a book written by men with beards who had no idea what a cell even is. Apparently god didn't bother to enlighten THEM, and nothing you've said is even close to proper evidence. Replace "God" with "Zeus" or "Osiris". Just because you SAY there aren't other gods doesn't mean there AREN'T. Tell that to the Hindus, Hellenics, Pagans, and Sikhs.

  20. And don't start me on the Bible itself. I can quote verses back at you that clearly show that your god is a petulant little child who gets enraged when people don't do what he wants, if we even KNEW what he wanted because nobody can AGREE on what it actually IS. Since we can't petition him directly, it's all guesswork. you don't KNOW what god wants any more than I do. I'm just honest enough to refuse to claim knowledge I can't possibly have. Spare me the preaching. Show me evidence, not faith.

  21. okay then Then quote verses back to me tell me that God is a petulant little child!
    You've probably thought that your whole life. Look wher thats gotten you in life!

  22. First, don't assume you KNOW me because I don't buy your fairy stories as anything more than that. "Where it's gotten me" isn't perfect, but it's certainly more satisfying than being a sheep.
    Genesis 3:16 Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.
    For what? Curiosity? Disobedience? Seems like a horrible punishment for a bruised male ego.

  23. 2 Corinthians 5:11 Knowing therefore the terror of the Lord, we persuade men; but we are made manifest unto God; and I trust also are made manifest in your consciences.

    Why must the lord be so terrifying? Is it because we must be scared into doing what he wants? Don't forget that fear, violence, and pointless sacrifice feature heavily into this death cult. Something I imagine you've never bothered to question, simply accepting absurdity, cruelty, and injustice without complaint: a sheep.

  24. And from 1 John 1:7 But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin.

    I have a BIG problem with human sacrifice. That you seemingly don't is HORRIFYING and BARBARIC. That he seems to be so bloodthirsty and needlessly cruel is completely lost on people who don't think about what that actually means. I'd go on, but this isn't the place for Biblical nonsense, this is a video about REALITY.

  25. Well…yes. Is what happened to Zeus or Osiris (according to the stories and epics written and sung about them) reality? If not, then why are their stories fantasy and the Bible reality? There's no difference, at least not one that's OBJECTIVE. Even my interpretations of scripture are just that. What makes your interpretations better? Faith? So you're willing to accept that your deity is cruel, malicious, murderous, and unjust? And that's okay, because it MUST be because he's god? How monstrous!

  26. Wow this is a retarted conversation! We all know that you are wrong and God is not monstrous or a murder!
    I could give you list of scripture telling you how good he is, but I dont think its worth it!

  27. I accept your concession since you 'don't think it's worth' defending your own beliefs, so you either don't really hold them very strongly, or can't (or won't) come up with adequate counters. Your "list" wouldn't cover up the apparent cruelty and nastiness of your god, because they're IN THE BIBLE TOO. So you must ignore or "reinterpret" them as metaphor. Way to go! You've just shown that you can't back up your statement of god as creator, so you FAIL. Better luck next time!

  28. Hi. I saw the commentary & found this conversation really interesting. I'm not replying to hate on you or tell anyone he/she is wrong. But I do believe in God and that He sent Jesus to save us after we chose to turn away because of free will. I guess all I want to say is, give God a chance. I know He loves you and delights in your curiosity. Nothing here is perfect but Him, that's why we can have hope 🙂 He will never fail us; it's our own ideas of what "should" happen that we think he fails us

  29. @TheEtceterist

    The leap of faith you mention assumes quite an illogical backward motion, given the forward >> (and ultimately positive) moving motion of evolution…and jumping! From simplicity (1+1) comes complexity. Science may consider itself to be advanced, but the more we learn the more we have to learn! We've got, let's say a 10,000x zoom on these things. What will we learn when we have the ability to zoom in 1,000,000x?

    What moves the cells, I ask? At a quantum, fundamental level..

  30. How come I get into religious arguments when watching a video about the mitochondira? What the hell do you care about what other people believe? None of your business. You not christians leave the christians alone and let them believe whatever they want. You christians just leave the non believers alone and do not force them to believe what you do. Tell me why is it so fucking hard to do so?!

  31. she starts out talking about mRNA , like we know wtf that is , i think ppl here are trying to learn , and all we keep getting is bombarded with this textbook asscrap instead of real information , wtf , i just want a real documentary to help me learn about mitochondria that doesnt sound all monotone or put me to sleep or try to hard to be cool , thats all . what do you have to get nick bloomfeild up in here or what ,we need heather donahue up in here i mean please

  32. this was nice but i request u to add the role of tom, tim23/22 , sam ,oxa ,hsp in grearter detail… ignore the people who just add the comments for the sake.. you are awesome in explaining…

  33. I'd love to see an addendum to this video – like what happens if the protein must be embedded into the inner membrane – involving TOM and TIM's. 

  34. This video only explains one mechanism of transport. Since the Mitochondria has 2 membranes how does the protein enter the second?

  35. I came here to learn about Mitokondrie and how the coffein affects its. But all I learned was that this was way to complicated for me.  🙂

  36. Thanks for your video.
    Although it is helpful to mention that one ATP or ADP is bound to the chaperon the entire time and also chaperons are not imported from the cytoplasm to the mitochondria attached to the protein.

  37. Hey, to everyone who's asking about the information that's missing, I'll share it with you in a series of comments!


    Before proteins could be imported into the mitochondria, the mitochondria has to be "activated," that means there needs to be a potential across the membrane for protein import.

    Just a revision in case you didn't know what potential is, that basically means that there would be different charges in different parts of the organelle. Now, the mitochondria has two phospholipid bilayer membranes. For the mitochondria we want a positive charge in the intermembrane space of the mitochondria, and a negative charge on the matrix side. I'll try to draw a diagram with letters below (the os are the membrane)


    IMM (intermembrane space)
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    You might already know that the potential is created by the electron transport chain complex, but that is not relevant at all to the explanation of how proteins are imported to the mitochondria.
    All we have to understand here is that proteins can NOT be imported into the mitochondria without a potential across the membrane, since the import channels (i.e. Tim23/17, Tom40) are voltage-gated and only open in the presence of the potential.

    Additionally, the potential across the membrane actually helps in the import of the protein. While the core of the signal sequence contains hydrophobic residues, it often begins with a positively charged sequence. From the diagram above we can see that if there's a potential in the mitochondrion the matrix side has negative charges. It's not represented here but it also has higher pH. We know that negative attracts positive so that would help in bringing in the protein.

  38. Just subscribed, keep it goin. I'm trying to grow my channel too, it's hard but it's still fun.Take it easy!

  39. Thank you for your video. But, if the protein has extern or intern membrane as its destination, how it works?

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  41. 2 much magic. I dont think it all fly free like a bird. It is a machine, a mechanism, very pecised and densed – hand to hand, without mistakes.

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